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Full Version: Manaus, Brazil
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Don't cry for me Argentina (I wont cry for you).

Tickets bought.. Landing in Manaus on June 7th. If after 2-3 weeks I'm not getting laid like a champ, I'm OUT!

Any tips?
from what ppl say on this board just go out at night and the women will handle the rest Wink
Manaus! True soldier. Looking forward to the blow-by-blow.
In Manaus, the problem won't be to get laid, but which one to choose from...
Happy travels and looking forward to reading your full report.
Have fun.

Two tips for Brazil.

1. Always use a rubber. And not just because of crotch rot, but because they love to get gringo baby batter in them. Actually, I am paranoid enough that I physically dispose of the condom afterwards so there is no chance of a crazy one putting that in her.

2. Bring 2 courses of Cipro with you. Actually, these should be taken on any trip to a middle income or low income country.
Manaus is nice! had a good time there.. tips? go see the jungle its awesome... go to the best restaurant the crocodillo or what its called cant recall anymore. Go to Remolus (the whorehouse). Yeah and go to the big market near the harbour... and enjoy a cold bear at punta negra...( place near the amazone river with lots of locals)

Would like to hear how it is..been 4 years or so since I was there.. its poor compared to Rio, but also cheap, not it the hotels but otherwise, but might have changed got no idea... the indian women are pretty and really exotic.. dark skinned petite, long slender hair, their eyes like deers Smile

Maybe try the acaii stuff, and maybe try to smooke some of the visionary stuff (drugs) in the jungle... would have liked to do more jungle stuff, but know that traveling in the jungle is a pain in the AZZ, so traveling by water is alot nicer and the make short trips into the jungle.

Have you seen the pororoca?
I dont speak any Portuguese. How big of a disadvantage do I have to getting laid?

Are the girls hot? I'm not into indigenous looking girls. Is that what they look like?

Many people are saying is super easy to get laid, Is this true? Can anyone confirm this from personal experience?
its tough in Rio to get laid by a non pro not knowing any portuguese, gotta be tougher in manaus because fewer girls speak english.

if advise trying to meet either male or female brazilians to go out with at night to help translate.
If you know spanish, you'll be able to be build enough rapport to get laid.
Just spit some direct game and you should be fine.
I know a lot of first hand people who have been to Manaus, these are both Brasileiros and gringos. All without exception have told me the same thing about this place: Manaus is the best place in Brasil for non pros and for hooking up with girls. Girls can be either truly stunning and uber sexy or truly ugly. There is a majority of girls there who only live to party and have sex. While it is easy to hook up there, make sure you cover it each time. Manaus is not a place to date a girl, but rather a place to be a butterfly if you will, that is bang a different girl each day. Because of that, girls are rather flaky there. Girls can be met everywhere, just a simple "oi, tudo bem?" accompanied by a smile will be your best opener there. At night, go to a forro place and it is guaranteed you'll hook up there. Or rather, girls will be approaching you left and right. However, some warnings, since this is in the middle of the jungle, make sure you take the necessary precautions in terms of having all your proper vaccinations done as this is no joke, it's can be a matter of life and death. Also, it can get down right opressingly hot and when it rains, it'll feel like you're standing under a water fall as the water comes fast and furious. Now is a good time to be as it is the "dry" season.
Needless to say that the more Portuguese you know, the better it'll be. English is not widely spoken there. Spanish would help in making yourself understood a bit, but it won't help you understand much of what is being said to you. So again and again, invest as much time as you can to learn as much Portuguese as possible. Using basic common sense as you would in any where in Brasil along with following the tips mentioned in here will have you the time of your life.
(05-21-2010 08:36 PM)PartyTime Wrote: [ -> ]I dont speak any Portuguese. How big of a disadvantage do I have to getting laid?

In Brasil, as a general rule of thumb, not speaking any portuguese, not knowing anyone, unless you have model looks and are a celebrity, your chances of hooking up with a quality non pro are next to nothing. Unless you're talking about gringo chasers/gold diggers who speak english or the bottom of the barrel faveladas or down right prostitutes. Only exception in Brasil would be Manaus where girls are notorious for "having fire in their ass". That's why I've been repeating constantly that the more you speak Portuguese, the better your chances will be. Not only with the girls, but also to enable you to have the true Brasil experience. Brasil is a fabulous country with some of the nicest and friendliest people anywhere, some of the most breathetaking scenery in the world and some of the most stunning girls in the world, but it comes at a price, which is not that high if you really think about it. That price being able to speak the lingo. So guys, do make the effort to learn as much lingo as you can, you'll be rewarded 1000 fold.
Is Quasi the only one who's been to Manaus?

