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Full Version: Banging agency-represented fashion models
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Getting access takes a bit of luck. Also have to have the right background/resources whereby they see you as high status or at least, someone who can make their lives more fun/secure/adventurous. Most are on short-term contracts in cities such as Milan, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, London, New York, Barcelona and therefore, largely isolated by language, culture, age, and lack of a social network beyond work/parties.

But having had some recent success with what I consider 9/10 level girls (fashion models represented by IMG e.g.), I'm hooked on this stuff. And don't even bring that "but they're so skinny and tall and not that attractive in real life" bullshit. Every city goes for a "different" look in the fashion world and I can guarantee there are MANY who are SEXY like you can't imagine.

Effort required? Same as normal chicks. Level of "bitchiness"/attitude? LESS than normal chicks Level of hotness? Off the charts Level of compatibility? Same as normal chicks Level of sex? Awesome

Why bother with mediocre?
(06-12-2010 07:38 PM)kindredspirit Wrote: [ -> ]And don't even bring that "but they're so skinny and tall and not that attractive in real life" bullshit.

Well said. I don't know why some guys start hating as soon as the word model comes up. I mean models do come in different looks, so there is something out there for everyone. Plus bottom line is that models as a whole are much hotter than a random sample of the population.

Quote:Why bother with mediocre?

Exactly! I like this type of thinking

The idea of getting them while there away from their home environment makes good sense. If you have any other specifics on getting models, i would love to hear it. Especially where/how to make first contact?
often it comes u from low self esteem, guys know/think they can never get a girl like that so that answer is, I dont want them, they are not that hot. My friend dates models, he is a short shit, he said its just the circle of people, he is in the movie/model/sports business in LA and he said if I was out there hanging out I would be dating models too.
I am going to Seoul soon, for a six month consulting contract.

My friend has told me that the Euro models there are lonely and definitely gameable.

Can anyone go into more detail about how to go about doing this?
Yeah, I generally agree with you re: models... What bugs me isn't the models, but how some guys become obsessed with them. A hot girl is a hot girl, model or not. A lot of guys just get attached to the whole "I bang models" boy scout badge whether she's runway material or just some coke-head with some headshots.

But could you be more specific on how you go about doing this? Stories? Tips?
(06-13-2010 11:57 AM)Entropy4 Wrote: [ -> ]A hot girl is a hot girl, model or not.

Great point. Just as bad as "model hate" is "model obsession"

For me, I just want to bang exceptionally hot girls, whatever their job. Banana
(06-12-2010 07:38 PM)kindredspirit Wrote: [ -> ]Effort required? Same as normal chicks. Level of "bitchiness"/attitude? LESS than normal chicks Level of hotness? Off the charts Level of compatibility? Same as normal chicks Level of sex? Awesome

Why bother with mediocre?

Exactly. Ive often said that top level girls are often easier (to date) than mediocre girls. There are less validation issues to deal with, and therefore they don't feel the need to date exceptionally 'hot' guys just to prove to themselves that they are attractive. Whereas a mediocre girl, who has self confidence issues, often feels the need to date the best looking guy that she can find, regardless of everything else that he offers.

The biggest paradox in pickup: 6's often act like 9's, and 9's often act like 6's.

Plus there is definitely less competition for model caliber girls. So many guys are just scared of them. I wish My city had more of these girls in public, on a day to day basis.
VERY VERY true Hydo, I have found the same to be true in many place.... flip side if they are not acting like 6's the 9's are acting like 10.5's Its seems to me (US anyway) that 9-10's are either super cool and sweet, or completely off base thinking their shit dont stink.
Unless you are rich or famous to some degree it's pretty hard to even get a look in. The 9's and 10's of this world move in different circles and even if you do manage to become part of the right scene your going to have to come up with the goods eventually. Why would a super hottie date a regular Joe, despite his dashing good looks when she could be living the dream with a footballer or lead singer in a band. Its not all about charm and and pretty face. Unfortunately.
Depends on how you define Average Joe.

