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Full Version: Another awful article from the Washington Post about DC men and travel
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Not sure if any of you guys saw this Sunday's whack Washington Post article about "Two Washington Post reporters (hogs) head to Alaska to find romance" Washington Post

[Image: IMG_0253_1339458000--606x404.jpg]

What surprised me about the article was not their assessment of Alaska and the fact that it's supposedly the best state in the Union for single women but that Washington, DC is the worst place for single women with a ratio of 89.5 men for every 100 women. These hogs had the audacity to complain that there is a shortage of available men in DC when all of us Washingtonian PUA's in this forum have been complaining for years that the opposite is true, bars and clubs here are almost always filled with men and there are few if any attractive women. Just wanted to get thoughts from others on this article and if you feel like it still perpetuates the old stereotypes of the city being bad for women when the opposite is true...
I think someone already posted about this
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