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Full Version: Moving to DC, where to live
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Yea, I know this isn't exactly travel but I didn't know where to put it. I'm about to graduate college and I got a job just northwest of DC. After some simple research I'm planning on getting an apartment in McLean Gardens based on the acceptable commute time and proximity to college and shopping areas.

I was wondering if any of you guys have some experience in this or the northern VA area and can give me some advice on where to live? My ideal area is one with a decent commute, fairly close to lots of young women and places to go. Expense is a secondary consideration, but I'm not willing to spend much over a grand a month. Thanks!
What kind of girls do you like?
do not live in NoVA unless it is arlington or ballston. Living in DC would be best.

otherwise you will be in suburban hell
NoVa is the worst spot in the DC area. Its like the Orange County of that zone.

"I got a job just northwest of DC"

I think one of the keys to life is living close to where you work. Time spent in commutes is wasted life.

I am guessing your job is in Bethesda? Move there over Nova.

Even better, just live in NW DC. Where in DC is like Roosh says, it will depend on what kind of girls you like.
Fuck NoVa, unless you are a rich white yuppie, I wouldn't recommend it.
The girls I get along best with are those who have a good sense of humor and attention spans longer than my fingernail, though I'm guessing you're what crowd they roll with.

I'm most into girls that move in the indie/gourmet coffee scene, if that makes any sense.
Oh and I'll be working in carderock, maybe 5 miles east of bethesda.

I'm a little surprised at the hellstorm of hate NoVA is recieving, but I got pretty much the same picture from what I could take away from google streetview. It's amazing how much technology is progressing. pretty soon people will be jerking off to themselves over google.
I mean what tribe of girls do you like.

"I'm most into girls that move in the indie/gourmet coffee scene"

Sounds like U Street/Colombia Heights for you.
NoVA aint that bad, at least parts. ballston/courthouse/clarendon is great if you like the 20 something white crowd. its a pretty good spot. certain areas of NoVA are VERY ethnic though. annandale is like korea. definitely some parts that make you feel like you are in Central America.
Yeah ill second praise for Arlington.... its expensive though so it depends what your willing to spend. Plus the commute to carder rock is a BITCH.

Columbia heights for all your hipster needs.
You're going to want to check out this place called "Busboys and Poets." Good for dates, cultural shit, food, drinks, coffee, reading. Very indie and gourmet coffee.
Stop hating on Nova...there are ok things out this way. The only place I could buy a decent Condo was out here. No matter where you are from I can honestly say that NoVA would be your best bet, its far better than pretty much ANYWHERE in Maryland I have ever been. That or NW/DC would be great for you.

Arlington is ok, but it's the same early -mid 20's fratastic crowd. Arlington is mini DC with less gays and blacks. A lot of white folks, Indians, Persians, Asians, certain areas Hispanics.

I used to bounce at a bar in Arlington and you'de be surprised the number of douchebags that I met. A lot of SWPL type people with the latest in yuppie / hipster trends.

Roosh can attest that the entire DC area is really fucking lame. A ton of status whoring, fake people, degree chasers, one uppers, the "i care less than you do " crowd.
What up playas, I am biased on this NoVa situation, because I was born and raised in A-town (Arlington), till I got the fuck out of there when I was 18, and haven't looked back since. First off, Arlington is not that bad, in fact if I had to live anywhere in VA it would be Arlington, but for me that is just a reflection of VA, it's not really a state that I am very interested in living in. Arlington, is definitely one of the most liberal, if not the most liberal towns in all of VA, people are well educated, and all things considered it is relatively diverse. As for the other good things about Arlington, I would say that the food is great (cheap, quality, diverse options), there are hot women for sure, and it's well laid out, and depending on where you live there are various metro stops.

