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Full Version: 4 Months 50 Notches SE Asia Tour
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THC's SE Asia 50 Notch Tour


So for the past 4 months I've been travelling SEA and I've visited the following countries:

- Thailand: 3 months
- Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia: 1 week each

In this period I got 50 notches on the counter, so I figured it's time for a data sheet and to break down some stats!


Notches: 50

Thai: 78%
Cambodian 6%
Myanmar: 4%
Laos: 2%
Mixed race: 4%
Philipine: 6%

Game method:
Night game/Clubs: 44%
Online: 30%
Day game: 26%

Types of girls:
Good girl: 58%
Semi-pros: 22%
Hardcore-Shore: 20%

Not counting online game, around 80% of my notches were SNL's.


In the past 4 months, I think I've met every type of girl on the spectrum, from angel to devil, from virgin to hardcore prostitutes. The percentages of nationality correlate with the time spent in the country and I got some bonus mixed race girls. A decent amount of these notches were shores, but I'd like to stress not a single time I payed for sex.

Over the following sections I'll explain how I did it for each of the major locations I visited.


Thailand - Bangkok

Internet (Pipeline)

Prepare a pipeline of girls before you arrive. There's already plenty of information available in other threads on how to do this. I have used ThaiFriendly, and Badoo to build a pipeline. This does require some time spent chatting. My one tip I can add on is to try to get a skype video call with them. If they see you in real time, it solidifies the connection considerably and decreases the chance of them flaking.
Get a smart phone and install What's app and Line, Thai girls love to use these apps, especially Line, almost all of them have it and they hand out their line/what's app accounts much easier then their phone numbers (yet they're practically the same thing).

I build up a pipeline of about 10 girls, that's how I got my golden touch down (getting layed withing 24h of landing in a new country), I did that twice in BKK and Cambodia.

My MO was to meet the girl at Kao San road fairly early, before things become to rowdy (like at 7 pm) and go to a place for drinks. Go to one other location for a second drink (closer to my hotel) and then find a bogus reason why you have to be in your hotel room. Most of the time I'd had build enough attraction to be comfortably walking hand in hand with the girl at this point. From there I have run into zero LMR to extreme LMR, but each time I was able to overcome it using the standard LMR techniques (the freeze-outs deserves an honarable mention here).

So for all but one of my online dating meetups, I closed on the first date spending one to max 2 drinks on each of them.

After my arrival I stopped using online game, but I think there is still a lot more potential and next time I will spend more effort on this as it is an easy way to meet 'good girls'. The girls you will meet in the clubs or in the streets at night, will be all about fun but will not likely fall into this category.


Most of my night game took place in Sukumvit. Sukumvit is really the place to be for clubbing and nightgame. Starting around 22pm in the soi for drinks and people getting ready for the night, it goes on till the daylight comes.

I was staying near Nana BTS-station, which is really close to the action and has everything within walking distance. There are plenty of great clubs and bars around, as well as some motivating entertainement... the Gogo bars.

A typical Sukumvit night would consist out of getting some drinks, playing some pool, get more drinks at the gogo bars (and be remembered of what you're looking for that night), hit the soi's for some buckets of cocktails and then go to the clubs. The nice thing about Sukumvit is, that even if you strike out at the club, when you come out in the street again, many improvised street bars have popped out, all trying to lure in drunk people for that 'last drink' with sexy girls calling you out "hello welcooooooo(me)". These girls are semi-pro to pro but if they like you and you're not too drunk, they're pretty easy to shore.

BASH - 2 clubs in one and a midget operating the elevator between the different floors. A lot of weird people here, it's not my favorite place. DVY picked up a freak here, with some consequences (see his thread on Thailand challenge).

Q-BAR - A bar a little more posh, but very nice. Downstairs you can dance, upstairs is more like a lounge and you can smoke very good sheesha here (although a little bit pricey 500B). You can meet some normal girls here.

SCRATCH DOG - I only went once, because I saw it was recommended on the forum, but I didn't like it that much. It was a very static environment with very loud music. One visit is not enough for any conclusions, so I'll just leave it at that.

MIXX - I only went once (lone wolf) and this place has a lot of pro's and semi-pros. But here I had to put in a lot more effort to find a girl without money involved. And even then it took some skill... I had to pull out my THC's Ultra-Caveman approach (read more in memorable stories).

