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Full Version: The Ukrainian talk show was wild
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This is the show I went on today:

The title of the show was "Sex Mission" and basically about my book and sex tourism. I sat in the central chair and was the main guest. It started normal enough where they asked me general questions and then they started bringing out "surprise guests" which completely caught me off guard. They had me thinking "How the fuck did they find these people??!"

At one point the host said "You look nervous with what [the guest] might say." Hell yeah I was nervous! It was almost like Jerry Springer but without the physical fighting.

They read a lot of excerpts from the book and asked me for clarifications. They also showed this clip of me hitting on the girl in the club.

The show was professionally produced and they let me have my say. I felt provoked into emotional responses, but not attacked. The host was neutral and played a good cop / bad cop routine. It wasn't a cakewalk or puff piece and at least once they did get me where I couldn't really justify something I did. They also brought out an "enemy" and we had an argument. The crowd didn't know whether to cheer or boo me. One woman in the audience apparently hated me and heckled me a couple times. At the end they were concerned for my safety and had a bodyguard on me until I was in the car.

I was nervous last night and had trouble sleeping. This morning I woke up and my hands were shaking, but when I sat in the chair and had the lights on me, the audience on me, and the host and the celebrity panel and so on, I felt quite calm and just focused on answering the questions while not letting them paint me as someone I was not. It was just about telling the truth about my experiences and observations and nothing more. One of the celebrity guests, a pretty singer, did shake my hand afterwards. She didn't speak English, however.

The show will appear online in about 2 weeks. It will be dubbed in Russian (or Ukrainian---maybe someone can tell me from the sample clips above) which means you won't really hear me speak (like in this interview). Can one of you help me translate the show and then add English subtitles? I will compensate you for your time of course.

It will involve two steps:

1. Creating a SRT file with English ( )

2. Hard-coding the subtitle into a new movie file ( / )

I think I should be able to do step 2. Please PM me or email me if you can help and we can talk about it.

I don't want to share too many specifics about the show to not ruin the surprises. Smile
How long was the taping? One hour or shorter?

Is this show really popular in Ukraine? It looks pretty legit.
I can't wait
(02-18-2013 01:56 PM)The Texas Prophet Wrote: [ -> ]How long was the taping? One hour or shorter?

Is this show really popular in Ukraine? It looks pretty legit.

Taping was over an hour. Final cut will be 35 minutes. This is one of the top rated talk shows in Ukraine (I think it's second). It airs daily.

congratulations roosh. you are famous.
(02-18-2013 01:57 PM)RaulValdez739 Wrote: [ -> ]I can't wait

What he said.
After putting some of the youtube comments through google translate, I can almost say 100% that the show is broadcast in Russian.

Oh, and Roosh, you're a certified legend for doing this! I can't wait to see you on an English speaking show, that will be when you can truly say we've hit the big time.
Good job Roosh for taking the time to appear on TV. I'm sure this will result in a noticeable increase in sales for your books. I hope you had some time to do a bit of marketing for your products during that show.

Btw, I wish I had the guts to approach a set of 4 solo like you did at the end of the Ukraine video
By the way, thank you guys for encouraging me to go on the show ( ). I was about to say no when everyone knocked some sense into me that this was a good opportunity.
Fantastic! Congratulations, and it's very nice to see you find a country that honestly considers your work instead of just white-knighting.
Holy shit I can't wait to see this!
Looking forward to seeing this.

Popcorn 2

Right now, this level of drama is what I'm imagining.


(02-18-2013 02:14 PM)slubu Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-18-2013 01:57 PM)RaulValdez739 Wrote: [ -> ]I can't wait

What he said.

same thing here

maybe pay some local dude to translate this (if not too expensive)?
I want to know who the guests are haha
I hope Roosh got a chance to make a distinction between sex tourism and international bachelorhood.
They find some of your ex girlfriends or something?
Congrats dude, you're blowing're life is about to change in a lot of ways....enjoy the journey
looking forward to that clip. if you asked your past-self 10 years ago what he will do in the future, he definitely would have said:
"I will sit in a Ukrainian talk show, discussing women"

why is the dude sitting on the couch ^^
Confirmed through a friend in Kiev the show is in Russian.
Since that Beta orbiter game thread, I am getting a feeling the Ukranian show will be something like this: a beardless Roosh appears in some sort of Jerry Springer snake pitt:

Often after an experience, when we think back, is when we get nervous. In the moment, we don't really think, but react. The emotions come after we replay it in our heads. I'm glad you did it. You survived and held your own. You'll have a great story to tell your kids one day!
Your the fuckin man roosh. Cant wait to see
(02-18-2013 03:16 PM)Samseau Wrote: [ -> ]They find some of your ex girlfriends or something?

My guess is they got the girl he dated for a while in Kharkiv to confront him.
(02-18-2013 03:55 PM)Soma Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-18-2013 03:16 PM)Samseau Wrote: [ -> ]They find some of your ex girlfriends or something?

My guess is they got the girl he dated for a while in Kharkiv to confront him.

I bet they got IRT.
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