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Full Version: DATA SHEET: Guanajuato (City), Mexico
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Guanajuato: 10 day report.
My Rating (out of 10): 7 (I admit I have not seen much of Mexico)

My spanish skill: advanced beginner. Not critical, as most single girls speak some english. I brought my spanish dictionary to the bars. It became a joke (I am NOT a gringo! I'm mexican!)

Quality of girls: 7. A lot of girls here are cute. Blondes from Norway too. You won't see much that will floor you. Girls get extra credit for being fairly friendly.

All these bars are within a 5 minute walk of each other. More than half the students leave town for the weekend. Thursday is their Saturday night out. Weekends have a lot of out of towners, many of which are quite cute.

Antigua - Tiny bar right in the center of most of the cheap hostels. This place is hit or miss. Single college girls can be found here.

Los Lobos - A decent bar for socializing and the potential for pulling.

Barfly - reggae / punk / hippy bar. I saw a norwegian guy bounce with one of the waitresses to Las Damas. Probably got some.

Las Damas - the late night pick up spot. The place you go to find horny hoes. Too bad a lot of them are old and ugly. Its upstairs just around the corner from Los Lobos. You might get lucky there. I ran into a girl I daygamed there and then bounced to her friends. Sort of has a "what happends at Las Damas stays at Las Damas thing going on". Lot of latin dancing going on, just ask to be taught or ignore the dance floor. The balconies are fun. Really picks up after 3am when most of the other bars close.

Grill - Upscale nightclub. Heard about this place but didn't go there till after a week. I went on tuesday which happened to be ladies night, which was lucky. The place was packed with Fresas. I thought I had hit the jackpot until it turned out more than half the girls were in high school. Oh well. This is a great place for social circle game I think. Good spanish would help. Definitely roll up here with someone. There was some DLV effect cause I went solo and this place was super social circle on tuesday. Supposedly good on weekends, sort of a rave vibe.

Golem - hippy bar and cafe. Social circle stuff but the chicas who work there are cool as shit (made friends with them). One of them even agreed to be my pivot Smile

Antik - kindof a social bar. Day game there was doable, nighttime nothing. Got a facebook from a Guadalajara chick.

There are other places too, but these I went to most often, probably the best for pulling.

Daygame: steps of the theater (across from the central Jardin - square with trees). Also when passing girls on the street, ask them if they speak english, and what they are studying, or where to find english books, etc. 3-6 pm is best.

I think it was the 2nd night I was in town when the following happened in Antigua bar. I approached a 2 set of chicas. After about 15 minutes of cocky funny the one sitting next to me asked me if I wanted to sleep with her. She is 23 and maybe a 7 or 8 (i was very attracted). Fairly thin with ample breasts. She asked me if I liked her friend, because her friend liked me too (friend was 19 - I think she lost interest when I told her I was 27. I'm really 33) Well we waited almost 2 hours for her friend to finish working at the bar and then go socialize at the next bar. During which time my girl was clinging to me a fair bit. Somehow I managed to screw it up by talking to another group and one of those chicks started dancing with me. Before long, my original girl was gone. Of course I didn't go for the new girl, I just cried like a little AFC bitch.

Anyhow I spent 10 days there. Did social circle game, went to 2 private college parties. Did TONS of day and night game. Probably 1-2 hours of day game every day and 4-5 hours every night.

Result: I day gamed this one set. Saw them late night at a bar. The hotter one had her boyfriend along. He was really cool and even invited me back to their place. I ended up making out for a long time with the other chick (5.5 and age 21). My last night in town I got laid by maybe a 5. She was so easy that I couldn't resist. My host at the hostel charged me double for that night, the bitch. I probably should have done her too... Oh yes, I also french kissed this bi student at a college party, in front of half the party mind you. She had called my name. I came over and said "what is it? You want a kiss? And then kissed her. I said I am french and then french kissed her. May have not been the absolute best thing to do in front of all her peers, but it makes a damn good story for old age. Her girlfriend was pouty the rest of the night. I should have said "have to be even" and kissed her girlfriend. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20. Her boyfriend was also there.