CLIMAX - This place has a live music band that's playing all the current popular songs (think Pitbul, Gangnam style, etc.) so if that's what you're into.. There are a lot of pro's, so make sure you don't waste time on the wrong set.

INSANITY (previously know as Insomnia) - The club to rule all other clubs. I've been here over 10 times and only one time I didn't find a girl here (for free), and that was on a Saturday. It's best to go here on week days. The club is packed with pro's and semi-pro's, I guess on week days they are more likely to go with you for free if they like you or if they're horny. On Saturday they are more business oriented. I would useally be drunk and just walk around and be either approached or jokingly approach them and start dancing (read grinding). Some very light conversation and try to make out. If they wouldn't make out, or make out but very briefly and still be looking around, that's a sign she's looking for money and I would leave it at that. Be prepared to eject from sets a lot if you're feeling she's just after your money. I could write a thread just on this club...

Other locations besides Sukumvit

THE CLUB (Kao San Road) - Difficult to rate this place as it fluctuates a lot. Some nights it's awesome and there are plenty of Thai girls (looking for farang, why else would they come here?), other nights it sucks balls and there are only drunk Australian and English farang in singlets and flip flops. Me and my friend met some girls working for the porn industry here (read more in the Memorable stories section).

ROUTE 66 (RCA) - Is a bit more upscale then around Sukumvit, but this is not my prefered venue to pull. There's a lot of locals and some falang and the locals are just dancing around their bottle of whisky and the music is too loud to communicate. Can be a great place to bring a girl to go dancing though.

Day game

I didn't do a lot of day game in Bangkok. The times I did, it was more of a natural interaction, like if I was waiting for an elevator with a girl alone or when I was actually looking for directions. I think there's more potential for day game here, but I didn't dedicate much effort to it, I have to do more field research on this, so I will follow up.

Thailand - Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a more relax beach town close to Bangkok. To get there you can take a mini bus for 180 B and it's about a 2hour drive. But a good time can definitely be had. The way to go is to do some daygame on the beach. Just approach girls chilling on the beach and get their numbers and meet them the same night for drinks/party. Chances are the girls will be working in one of the many bars. You can go say hello, but there's no need to barfine them. Just run your standard game and say you'll meet them later after their shift to go dancing.

The only place you need to know is CAT BAR. It's near the Hilton Hotel. It starts pretty late, but after 2 most of the girls working in the bars come there for drinks and it gets packed. I've never been there and not picked up a girl.

A word of warning: Hua Hin is a small place and people know each other. If you're there for a few days (2-3 days is enough), you will run in to your "yesterday's girl" and/or her friends. So take care to avoid any drama and jealousy. Also, there's plenty of lady boys around so watch out.

Thailand - Pattaya

I've only been to Pattaya a couple of days, I didn't like it at all. The sex tourism is just to blatant, there's no way around it. I got sick of seeing too many disgusting guys and losers. If you go there, the place to be is Insomnia on Walking Street. You'll likely run into pro's but there's plenty semi-pro's and the occasional good girl as well. Some Thai girls go to Pattaya on holiday or for a weekend, so you can find good girls too.

Cambodia - Phnom Penh

If you go to Phnom Penh, take some time for cultural things. Visit the Genocide Museum and the killing fields. It will get to you. You can also go shooting at the shooting range or in the mountains, where anything goes. Granades, AK's, bazooka's,... and your targets, well, anything goes as well if you have the money. I just went for the shooting range, but if it's your thing, Cambodia is the place to do it.

For the girls, I followed Naughty Nomad's advice. But I wouldn't recommend it. We stayed near the central market and visited the clubs Plantoon and Heart of Darkness. These are filled with 100% hardcore pro's.

For the girls, basically you will have to shore. It's not my favorite thing to do, but it was the only option. That's where we invented HOOKER SNOOKER. I got most of my shore notches by playing hooker snooker. Basically, you hang out around a pool table and play some pool with the prostitutes and game them. I had one of them come up to me saying "I will go with you for free if you win this game". I completely lost the game (they play pool every day so they're GOOD) but she came with me for free anyway ;-)

Maybe there's more to do with daygame, I did not do any day game at all so I can't confirm.

