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Full Version: Granada - San Juan Del Sur , Nicaragua Mini Sheets
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I am not gonna go into real depth on these cities. Just a quick run down of my impressions and lodging and nightlife options.


Very similar to Antigua Guatemala. We arrived late from San Juan Del Sur. City is very central with everything revolving around Calle Calzada and the Central Park. Calle Calzada was very lively. Tons of people siting and eating outside. Lots of tourists but a lot of nice looking young Nicas. Might wanna check some ID. Lots of pro's walking around in this city. There was a hot spinner semi pro at Ranchitos with an older guy that wanted to meet me out front in 1 hour. She never showed which left me bummed out as her body was smoking. Not sure what she was gonna charge me but I was gonna try and shore it non the less.


Had a young boy take us to many hotels as either the hotel was booked or they didnt allow girls over. Ended up staying at this hotel across the street from the bar Ranchitos on calle Calzada. Was planning on staying at Hospedja Valeria but it was booked.


Revolves around 2 locations. calle Calzada and the Center of Tourism on the lake. No real clubs on calle Calzada except for this lounge / club in a hotel called El Club. The Irish Bar is your best bet outside of that hotel club during the week. The area by the lake has about 2-3 clubs but are only decent on the weekend.

El Club - Plaza Inmaculada (atras el Supermercado La Colonia)
Inuit Bar
O Sheas Irish Bar
Disco Centaruo
Mi Tierra Bar
Cafe Nuit
Ranchitos - bar with semi pros

San Juan Del Sur

Lots of surfer people and hippies. Wasnt my scene. We ended up not locking down a place to stay and just went to the first place we found which was directly up the street across the Iguana Bar. Mad cheap at 6 dollars a night. Def need to go check out the big Jesus statue, but hire a taxi to take you up there! The walk is insane! Then go check out the beaches of playa Hermosa and Maderas. Really liked the setting of playa Hermosa.


Went to Iguana Bar and the Black Whale. Not much going on at Iguana, its mostly a restaurant / bar. Black Whale was jumping but with all hippied out tourists. No luck there... I think there is a decent local scene on like Saturday.

Crazy Crab
Iguana Beach Bar
Marie's Bar
Black Whale Disco
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