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Full Version: The Italian Job
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Carlo Della Torre is a middle-aged Italian "Romeo" who pounced on lone female foreign tourists sightseeing his native Rome.

In 1993 he also opened a "seduction school" for men and women and started charging money for his classes (which included in-field exercises). This is similar timeline to Ross Jeffries, and way before the current commercialization of North American/European seduction community.

This information is a bit of a blast from the past, but still relevant as it seems that the guy was very methodical in his approach, and much what he was also saying 10 years ago (for example, on Italian, German, English, Danish women) is what the manosphere travelers gospel about it now.

His English-language website is really cheesy and it seems to be stuck in the 1990s (domain name registered in 1997), while the video below is from 2003.

In one scene starting @5:04 min. he seems overly aggressive like many Mediterranean men are, with lame kino and forced arm-over-the shoulder of a woman who was clearly indicating that she was short on time and with that, I suspect, of her interest in him. That said, part of being a man is to lead women and with that have them pry open those legs any which way.

Being a latin lover is hard work.
side boobs 2:20-......
Here is Carlo on seducing women in Bratislava (#Greek Kamaki). It's a time capsule from late 1990s for sure, but still revealing because he talks about the importance of dressing well for men, women flaking, hitting wall, etc. Not much has changed since Smile
Italian seduction style is outdated and does not bring results in this era.It was effective 20 years ago.Now the pick up guys use much more sophisticated methods and rely on combination. The demanded level is a lot higher.
You get British women by taking them out to dinner Dodgy .. Funny how he considers Danish women the most difficult in Europe.

Still, dude has game even if his techniques seem dated. The golddigger coaching classes are a great business idea.
I wonder how it feels like living in hot tourists spots.

It's like going through a first week of fall semester (freshmen girls) everyday....geez....
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