Vancancier- I'm heeding your advice, and I started taking Pimsleur audio courses. I'll probably get through Level 1 by the time I arrive, which will not really be enough to run any kind of verbal game but will help a little I'm sure.

They're teaching me "how do I get to the hotel?" when I want to be learning "how do I get to your bed?" Where can I buy "Pimsleur for single horny travelers". I smell a business opportunity!!! I'll be relying on nonverbal or apocalypse game.
Vancancier, thanks for the detailed info!

Wow, I am super interested to experience the social dynamic in Manaus. I've never been anywhere where the girls are super aggressive like it sounds like they are in Manaus. Anyone have any idea why the girls act this way?

OK, so I only have like 2 weeks to learn Portugese. Obviously its not enough time to become conversational to any degree. My spanish is pretty decent, so that may help.
Any tips for gaming without knowing the language? I'm thinking my vibe and my body language will have to carry me, but if anyone has specific tips for Manaus and Brazil in general, please do tell.

One more question. I've heard many times that the girls in Brazil dig blue eyed guys. Is it the same in Manaus?
If you spanish well enough, you should get by in Brasil. You'll be able to get your point accross, however, if you don't know any portuguese or haven't been exposed to it at all, then you'll have a hard time understanding them simply because Portuguese has very different sounds that will make it difficult to understand until your ear gets fully accustomed to it.

Here's a tip for picking up girls in Manaus and in about 90% of the places in North of Brasil: learn to dance forro. Not very difficult, it's a cross between lambada and merengue if you will. Just watch the guys at the clubs for a few minutes and you should be able to do some basic steps. Or you can just ask a sexy girl to teach you. Smile Also, youtube it to get an idea of how it looks like dancing forro. It'll be super handy in Brasil and specially in Nort/North East Brasil.

The blue eye blond is a fetish not only in Manaus but pretty much everywhere in Brasil except the deep south where that look is pretty common.
Quote:Wow, I am super interested to experience the social dynamic in Manaus. I've never been anywhere where the girls are super aggressive like it sounds like they are in Manaus. Anyone have any idea why the girls act this way?

Let's put it this way, when you live in the middle of the biggest jungle in the world, where it's opressingly hot and rains like hell most of the time, what else is left to do other than having sex? I might be oversimplifying but not much as you'll find out once you get to Manaus.
You'll be enjoying your time in Manaus for sure. Just don't forget to cover it at all times.
(05-22-2010 05:31 PM)Vacancier Permanent Wrote: [ -> ]The blue eye blond is a fetish not only in Manaus but pretty much everywhere in Brasil except the deep south where that look is pretty common.

Then I guess I should head to Curitiba or Florianapolis. So other than banging girls, is there anything actually worth seeing in Manaus? I don't care much for jungles and malaria btw.
Jewish-Brazilian? In Manaus!? uau, that's different.
Gringoed, lavinci and anyone else heading to Manaus or any Brasilian city for that matter, here's a solid tip:
Open an account on Orkut and search for that both guys and girls from where you're heading next. Make friends with them and you'll have a headstart by the time you get there. The guys will be good sources of info in the scene as well as valuable contacts to introduce you to quality girls and also be good wingmen at night. The chicks can be your guide and if she's hot and you play your cards right, you can tap that bunda in 1-2 days.

(05-26-2010 03:56 PM)lavinci Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm, speaking of which, I wonder how hard would it be to get there from Colombia? I have no clue.

Where in Colombia are you? Fastest and safest would be take a plane. You could do it by land and or water, but I wouldn't risk it as the south of Colombia in the jungle is where all the Narco gangs are. It would make for a very scenic trip if the area were safe, mainly in Colombia. So yeah, you'll probably pay a premium but take a plane as it's the fastest and safest.
I'm not a Colombia expert as I've yet to go there, but form reading in here and other forums and from friends who've been there as well as my chattings with Colombianas on MSN, the deep south is where the dangerous areas are. As a rule of thumb, stay in the cities and don't venture too much in the country side unless you're with locals that you know very well and trust enough. Other than that, stay in the cities. Of course, the Colombia experts, feel free to correct me as I might be wrong.
Lavinci, when are you going to be in Colombia and where? Have you decided yet?
I would say the girls are very indigenous, compared to Rio.. but the indian ones are stunning in my eyes.. Yes they are aggressive and yes its fucking easy.. but was quite a while since Ive been there. Reason.. Ive heard that male female ratio is like 4:1 or 3:1, dunno why...