Philippines - Manilla

Also here I followed Naughty Nomads advice and stayed in the Ermita area close to the infamous L.A. café, but I can't recommend it. The whole area is very ghetto and we got harrassed by homeless people and pimps. LA bar is 100% full of prostitues, and it's not that easy to shore. I did shore my first night, but is was tough cause they're actually there to make money, they need that money. I had to blow off a lot of unshoreable girls and when I came back the next day, I got a lot of dirty looks and some girls I blew off the night before would walk into my new set to block me.

I didn't daygame or pipeline, but in hindsight, I think for Manila these will be your best options especially if you don't know the city (like myself). There's plenty of options for some entertaining hooker snooker around, it's fun to flirt and improve your pool skills but it's much harder to convert into a lay then Cambodia, but go for it and give it your best shot.

I will make a seperate thread on my Philippine adventures shortly, I'm there with 20 Nation for the moment. It has been non-stop legendary so far, so it deserves it's own thread.

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

I just stayed here for a few days. You have to stay in the BINTANG area, that's where all the malls and bars are and you can find some cheap hostels with private rooms there.

It's incredible expensive to out drinking, due Muslim alchohol taxes. I was lone wolfing the whole time but it was hard to pull from the bars / club. The best way to go here is daygame. If you've got some decent daygame skills, you'll LOVE this place. There's just so many variety. Indians, Persian, blacks, whites, asians,... you feel like a kid in a candy store.

Next time I come here I will pipeline though. It's one of my lessons learned. Have your date ready as you get off the plane and she'll help you explore the city so you get a head start and you limit your exploring time-costs.


The Golden Touch Down

A golden touch down is when you land in a new country and get your notch within 24 hours. This is easiest accomplished by pipelining, but you get bonus points for daygame/night game golden touch downs. In Bangkok I actually had a PLATINUM touch down as I banged two girls from my pipeline withing 24h of landing ;-)

THC's fortnight fest (14day streak, different girls)

This has been my longest streak ever, and I doubt I will ever break it again. For 14 days I banged a different girl every day, without interruption. This happend in BKK/Hua Hin. I was bummed out my streak was broken because I had to send a girl home that turned out P4P and it was too late to go back to the clubs...

4 in 48h new notches

I don't know if there's a name for this achievement, but two days in a row I banged 2 new girls. The way I did it was to meet them at the club, take 'm home, kick 'm out and hit the after clubs and repeat. But it's grueling on your body. I couldn't keep this pace for too long.

Hat trick

Depending on your definition of an official hattrick I did at least one or multiple. If you count 3 of your regular girls, I did this a couple of times (morning, lunch and night).


Make money off Tuk-Tuks

At first you will be happy when you find a tuk-tuk or taxi that will bring you to the club for free... score! But you can actually make money from them. For example for Insanity (previously Insomnia) they get a 200B commission for guys. So especially if you're with friends you can ask them for half of their commission. Say you're 2 friends, he will get 400B from the Club. So you tell the tuk tuk driver to pay you 200B cash (in advance!) to bring you there. Most of them will agree if you're not too far away from the club, and you'll have a nice discount on your cover charge.

Commission are different for different clubs and they get less or no commission for girls, so try to work out a good deal with them for both of you. I would take a tuk-tuk even if I was 10m away from the club so both of us would benefit from it, win-win!

Online dating

If you pipeline and the girl has pictures from weird angles or half or her face etc., consider it a red flag and deduct 3 points from her hottest picture. You will be unpleasantly surprised when she shows up on the date. I found out about this twice the hard way. And it's an akward situation where you have to get rid of her asap without being to rude. Prevent this by setting up a video call on skype or ask her straight up to send a decent picture.


If you have a lot of regular girl friends, you might want to start keeping track of when they have their periods. I had 7 regular gf's for a while and it would bum me out when I had one of them come over and she would be on her period.

Thai vs Western

Some random observations I mad on Thai girls over the past months:

- Generally speaking, Thai have really beautiful pussies. Like with the exeption of one or two, all of them wear very beautiful.

- Thai girls are much more in touch with their feminity. They don't act weird about sex and it's not as much as a taboo as in the West.

- Thai people are extremely relax and are not judging.

- Many say that Thai girls are only looking to catch a Western guy for his money. While there are some poorer girls, I have met plenty girl that had their own money. They'd buy me gifts, pay for food, have their own car / appartments,... so don't generalize about it.



