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This is for guys interested in japanese girls and who have been here or living here..
I am in tokyo now and will be here for 3 nights more
last 3 days did a lot of day gaming and as one poster said that its difficult to day game girls in tokyo coz of communication though I speak a bit of japanese and then second they are not open to foreigners apporaching them randomly
party scene is quite hot in tokyo and I visited some local clubs famous withjapanese people...good thing ratio of foreigners was very very low so I was a novelty factor...I am spanish looking tall and workout a lot...both the nights I got a lot of attention, made out and kissed a few girls but just could not close or take anyone back to the it was so frustrating a bit
reasons being japanese guys and girls are the biggest cock blockers in the world and even though the girl wants to go back with u they stop her from doing that and then it becomes a bit of a social issue...
i know there are gaijin clubs in tokyo but I didnt want to go there cause there are too many foreigners looking for a lay
does anyone have any place or club in mind that I can visit
please let me know... thanks and look forward to comments.....
and this is also to confirm that japanese are the best looking girls in asia..... need to have a flag before I go from here or else it will be a shame really
I was in Tokyo in January, and went to a number of different venues...some amazing clubs, but the cock-blocking statement can be correct...a lot easier with a buddy to approach a pair of Japanese chicks. But it is definitely possible, hooked up with a 9 one night from a typical club scene. Disappointed in womb, I think chicks go there strictly for the music not to socialize much...I could be wrong, but was the feeling I got (unreal sound system though if you're in the mood to get your organs crushed by bass).
One surprise I didn't anticipate was going to british style pubs where you would likely find pal and I rolled in there and within minutes were approached by separate groups of girls wanting to know our stories. Was pretty easy to wheel there...must be the types of girls who are into hooking up with foreigners...down to earth girls too, but still a good % of hotties. So my advice to tokyo travellers looking to capture the flag, I'd try a british style pub...they probably have the beer you like too if you're homesick.
If your only going to be here for a short while and your not strong in Japanese, I recommend sticking to Roppongi you will encounter more English speaking Japanese people there.
Gmac in Japan? That better come with Blog Post
I went to Japan back in 2008, and only place i remember who was kinda good was the gaspanic in Roppongi. There is also a gaspanic in Shibuya, but it was a lot less of people. I don't remember why, maybe it wasn't a good day, not sure tho.
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