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Full Version: Yerevan, Armenia mini-data sheet
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I was in Yerevan, Armenia for 3-4 days with friends. It's a pretty nice place, a lot of hot Euro-Asian looking brunettes. Although I didn't really game though.
Girls: Definitely better than Western Girls, and better than Georgian girls on average. Most girls are brown eyed brunettes with a Persian, Middle Eastern to half Asian half European look. Most of them have nice bodies and their asses aren't bad. On the streets, it is extremely hard to find ugly girls, almost all girls were good looking or at least not bad looking. Man, even most older women were milfs, they were skinny and aged pretty well, unlike in Georgia(maybe because they are richer and other reasons).
Girls take care of themselves pretty well and dress quite nicely, on average better dressed than Georgian girls. You will see girls in high heels everywhere. Their man were even not bad looking
Although I believe Armenian girls are pretty conservative and very low divorce rate especially outside of the city.
I heard in villages from a Peace Core guy, people get in fights or get killed for dancing with girls in a bar in a village. But don't worry about that, if you can pass their friends in the city, you'll be fine I think.
Language:A good amount of people can speak English, but I spoke Russian so it didn't matter so much. Armenian is pretty distant from other languages though, I recommend you know some basic words like barev(hello), merci or something else like snor uhakalutyon (thank you), etc.
sight seeing: well there are a lot of churches in city and outside of it. There is a place called Cascade, it is a stair to the top of a statue(a lady holding a sword) you will see a lot of contemporary art. It is a good place to go for a walk with girls.
Museums are nice. The guides were good looking. One guide had a nice ass and curves, hard to not look at. tard Another was a hottie with a classy trench coat, maybe a little melancholic, maybe because she spends all day talking about genocide.
The Armenian Genocide museum is not bad place to visit, it is free.
Girls are the sightseeing!

Cost:Cheap. 414 Armenian Drams=1usd,
A shawarma=700-850usd, a dish in nice resturant=2500-3500amd,
a bottle of wine in a restaurant=3000-6000, a glass of wine=400drams
accommodation: stayed in a hostel called Envoy, 6500drams without discounts.
Transportation: cheap, 50-100dram(.125-.25usd), taxi minimum 600 drams, but /km is really cheap. Within the city center no more than 1500-2000AMD I think, took the bus mostly.
Clubs: Went one place, I think it was called That Place, seriously that place. Girls weren't bad, but usually accompanied by men.
I also went to a bar the next night. Met a not-bad looking Russian girl writing in her journal, I wanted to practice my Russian at first. Later, I sort of tried to game her.
When I approached, her Armenian male friend approached me defensively and asked me questions. Talked to him a while, then started to talk the girl. I think I wasn't aggressive enough and too indirect, sort of flirted with her and asked to dance, but that didn't work out. She left but I got her vk.
Conclusion: It is good to have friends and stay long term to get a girl there.
Great place to visit, sheer number of talents are amazing.
Good little report. All the Armenians I have met have been really friendly, and I feel called to go there. I read somewhere that Armenia has even more people that do not believe in sex before marriage than Georgia!
I would like to know more... and maybe if you guys can posty pictures of armenian women?
Recently visited Yerevan and trust me, the quality of women is very high. There is a shortage of men in Armenia because of so many working abroad, so the women have to work hard. They all try to stay in shape, take care of their hair and dress sexy, while the guys are all out of shape and not too good looking. I've seen 9's walking around with short, fat, balding guys. I didnt have the opportunity to try anything myself and I reckon the women will be pretty conservative, but being a tall in shape western man I did get loads of eye fucks. There are clubs but I heard everybody goes out in mixed (cockblocking) groups, so I'd say daygame is the way to go.
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