This story takes place in Hua-Hin. I got completely wasted on beer and shots of tequila and just as I'm about to call it a night and bump into this Thai girl and we start making out. After a while she says, let's go to my place I have a motorbike. We go to the 7-11 to buy some food and water as I was trying to sober up. So we start driving into the middle of nowhere and I realize she's even more drunk then me, the water bottles and noodles we bought are flying off from her motorbike as we're speeding down the dark roads away from the city center. I'm not even wearing a helmet... I'm just hoping I'm going to get to her place alive.
Finally we arrive at a place, she took me to a short term hotel.

Whatever, that's even better. The place had mirrors on every wall including the ceiling (check!). I start undressing her and I see she has this huge scar on her stomach from the middle going down. So I ask her, what happend to you?? "Last year I have motorbike accident. I drunk. I died". Okay... I just got off a motorbike with a girl who nearly died drunk driving a motorbike :| Next morning even tough I was still a bit drunk, I drove back on her motorbike. She clearly didn't learn anything from her near death experience.

Ladyboy fight

Ladyboys are dangerous. They're taking hormones and drugs, I think for at least some of them it messes with their minds. On two occassions I almost got in a fight with them and they are dangerous. First, they're still men, but they are dressed like girls with long hair and high heels, so you'll feel restriced to punch them. Secondly, they're a community, if you get in a fight with one of them, they will gang up on you and they will use anything available as a weapon.. their high heels, bottles,... Thirdly, they hang around at night at the same spots every single day so they'll be the ones that know the people around, not you.

It's just best to avoid any problems and de-escalate rather to let things heat up, it would not be your best night.

Lead Singer live band in the club

This was one of my sweetest and most rewarding pickups of the entire trip. I was out with 20Nation and his girl to this club in the Philippines, featuring a live music band that's covering all popular music. The club is packed and people are dancing. The lead singer is a sexy Philippina girl wearing a booty short and black top. I tell 20Nation, that's the one I'm going for ;-)

So the moment the band takes a break, I walk up the stage.. tap her on the shoulder and just tell her I enjoyed her performance and I'd like to meet her and hand over a paper with my number. 20 nation and me were the only white people in the club so it did cause some stares while I was on the stage.

Next day at noon I get a message: Hi THC, I'm the singer from the band. How's it going. --- Took it from there, set up the date the next day and sealed the deal. I didn't have a decent after glow feeling in a while, but the next day I was on top of the world.


There's too many great stories to be told. The crazy night in Pattaya with Scotian, the 6 girls on a tuk-tuk, Halloween,...


A shout out to some of the RSV-members I met during my trip, that shared in my wacky adventures. DVY, SCOTIAN, 20NATION, ASAXON - we had great times and many more to come!
Did you manage to do a 3-1-0? Thats 3 different girls, 1 night, 0 showers
Great going! And also a great report! This is the kind of thread you want to pull up and show to the average chump stuck in a cubicle, in a mortage and a wife gaining rapidly in weight.

I am surprised though to see the gap in notches between Phi and Thailand, especially with guys saying how the former is supposed to be even better.
Nice summary and no exaggerations at all. Have partied with travelhardcore since December and he never went home alone...
Very nice report mate! I'm not really into Asian girls but this report has made me thing it could be an amazing time!
Yeah THC is legit. Only guy I have ever met getting laid more than me in Asia.
great report, great work.
Thai: 78%

looks like thai is the easiest
Tuk-Tuk Moneymaking afterhours scheme- my patented move. =).

Drug Data-sheet- Base prices in BKK for various drugs- Xiemed (Xanax)- 170baht, Valium - 140-150 baht, Viagara/Cialis- 160 baht.

Offer 100 baht in thai (neung roy) to any offer they make. Let it hold when they come down to 200 baht. Say 120 when they do. Slowly bring it up to above price. Walk if they give you shit.

TVH and Asaxon can verify it works. One time, I had to walk away from a stall 3 times to get the desired price. The guy started clapping for us to come back everytime.

Man, I still crack up everytime I think of that guy clapping at us to come back.
2nd vouch- Only person I saw who could pull as much as I did every single night. (maybe more because TVH has no concept of time when it comes to the ladies. =) )

Funny story as told by TVH

Yea, so I shore this girl from insomnia. I get back to my room, put on the condom and lube and then....she asks me for money. F-ing blue-balls.
I kick her out and go prowl the street and pull back a food girl at 6am.