Filled part of a notebook with facebook and phone numbers. I did a LOT of approaches. Daygame went something like this:
Hablas ingles? (do you speak english). Sometimes they said no. Then I asked if they were students "son estudiantes?". If they said yes then I talked to them a little in English. MOst people speak a little english. Even if they say no. When they asked me where I was from I said "antarctica". Sometimes I would string them along, sometimes I would just say my mother is a penguin and my father is a bear. I was adopted. This one set of girls (mexican american and norwegian) I told I had my sled dogs in my hotel. They were like "let's go see them". In the street they got a little angry when I admitted that it was a fib. I was like "I told you my mother was a penguin". It was funny how many chicks were not sure if I was joking or not.

Some hostels will rent you a separate room near the bars for 150 pesos a night (about $12) if you pay for a week ahead. Hostel Guanajuato is where I rented, its pretty nice. But depending on the season, don't depend on it. Cervantino fest is in sep/october sometime- housing is nearly impossible. Rooms can be rented for about $100 monthly and apartments $300 (may have to sign a lease) Check the Choper paper on saturday or the bulletin boards near campus and around town (a big one is in the cafe to the right of the main steps of the university if you are facing the steps from the street). Also in the language school. You can get by on maybe $15 a week for food if you cook your own. Veggies were cheaper than US. Meat somewhat similar. Packaged food similar, sometimes more expensive.

Guanajuato is alright. My main issue is the there are few available girls in the mid to late 20's that live there. It IS a college town. But having said that, there is a lot of potential, and for a smaller city its pretty fun. The logistics are a piece of cake. I walked to all the house parties. There are also quite a few gringos, and new ones arriving daily. So you aren't exactly a hot commodity. But if you go out of your way to talk to the shy (regular) girls then the results are pretty good. But I got the feeling that a lot of the girls couldn't quite imagine how I would fit into their social structure (it didn't help that I was not sure if I wanted to teach or study in Guanajuato). Whereas I imagine that a working woman of 27 in Guadalajara can more easily imagine you in her apartment.

One small mistake I may have made is not rolling with a wing enough. There are situations where it may have helped me to have the DHV of being out with friends. Of course, finding a wing who can approach rapid fire like me is difficult.

Bottom line: okay if you want a smaller town with easy logistics, and some social circle possibilities. Foreign crowd is great/friendly. I could see myself living here for a year, because its a fairly relaxed place. That is my original goal, to settle in one place. But if you want to just swoop in for a few days you might be disapointed.
Great sheet. I want to visit next year. Was planning on hitting up Augas for the festival in May, but you might have changed my mind. I loved GDL but it is a bit conservative and I rarely ran into females that speak English. I have to step my spanish game up Ha!
By the way, here is a very important trick for gaming in Mexico.

My opener: hola, hables ingles (hello, you speak english?)
75%-80% of the time they will say "No" or will shrug.

Ignore it and say: "What is your name"

They will usually answer. And if there are two girls then between the two of them you will be able to have some communication. Especially if you know a few words in spanish. I have pushed through many, many instances in which the girls insisted that they did not speak english yet turned out to be decent english speakers. Also, usually people can understand english better than they speak it.
(08-23-2012 01:40 AM)kavakid Wrote: [ -> ]By the way, here is a very important trick for gaming in Mexico.

My opener: hola, hables ingles (hello, you speak english?)
75%-80% of the time they will say "No" or will shrug.

Ignore it and say: "What is your name"

They will usually answer. And if there are two girls then between the two of them you will be able to have some communication. Especially if you know a few words in spanish. I have pushed through many, many instances in which the girls insisted that they did not speak english yet turned out to be decent english speakers. Also, usually people can understand english better than they speak it.