I'm about as far as you can get from a footballer or lead singer in a band yet have done what I would have only dreamed of 5 years back.

Combination of 1: Living outside the US 2. Income flow that's location independent 3. Disposable income (but nothing fancy here, I still fly economy) and 4. Aiming for a bit of creativity and class when it comes to my lifestyle

Sure, the girls may opt for a famous, rich, better looking, funnier guy than me in the future.

But who cares? I'm enjoying myself right now for as long as things last, and that's good enough for me.

Keep in mind that most of these girls are just young chicks trying to earn a buck, packed dormitory-style in some cramped apartment, and doing minor local modeling gigs hoping/praying they can made it to the big leagues. No need to get intimidated and assume you're competing against David Beckham for every hot model out there.
(06-13-2010 05:14 PM)Richie Wrote: [ -> ]Unless you are rich or famous to some degree it's pretty hard to even get a look in. The 9's and 10's of this world move in different circles and even if you do manage to become part of the right scene your going to have to come up with the goods eventually. Why would a super hottie date a regular Joe, despite his dashing good looks when she could be living the dream with a footballer or lead singer in a band. Its not all about charm and and pretty face. Unfortunately.

Yeah, I hate to sound like a PUA headline, but you're blowing this out of proportion. There are far, far, far more model-caliber girls and model-wannabe girls in the world than there are footballers or rock stars.

Kindred: I'd still love to hear some specific advice or stories on how you've managed to do this.
Well, I think I posted about this stuff in various other posts in a lot more detail. It's all highly tailored to me, my interests, where I am, what I bring to the table, so I don't think it's readily applicable to other people other than to say that it's allowed me to network with the kinds of girls I like (and who seem to like me). Of course, the foundations of what has allowed me to do this is laid out above:

1. International residences (I have 3 homes -- two owned outright with no loans, 1 rented -- in 3 different countries)
2. Location independent income (work from anywhere)
3. Disposable income (I make 6 figures a year and keep my expenses down to a minimum)
4. Creativity in putting some unique style/class into my lifestyle
5. Game, fashion, fitness, age (I've matured in my 30s), etc which goes without saying
One surprising thing I've discovered about models is a lot of them actually aren't interested in dating a baller or a rock star. Last year I was dating a model in NY who had previously only dated athletes and she said the main reason wasn't because they were famous but only because she preferred tall guys and all the tall guys she met happened to be athletes. She said, "I'm 5'11 and I've been this tall since I was 12 years old. I just want to meet a guy who's big and strong and makes me feel like a little girl, and not some sort of giant freak. I don't care if he's a football player or a teacher" So I would say one way to date models is if you're tall (I'm 6'3) even if you're far from rich or a baller. Although after we broke up she did get engaged to a starter on the Giants. Whatever!

The other surprising thing I've learned about models is a lot of them actually don't really care about fashion. In fact, a lot of them are secretly nerds. And the one thing they all have in common is they love old Nintendo. So one of my favorite pick-up strategies is to make some reference to old Nintendo games. When I was a kid I always assumed all the hot girls in my class were out doing hot girl stuff. Whatever that was. But a lot of the girls who are models today were actually pretty socially awkward and isolated when they were kids so they were often stuck playing Nintendo by themselves. If I had only known! But basically I love talking about old Nintendo games because for me it's fun and relaxing and it's hard to be intimidated by a girl no matter how beautiful she is when she starts talking about Duck Hunt or how she still remembers the code to get 30 lives in Contra.
I swooped a former Hawaiian Tropic model in Maui yesterday and this morning. Now she does "print work" and I don't know what that is, but I acted like I did.

Her and a friend were at Kaanapali Beach around 1 p.m. yesterday. My brother and I worked as an excellent team. He swooped the friend, who was better looking than the model. Both were white girls from Oregon. My brother did the approach. He went in with really strong Indigenous Islander Game, which I would say is similar to Brazilian Guy Game, from what I've read on this forum. It works great. The idea is you are taking extreme advantage of your surroundings. His opener was something like "whoa, you two get nice asses, you like burn?" Your putting it right in their face hard that they're on your turf.