Now on to what I don't like, I guess Virginia, just never really fit my style, I've always been a very open minded, socially, politically, and culturally liberal person, I feel like the whole east coast is just waaay too uptight, people are stressed out, super career/material/superficially motivated, and the conformist culture is very strong. I don't want to offend anyone here, because it seems like half the people on these forums are from/live in the D.C. area, but that's just my perspective of who I am. That said, if you're going to live in the D.C. area, I would back up Arlington with a vote, but would much rather recommend living in D.C., around the hoods that Roosh recommended. Now back to Arlington, when I was growing up in S. Arlington, it was way more diverse place, as far as people from different countries, ethnicities, cultures, incomes, etc. In the past 10 years Arlington has gotten completely gentrified, the schools I went to were like 20% white, but entire neighborhoods (the Colonies, Arna Valley, etc.) full of blacks, Hispanics, Asians, have been bulldozed to create condos for the rich white yuppies that have taken over. Now this sucks for those people, and definitely has changed the character of the city, yes it has made it safer, with less crime, and raised property values for hard working lower-middle class people that own their own homes (like my parents), but I liked the diversity, I liked growing up with El Salvadorans, Peruvians, Ethiopians, Pakistanis, etc. All that is left are rich white late 20's to early 30 somethings, who are very much carbon copies of each other, all wear banana republic, drive Volkswagens, hang out at Starbucks, etc. So I guess it all depends on what you're into, if you fit into the wealthy white yuppie tribe, then I hope you don't take offense, Arlington will be perfect for you, and there will be plenty of hot white women for you to swoop. If you like more diversity, counter culture, excitement, etc., then I say D.C. all the way.

P.S. Busboys and Poets is a pretty cool spot, checked the new one in Arlington when I went to visit the Fam a year ago, but I'm sure the orig. one in D.C. is better. I'm sure most of you have seen the Arlington Rap video, but just in case, here it is:
Agree with OGNorCal707.

Some people like orange county also.

If you like orange county you will love NoVA.

The two should be sister cities. Hell, they probably have the exact same chain joints.
Well NoVA is full of yuppies no doubt. I am kind of torn on what is worse. Looking like a lame cookie cutter corporate asshole that you asspire to be, or bieng a lame ass corporoate asshole that tries to look really cool but isn't any cooler than the cookie cutter yuppie?

NYC (well in Manhattan and the nicer areas ) is the same as here, only they are yuppies who might have the ever popular try to look different by doing the same thing everyone else is nappy beard or the ".. I want to look British, so I don't button the top of my dress shirt with my tie.." Euro trash look.

Orange County is cooler than NoVA.They are a little more original. There are allot of fakes and frauds but I've met some cool as people from there. It's not their fault they aren't "hood" enough for you guys.
NorCal. Parts of Arlington are still shady, just as there are a few shit parts of Manhattan. In general its close proximty to DC and lower taxes makes it alluring for the DC working folk who want more bang for their buck. Can't really fault them for that.

The Latinos are still here don't worry.
I wouldn't bother with McLean Gardens. As I see it you have two options: A) Live right by work in the burbs in as cheap a setup as you can find and drive to the fun downtown (don't drink too much). B) Bite the nut on the commute and live short walking distance to a "hip" metro station, where"hip" includes very roughly Dupont, U St, Columbia Heights, Chinatown, Clarendon. There's not much point going for some half compromise.

Unless you have a high tolerance for shitty commutes and you're making a substantial chunk, I'd go with option A. Save your pennies on rent and then don't sweat dropping some money on hotels downtown as the need arises. Take her to the Mayflower and do a spitzer re-enactment.

Orange Line Arlington is just downtown with way fewer poor people. It's the same condos with the same lawyers, just far fewer beggars and public urinators. If you have a thing for poor people and beggars and public urinators go live in Columbia Heights or on H St.
"Orange County is cooler than NoVA."

That is like saying ankle surgery is more fun than knee surgery.
I just moved to Bethesda on saturday and I'm trying to get a feel for the city. made it down to adam's morgan with my buddy last sunday, but that's about all I've had the chance to experience. I barely know anyone here, and I'm trying to make friends from the start.

If anyone knows the area, do they have suggestions of where to hit during the weeknights or anytime on the weekends? Also, if you're in the area and don't mind me tagging along, I could use some familiar faces. I'll be going to Tangier restaurant on 18th st tomorrow if anyone wants to stop by.
Bethesda a very white, preppy scene. Cleancut guys do the best there, and you'll run into a lot of milfs who have money to fix themselves up
(06-09-2010 01:31 PM)Roosh Wrote: [ -> ]Bethesda a very white, preppy scene. Cleancut guys do the best there, and you'll run into a lot of milfs who have money to fix themselves up

Yep....a ton of milf's / cougars......LMaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Is it just mere coincidence that a good number of people on this forum are from/have experienced NoVa (myself included)?