The same thing happened to me when I was in colombia. It was very rare to find somebody who spoke english so I started opening with.
"Estoy perdido. Puedes ayurdarme?" They never said no
I found it is common for girls that do know English to hide it because they are afraid of sounding bad with their accent or saying something incorrectly. They don't know how much I love hearing their accent and bad English. Smile
Guanajuato is my favorite small city in México. Getting accomodations around the Cervantino festival is near impossible unless you plan months ahead and are willing to pay an overprice. Try getting a room at León if neccesary. On regular seasons it could be a great spot to pick up hippie backpackers or girls from nearby towns that are partying there for the weekend. This is a phenomenon thats pretty common in central mexico. People drive an hour or two to a nearby city to party.

Leaving my preference fo Guanajuato aside, Queretaro has been in a growth bubble for the past few years, so it might be a good option to explore. Been there too little (Just for a couple nights, long enough to hit a couple bars) in the last months to be able to contribute any intel. Im adding that to my "to go" list, so expect that.
I thought GUanajuato was a LOT more conservative.

Not here not there but agree with germanico, some of the hottest girls that I know from Northern Mexico moved to Queretaro, that city is booming.
That's funny I just happen to be in Queretaro at this monent. Have been here a few days and probably will be a few more.

Have not been super impressed yet with the talent or nightlife. Quite a few girls seem to live with their mother or even in the store where they work. I met some high school chicks that followed me around helping me talk to older women. I have some numbers though, the chicks are 6's. We will see...

Nice city though. Not incredibly beautiful but flat and clean.

One awesome thing I found out about Queretaro: if you allow an open request on you will have tons of people offering you their place. I have been staying in a nice house a few miles from the center for a few days with a super cool guy and his family. My own bedroom, they cook for me and drop me off downtown. This cute mexican chick sent me the following yesterday (unsolicited): "If you need to stay at my house you can, let me know."

I think there are far more mexicans here who want to host a gringo than there are gringo backpackers wanting to stay here...
(08-24-2012 09:07 PM)kavakid Wrote: [ -> ]I think there are far more mexicans here who want to host a gringo than there are gringo backpackers wanting to stay here...

Not for long. Gringos have a way of balancing things out and destroying good locations as soon as the locations are outed.
This is an email i received from another poster:

I was 24 25 and just turned 26. Never really had a problem closing them, the trick in a smaller place like that is to get them the F away from their friends. They are like joined at the hips down there when they go out together but you should not have much of a prob in a huge city like Guadalajara. Have fun down there man I really miss it. Not gda too much, most people I know liked it a lot but I wasnt into it that much. You should def check out Mexico city and Oaxaca city. Monterrey too but thats way north. Those citys were the places I found it was more or less shooting fish in a barrel. I found it was much better "getting low hanging fruit" so to speak, I invested the most in the girls who check you out before you know them. In other words if your pickin up a strong vibe from a chick by her staring at you, or pro-longed eye contact, take it and run with it. Im sure you know what I am talking about simply by having blonde hair and blue eyes. Approach them much more than others and even if you arent feeling them too much, they will attract other girls to you for you. Have fun bro!
I went to Guanajuato for two days in December 2010 as part of a week-long trip, so I don't really remember much in the way of names of bars and clubs. The city also could have changed significantly in the time that has passed.

Here's what I do remember. The main nightlife area was small enough that you could walk from bar to bar to your hotel very easily, and there weren't that many venues to choose from in the center. It's a university town, so that means lot's of young girls. There weren't many other gringos there, but I wasn't the only one.

The main thing that stood out was the amount of attention I got from girls on the street and in bars. Only in Manaus did I call more attention to myself by just walking around. I also remember the hotel I stayed at had a bar right next door to it.

The first night, I rocked a suit (word to G Manifesto) when rolling out, and a girl who was seated down with her friends was staring at me. I approached, and it was on. I bounced from the bar to a dance club and got my salsa on. She turned out to be a virgin but was not after that night.