We took the girls to another beach down the road then to a bar. We both had these girls all over us by 5 p.m. This model is one of these girls that just gets super wet and goosebumpy from the littlest shit. All I was doing was sliding my thumb around on the inside of her knee and I could see her nipples getting hard and her arm hair standing up. I took my model to our hotel and my bro went with his girl to her place, a few hotels down. We both got laid by 6. After that we took them out for dinner/drinks and to a few bars. She has real tits, which were fantastic. The first weird thing was how tight she was, probably the tightest I've ever had. They get surgery now days, and she must have had it, because from what I've seen those chicks usually f*ck as often as I shake hands with people. This girl didn't show the slightest sign of inexperience either. Thank god for condoms, because I wouldn't have lasted 2 minutes without one.

The second weird thing though was that well into my second sex session last night she wanted anal. I'm not into assf*cking complete strangers, so I declined. She really wanted it though, and was grinding her ass into me this morning when I woke up. I told her she'd have to come to Oahu to get it, and she's been texting me all day. I banged her the normal way, and still after four times she was just awkwardly tight. She's in Maui until Friday.

The point to this crap is simple: We gamed those girls just like we would any other. If it had been freaking Paulina Porizktova (sp?) and a friend sitting there, or a non-model, I think things would have turned out the same.

Ha! Great stories. Love it.
I guess its all about being in the right place at the right time more than anything. But some models can become very stuck-up very quickly as they become more aware of how they are perceived.... or they are just sick and tired of guys cracking on to them... or they are just a massive prick tease and wont surrender unless you are a formula 1 driver.... only joking.
I love this thread. So I'm resurrecting it.

Me.. I love girls who are models or, better yet, hot enough to be models but don't know it. (This is rare, but possible).

There are TONS of wannabes. Waitresses, hostesses, you name it.

The best, to me, are usually 9s that act like 6s. These are rare as well, but its not impossible to find them.

In the PUA community they talk about "peacocking" etc. wearing crazy shit, etc. I don't mind being stylish, but I think the idea is to use what you have in various places to "automatically" be unique.

I like brainstorming about various things that can up your "status" without you having to change much. An obvious one would be black dudes in Iceland, or white dudes in the Phils. Both are rare, stick out, and this CAN help you (although with very upper class apparently some places it cannot).

Bottom line is that unless you are in the social circles... which I hate fucking pandering to social circles and being fake.. I suppose girls will want you because they are attracted to you or because you can help them in some way.. or a combination of both.

I'm doing a scouting trip in Asia soon and then probably SA in January.

Live in South Beach now.. land of the super hot fucking girls. And I am annoyed because I want to automatically have 9-10s hitting on ME. I can SOMETIMES but its more rare than I would like and most the time - since guys are throwing cock at them 24/7 here (seriously, its insane how much girls get hit on here), their bitch shields are at 100%.

I'm exaggerating a bit, but to be honest I'm sick of gaming chicks.

My alternatives? Make a lot of money and hire people who will build my status for me in various circles (have had this to certain degrees), go to places where girls think I'm SUPER hot (I do fairly well here in South Beach, but EVERYONE looks great here - well not everyone, there are some rats in the mix, but in general its not uncommon to be extremely in shape, ripped, etc. as a guy or girl)..

OR try to get in the circles.. entertainment biz primarily.. and have girls chase you...

There is also the "celebrity for a night" method of hiring models to hang with you and getting VIP tables and have them bring others over. Not necessarily fucking your "assistants". But, depending on the country, this can be pricey.

I'm always up for brainstorming. I love 9-10s. =)
(11-06-2010 10:42 PM)bluewater7 Wrote: [ -> ]since guys are throwing cock at them 24/7 here (seriously, its insane how much girls get hit on here), their bitch shields are at 100%.