Bethesda was rated the smartest city in 2009 I believe. The description Roosh provided is spot on, and I'll add that there isn't much to do in MoCo unless the white boy "went to private school in Georgetown and was sick at lax" is your jive. Arlington is worth mentioning since it has a couple of chill spots, but that's about it. You can find your spoiled white chicks at Tysons, and if you go down 7 east you'll hit 7 corners and little El Salvador in Falls Church/Merrifield. If you find yourself in Arlington on Columbia pike, hit up the EthioCafe near Ms Chengs and the 24 hour Subway. They serve the best coffee if that's your thing. Otherwise, stick to DC.
Ive been in Arlington for about 4 months now and now I can't keep myself out of D.C. I used to spend alot of time in bethesda, here are some tips...

- Bethesda is best in the fall, when you get the Milfy football crowds all weekend long. Right now youll probably want to avoid blackfinn/rock bottom/Caddies as they are fratastic. Ive had some success at Relic, as its more of a clubby feel. Union Jacks is very hit or miss BUT a great last ditch option.

- Down the metroline youll find friendship heights (HH, nothing else) and then Adams morgan/U street. Id recommend spending most of your time here, getting accomodated with the area.
Hi all, I have just registered.

I'm a spaniard/mexican 24 year old male and I have just got accepted for an internship at DC(August-January), so I started to google where is convenient to live and to hang out and I found this forum, it's great, I had read tons about girls, travel, things that I love of course.

Well, as I was telling, I have either the opportunity to rent an apartment at:

Alexandria, VA

Rockville, MD

North Bethesda, MD

I have never been to DC so I don't know anything about it.

I would love to meet girls(if easy and pretty, better).

I look hispanic, tanned, I go to the gym so i'm in shape, short(5'6-5'7), economics student, obviously spanish is my first language but I'm fluent in English cause I love to read and travel, liberal(the classic/european way not the socialistic american way of the word).
I like indie, rock music and I like any kind of girl except maybe for african american ones, my preference are latinas, mediterraneans like Argentinians, Spaniards, Italians but I also like the typical white hot "gringa".

Any help or tip would be really appreciated.
North Bethesda is a mile or two south of Rockville. There is no real difference between them but you'll be a little closer to D.C. in North Bethesda, which actually used to be called Rockville but everyone wants to live in "Bethesda," one of the richest cities in Maryland (Potomac is the richest).

Unless you have a car, your decision should be based on which place is closest to a Metro (subway) stop. Taking cabs in the suburbs to get around is not a good move.

Metro map:

Bethesda: Lots of office buildings, restaurants, bars, and a couple clubs. High status place to live.
Medical Center: NIH campus. Expensive houses.
Grosvenor-Strathmore: Nice area, but just residential. Kensington is nearby, a suburb for families. I lived here for a couple years.
White Flint: Lots of retail, strip malls, grocery stores, chain restaurants
Twinbrook: More retail. Apartment buildings nearby. In between the White Flint and Twinbrook stops is a Barnes & Noble that is popular with the international set (you'll see Russians, Brazilians, Greeks, etc.)
Rockville: Now you're starting to get a bit far out. There's office buildings and Rockville Town Center (see below).
Shady Grove: Boonies! But close to Rio shopping mall, which has a couple mediocre bars.

Rockville is not really known for its nightlife. You have Rockville Town Center that is basically an outdoor shopping mall with a bunch of crappy chain restaurant and bars. It's only acceptable for a low-key date. There are more chain restaurants on the main car artery (Rockville Pike) that runs parallel to the metro. If you live here you'll have to go to Bethesda or D.C. at night to party.

I'm not an Alexandria expert but it's much whiter than Bethesda/Rockville. You'll find more Irish pubs and a more relaxed scene with Bon Jovi or Journey music that people like to sing along too. Alexandria has the homely, pasty white crowd and Bethesda has more of the bitchy, tanned white crowd. Take your pick. The metro is also not as developed in Alexandria so chances are you can be quite far from a stop.

If you want to meet Latinas and Europeans then Bethesda will have more than Alexandria. Either way, you'll probably be trekking to D.C. often to get your fix.
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