But its works for me Wink

no, never been to pororoca :-) what is that?
(05-31-2010 06:00 AM)Quasi Wrote: [ -> ]Ive heard that male female ratio is like 4:1 or 3:1, dunno why...

4 males to 1 female?!!! or did you mean the other way around?

If its 4 males to 1 female, it is amazing that the girls are that agressive!
Just arrived today.

First impressions of Manaus:

The city is pretty dirty and dingy and it's clear the only reason foreigners come is for the amazon stuff. The girls here are not very high quality, not even close to Cordoba, although I can say after less than one day here they are very easy.

Case in point: did a street approach today (a tuesday) to a very dark and petite HB6. A few hours later I was in a love motel with her. Good times! Banana

Also, wow what a difference between her and Argentinian girls in bed. Holy shit!!!!!!!!

I have to get up in a couple hours for a 3 day amazon tour but I expect more interesting stories for this weekend.
Great that you finally made it to Manaus. Glad that you experienced for yourself the lovely Manaus girls. The thing with girls in Manaus is that you'll see many stunners but also a lot of fugly ones. The more beautiful ones are the young ones, usually under 30, forget those over 30. There's no average girls in Manaus, they're either extremely hot to the point of turning heads and causing accidents on the streets or very very ugly. But what makes them truly unique is their attitude and their out of this world skills in the sack.

Below is a list of clubs a friend of mine who goes frequently to Manaus sent me:

-Balneario do Cia (Companhia)
Nothing special.
- Forró da Cida.
- Ladeira do Forró
- Central do Forró (the top floor in Hotel Bellevue in centro, go early, closes at midnight)
- Bragaca
- Celeiro Country
- Asa
- Calçadâo
- Companhia do forró
- Planeta Talisma
- Cabanas
- Casa da Mamae (ex Arrastâo, ex Símbola)
- Legiao 300
# Sunday:
- Xote de Menina
- Crocodilo

These are all forro clubs as these are the places to go to get the easy lay with some truly outstanding girls both in looks/attitude and in bed. The crowd at these clubs gather all kinds of people, from the average worker, and all. Others will attract the lower social classes and thus, you won't find many hot girls in these.
Entrance to these clubs is cheap, at about R$ 10 with beer R$ 2,5-3Reais. The majority of these clubs are located in Tarumã, Cidade Nova or Ponta Negra. You can also take the bus if you want to save money as opposed to taking cabs. I personally wouldn't recommend that to someone who doesn't speak Portuguese. Better be safe than sorry, so spend a few extra bucks and cab it for your own safety and peace of mind. If you still want to bus it, Cidade Nova: bus 300 or 640, Ponta Negra: bus 120. Cabbing it should cost you between 15-30 Reais one way depending on your location and where you're heading to. You can always bargain it a little bit lower.

Manaus is filled with fly girls who just live for partying and having sex. This is not a place to look for a serious gf/wife, so don't kid yourself. Come here only to have a wild time. Don't come here expecting to find a serious relationship. It's very easy for a local to get laid in here, and as a gringo, even more so. As a gringo it's very easy to get laid. Manaus girls are notorious for being very late so if you have dates, be ready to see them rolling quite late. It's normal in Brasil and even more so in Manaus. One final warning: Be very cautious of the girls ages or you might get yourself into serious trouble.

Other than that, you'll have a blast in Manaus. Garanteed. Make sure to cover it at all time, specially in there. Make sure you have all your required vaccinations before heading into the jungle. And don't miss the boat ride to see the meeting of the waters, which is one of the most amazing sights you'll see. Have fun and we're waiting for your full report as well as pics of girls if possible.

One last point: make sure you visit Remulos, the most fun strip club in all of Brasil if not South America. It's 2 blocks from the Teatro Amazonas (Rua Lobo D'almeida, 233). Banana

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