The second night I went to a club, where a girl who was celebrating her birthday approached me and my friend. It was a group of five girls, and three of them had eyes for some foreign cock. I ended up having to leave the club because I was shitting too much (I had already vomited earlier that evening and thought that the worst was over). I had a case of food poisoning and recovered after taking antibiotics.

My Spanish wasn't that good when I went, but it wasn't nothing either. Few people spoke good English, so I was forced to try. As the trip went on, I got better. I already knew Italian at that point, so it wasn't difficult for me to learn the basics and improve.

I would definitely go back.
Nice, timely post, I was just asking about Guanajuato on another thread, this place sounds like it could be a gem. I was debating on whether to take the short and easy flight to Puerto Vallarta and combine it with Guadalajara and Guanajuato, but chose to go to Oaxaca and run a different itinerary. It might be a while before I go back to Mexico after my upcoming trip at the end of the month, but the PV-Guad-Guanaj route will probably be what I do if/when I go back, all three cities are supposed to be within a couple hours bus ride from each other.

From your report, and from a bit of other preliminary info I found online, Guanajuato may be the closest thing you'll find to shooting fish in a barrel in Mexico. For a college town in sounds like there are a lot of good nightlife options and amazing logistics, which as I get older am realizing is sometimes half the battle. I can imagine knowing Spanish has got to be huge there, as in it will increase your likelyhood for success by a great margin. Also, I could also see how being older may be a bit of a obstacle if most of the population is 18-22.

Anyways thanks for the data sheet, sounds like a promising spot.
Also Guanajuato is so central its a 6 hour bus ride to DF, 3 hours to Guadalajara, 4 hours to San Luis Potosi (go to Real de Catorce and ingest peyote) Pretty far, maybe 12 hours to Oaxaca, and about 8 to Monterrey. I loved living there but also loved being able to travel. PS maybe 6 or 7 hours to Puerto Vallarta.
I went to Guanajuato City from late May to late June 2015.

I'll give my impressions of different types of game and a rating of each - 10/10 being an excellent use of your time and 1/10 being a complete waste of time.

Night game – 8/10

Grill – the only club in town. Lots of hot girls on weekends, but is so crowded it's hard to walk or meet girls. Went on Tuesday night a couple times. One night was really good, the other was nearly dead. At least it's free on Tuesdays. I didn't see many high school girls as a post mentioned above.

A friend of mine, who didn't seem to have much game, said he hooked up. He stayed until 4am and he seemed to talk to every group of girls. Those seem to be two keys to success: be willing to stay until close and approach every girl.

All the other info about venues in the above posts seems accurate.

Day game – 5/10

I agree with the above posts. Around the main university building and along Juarez street are good too.

Online game – 3/10

Poor, but you might as well message the small number of girls using it. You can message girls in the nearby cities too. They may be willing to come 30 or 45 minutes to you. It's not much different than coming partway across Mexico City for a date.

From best to worst: Badoo, Tinder, Pof, Okcupid.


Girls are kind of plain on average, especially during the day. At least they're usually young and not fat.

At night the quality is similar to Guadalajara (good). You'll seem some groups of hotties, especially on the weekend.

They seem to be less conservative than Gaudalajara, but more than Mexico City.

Where to stay

You'll want to stay within an easy walk to Teatro Juarez, which seems to be the center of activity of the city, including the nightlife.

An apartment would probably be best. Airbnb was overpriced and didn't have anything close to Teatro Juarez when I looked. The locals use a newspaper called The Chopper or a facebook group (google or ask around to find the group). These will have the best prices.

You could even pay for a month and only stay a couple weeks. The price would be about the same or lower than a hostel, as well as more comfortable and easier to bring back girls.

I tried a few different hostels. They all had different tradeoffs, but I chose Centro Bharati Hostel because it doesn't look like a hostel, it has no sign saying that it's a hostel, it has a nice rooftop and you get a key to an outside entrance. That all makes it easier to bring girls back. Depending on the type of room you have, they might charge 150 pesos each time you have a guest after 9pm, which really made me want to find a better place.