Me- lol 6am. your a beast man.

TVH- blueballs. I wasn't going to sleep like that.
(01-30-2013 11:11 AM)east and west Wrote: [ -> ]Thai: 78%

looks like thai is the easiest

Or it could be that he spend the most time there.
Post Of The Day

Well done, top report, 8/10, would have got 9/10 if u had photos

Worthless without pics

10/10 is impossible, its the place we are trying to find, a pussy paradise with virgins and public stoning of feminist filth Wink

"Lifes about, shooting your load"
One of the most useful reports I've read on this forum.
Dammit, what am I still doing in the West?
Fucking BKK.

And I thought I killed it with 18(?) girls in 28 days.

Though THC...I thought Thai pussy was rather unattractive!
Jesus christ man thats intense good work.
Great great report man, one of the best I've seen. And Its even more awesome you met with so many forum members and pulled so much pussy.

Hands down.
Great thread THC,
I have 2 questions:
What sites should I use for pipelining in KL? I'm going there in a week, so should prepare some ground..
As for the muslim country, are customs okay if I bring a bottle of scotch from Thailand, or its not good idea?
Thanks all for the positive feedback!

(01-30-2013 06:57 AM)Nudge Wrote: [ -> ]Did you manage to do a 3-1-0? Thats 3 different girls, 1 night, 0 showers

Nah man, I'm taking showers in between every girl.. sounds challenging though Wink

(01-30-2013 12:09 PM)OldRich Wrote: [ -> ]
(01-30-2013 11:11 AM)east and west Wrote: [ -> ]Thai: 78%

looks like thai is the easiest

Or it could be that he spend the most time there.

Exactly OldRich, the stats reflect the time I spent at the place. I spent most of my time in Thailand.

(01-31-2013 12:35 AM)artur jedi Wrote: [ -> ]Great thread THC,
I have 2 questions:
What sites should I use for pipelining in KL? I'm going there in a week, so should prepare some ground..
As for the muslim country, are customs okay if I bring a bottle of scotch from Thailand, or its not good idea?

For KL I think your best shot is DIA ( - I've tried there, but it had a VERY low conversion rate... you'll have to contact a lot of girls for KL on tagged.
Amazing data sheet bro. Shame I have absolutely no interest in asian women.
(01-30-2013 07:39 AM)Vicious Wrote: [ -> ]I am surprised though to see the gap in notches between Phi and Thailand, especially with guys saying how the former is supposed to be even better.

I went to the wrong places and had the wrong approach, so I only stayed for a week. I'm in Phi again now with 20Nation, and making up for that gap of Phi notches. It's a much better experience right now, I'll write up a seperate datasheet on it.
Maybe you'll cover this in the next data sheet you've alluded to, but can you elaborate on the different approach necessary in the Phils vs. Thailand? Awesome data sheet and awesome trip!
Good report. Was this your first trip to Thailand? How old are you and what do you look like? The ladyboys always creeped me out with their breasts and sexy looks. Do the discos allow ladyboys inside?
How many girls did you repeat? Did you keep a harem or were you just looking for new girls? Did you play on any Russian girls in Pattaya, because there are many of them there. I've traveled a lot in Philippines and overall I think the Thai girls are much bigger partiers than the Filipinas. Also, I think Thais are much better looking than Filipinas and they age much better too. Are you planning on living in Thailand for good? Great report. I wish I had read it before my last visit to BKK.
Our pornstar lays, 6 girls in tuk-tuk, halloween, hooker snooker...Damn I miss our adventures!!

You forgot to mention the milky story in Cambodia though Wink

Those 3 weeks I came to visit you were just legen...wait for it...dary !!!

THC would make many, and I stress the word many, so-called pua-guru-instructors turn red...
(01-31-2013 09:57 AM)TravelHardcore Wrote: [ -> ]
(01-30-2013 07:39 AM)Vicious Wrote: [ -> ]I am surprised though to see the gap in notches between Phi and Thailand, especially with guys saying how the former is supposed to be even better.

I went to the wrong places and had the wrong approach, so I only stayed for a week. I'm in Phi again now with 20Nation, and making up for that gap of Phi notches. It's a much better experience right now, I'll write up a seperate datasheet on it.

Livin it up in Cebu. In the last 4 days we have 9 girls between the two of us.
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