No shit....which is why I seldom do south beach anymore, I usually slay around the Brickell ave area mid-week during office happy hours only, and then for night game head down to more secluded spots in Weston/Fort Lauderdale and Boca. Plenty of 9's on these areas not use to aggressive sarging, actually the opposite. The only way to really game Elite model agency girls is to have major hook-ups with local clubs and high exposure friends as you mentioned. It means popping bottles with Shaq and Diddy and being surrounded by other beautiful women as you already know...which is why I catch these model girls during soldier day game where they are vulnerable and bitch shields are only 25% up. Where do these model girls spend time at when not in nightclubs? It varies. but mostly spas and shopping as they make $3,000USD/hour.

(11-06-2010 10:42 PM)bluewater7 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm exaggerating a bit, but to be honest I'm sick of gaming chicks.

I don't "game" girls per se, I go to spots that show you as automatic higher Value, roll up the best dressed or uniquely dressed guy there (sometimes wearing the right combination of shoes, belt and 1 peacock accessory kills it, and does the job well).

(11-06-2010 10:42 PM)bluewater7 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm always up for brainstorming. I love 9-10s. =)

Diddo! Then hit me up via PM as I am in SFL too. Always open to new strategies/venues.

BTW, being "ripped" is great, but it means little until she is in your bedroom ready to fuck I've noticed. As far as actual pick-up is concerned, In Miami/SoBe (it places you in the Jersey Shore immature douche category with the other similar clowns) I've seen plenty of "rats" as you so call them swoop girls easily Maxim magazine material. As long as you are in good shape, good meaning everything is proportionate to your height, and have the somewhat "v" shape look, you'll do OK. More emphasis is placed on the way you dress/style I would say.

Hi Mixx,

Well, the part about being ripped works well on the beach. I live directly on the ocean, so it works out. And I do like to keep in great shape because of having an athletic background.

I would say there's far more to Miami Beach than just the "club scene", but that is where guys are used to looking for girls.

I've had very good luck on the beach - like actually on the sand. I just walk downstairs, etc. so I have no excuse NOT to utilize the beach - smoking hot girls out there, and less "bitchy" most times.

But, you see, I want the BEST OF THE BEST. And I want to develop a system where I switch the supply and demand curve in my favor.

I've done it at times, but it hasn't lasted. When you own a company, have employees, etc. - things can shift in your favor. But, I've had to transition when it comes to business over time away from worrying about employees here (unreliable).

In any case, its amazing how many of these girls date "average guys" as they call them. I actually know for a fact you do not have to be "popping bottles with Diddy" to pick them up. However, at NIGHT CLUBS it does set you apart.

So I agree with your sentiment to look outside of night clubs. For me, it is the beach where I've done well.

Problem is some of these girls are flat out crazy. Met more than one model who was out on the beach and a lunatic. One was an ex-heroin addict (clean for like 6 months lol) and Ford Model. She was living at some dudes house, but had no problem cheating. Of course, I didn't find out about the dude until later...

Bottom line, I think the hot chicks something happens to their brains here from being hit on so much that they become even more whacked out of their skull than normal chicks.

Here's another funny example... my friend is this sort-of part-time promoter. I don't think they pay him shit, maybe $200 or something to get into clubs - or to "promote" nights. And he has girls CONSTANTLY fucking contacting him on Facebook. He shows up with like 20 girls to Liv (club), etc. Now not all of these girls are 9s-10s, but its an amusing tactic either way.

True 9s are VERY rare. I guess I'm throwing it around here. But, in South Beach they aren't AS rare. I see MANY MANY 8s.

But even in my beach "game", I rarely stumble randomly across a 9. I do see some, but rarely alone during my 5 year off-and-on tenure in South Beach. But many 8.5s, some 9s, etc.

I think another thing that's jaded me about South Beach over time is that nothing seems to "stick" here.