Hostal Loteria (formerly called Hostal Guanajuato) and Hostal Del Campanero are good options too. I heard you can get a private room at the latter for 2000 pesos a month. Hostel Loteria has no employees present during the night, so it would be easy to bring girls back at night.

If you can't find an apartment, I'd recommend emailing a bunch of hostels on a Monday (when they're empty) and making an offer like this:

“I'm interested in a private room. I’d stay for at least <amount of time>.

I offer you <x> pesos per night.

I’d also require the ability to have a friend visit for short periods of time (not to sleep there).”

It worked well for me.

The cheapest hotel I could find was 400 pesos a night. It's called Hotel Rincon de Los Angeles.


Girls who speak decent English are fairly common. Maybe 50%. And higher for girls with higher socioeconomic status (meaning they also tend to be hotter). On most of my dates we spoke English.

There are girls who speak little or no English. But they are generally lower socioeconomic status (meaning they also tend be to less hot), so you're not missing much. If you don't know any Spanish, I wouldn't let it stop you from coming. You can get by on English.


I would recommend going to the weekly couchsurfing meetings - usually had a great time at them.

It's one of the cheapest cities I've been to. If I was a student or just frugal, I'd come here for a month or a whole summer and spend less than for a one week trip to a beach resort (where it's harder to get laid anyway in my opinion). You could spend as little as $375 round trip flight from U.S./Canada to Mexico City, $65 round trip bus from Mexico City, $125 a month rent, $125 a month food = $690 for a one month trip.

Don't worry too much about the time of year because:
1. Even if university is not in session, there are plenty of girls who come visit from out of town, especially on the weekends.
2. The girls who go to the university were not particularly attractive, in my experience.


Beautiful city.
Vibrant culture and nightlife.
Walking city.
Friendly people, easy to meet people.


Online game is poor to non-existant.
Hard to find hot girls, at least during the day.

Bottom line

Overall I enjoyed my time there, but not enough to make me want to go back. My results with girls were poor compared to Mexico City or Guadalajara.

But if you like nightgame or daygame and want a cheap, relaxing city, this is a good choice.

Did you go to Leon?
I'm waiting for a Leon datasheet as well.

Might have to go this summer for myself
(04-28-2016 08:39 PM)Mentavious Wrote: [ -> ]I'm waiting for a Leon datasheet as well.

Might have to go this summer for myself


I was there briefly during Christmas, but considering my length of time and the holiday season, I don't have much to report. I do know that a lot of girls live in Leon and attend college in Guanajuato. They return home to Leon on the weekends.

Mariott has a good redemption. I think it was only 7500 points per night.
Been to both but only briefly (2 and 1 night, respectively) as most of my time was spent in Aguascalientes for the Feria. Not enough for a datasheet of either town, wrote up a Feria datasheet last year for those interested.

Guanajuato is a college town, walkable, very pretty city.

Leon is none of these but is much larger and less touristy.

I'd only want to stay in Leon if the universities were on break and it wasn't during the month of Feria de San Marcos.
Has anyone actually been to the Cervantino? Worth the effort or too touristy? I'm 40 and although I look younger, nobody will mistake me for a university student. I do have fluent spanish and blue eyes working in my favor though.
(10-05-2018 04:19 PM)enfuego Wrote: [ -> ]Has anyone actually been to the Cervantino? Worth the effort or too touristy? I'm 40 and although I look younger, nobody will mistake me for a university student. I do have fluent spanish and blue eyes working in my favor though.

Ive been.

Get tickets for the shows and get good seats. Don't worry too much about the street parties, as they are everywhere and all the time.

By getting tickets to the shows, it will put you in with other people who buy tickets - many being from DF. Also, some of the shows can be very good. Its a good way to network a bit with an older crowd and you might find some gems in the mid to older 20's crowd.

Otherwise the street. Its crazy and a bit high school but between meeting people at shows and having fun in the streets you should be covered.
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