People are out of their fucking minds, or also perhaps its that everyone is coming and going. I'm not into coke or drugs.. not really needing to drop $1k on bottles as Mixx mentioned. (I would if I had $XXM in the bank). But I guess I exaggerate.. a bottle probably is only $350. But I don't drink alcohol so kind of useless for me.

Bottom line is everything is kind of a cluster-fuck here. And as boring as the midwest is, its kind of the opposite here - tons of hot chicks, but everything in disarray... so many girls all the time.. I mean you get to the point where you don't care. You know when one acts stupid, and flakes out, there are 5000 others.

But for me I get sick of the constant fucking rotation and lack of reliability. Part of it is also though me not accepting anything but "the best" - whatever the fuck that is. So I don't settle on one chick.

My latest idea (which I've actually dealt with a lot of these girls, but got sick of them before fully utilizing it) is to date a super-hot, bisexual girl who brings home girls for both of us. Like outsourcing the ass-getting. I like the idea, and MANY or at least 50% of hot girls are into other girls. And I'm talking about in the past year I've realistically dated 2 9-10s ... like one girl who was in Ocean Drive Magazine in August and one girl who is a Russian Model with LA Models won a city-wide Modeling contest in Moscow. Well, the Ocean Drive chick she was the freakiest fucking chick I've ever talked to. Lived with another girl model and fucked the girl all the time, talked about us doing it all the time and girls, etc. Now the thing about her is she had a KID SHE DIDN'T TELL ME ABOUT FOR 3 MONTHS. LOL. Fucking idiot. And then the Russian girl she liked girls, too. But she was like talking to a brick wall at times.

So in other parts of the world - like China - I've heard a lot of girls in night clubs expect to be flat out paid - the "model types" .. I'm not into paying, but at least its less fucking hassle for those guys who do.

It probably is like anything else, comes down to being unique, to perception, etc.

Building a strong social network worldwide to attract the hottest chicks on autopilot <-- there is the holy grail Wink working on it.. lol
Good breakdown. Agreed. And if you are to maintain a ripped beach body, you definitely cannot drink alcohol as it slows down your metabolism a lot! Ironically, I have to always explain to women why I don't drink, and not be seen as a boring (or worse, be seen as someone who is broke) for drinking water in nightclubs. I usually smirk and say I am drinking water 'cuz I'm on X. =)

TIP: Add a surfboard to your beach game, and you attract even more female attention EVEN IF THERE ARE NO WAVES (Stupid I know).

I would consider banging girls that look like porn stars vs girls that look like fashion TV models, but that's just my thing since I'm a thick ass, small waist loving man, which the former, models lack. =)

Hehe.. you're right I guess we really here have two kinds of models.. I've dealt with both..

#1) Maxim/Playboy/Promo models... these models don't really make shit for money unless they do print work like in catalogs, etc. but can be super hot... most are under the delusion they will be famous, but have no idea how.. they can be nice sometimes, however, for sure.. I like intelligent girls who look like this.. met 1 down here in particular.. she was like regional VP of a company that sold products to all the major makeup stores or something like that

#2) Fashion models.. I like tall chicks, so I like these.. but a lot of "models" like this actually aren't that hot.. but a lot ARE hot.. hehe.. again, these are pretty much "normal" chicks as well.. access is key like mentioned in the first post..

I agree Mixx for me hot is hot is hot.. model or not.. and I like ass as well if its attached to a hot chick.. hehe..

The great thing about S FL and a terrible thing all at once are the amount of hot, unintelligent / flakey chicks. Its a wild dynamic. A lot of girls like drifting around with no real gameplan with some false confidence provided by the constant dudes hitting on them, honking, etc. But if you can manage to get into a social circle, I mean I've heard of all kinds of shit.. orgies at houses on Star Island, in the Flamingo, you name it.. the wildest shit.. I just don't have the care level/don't put enough time in. That's probably dumb on my part (not that I really want to be in orgies involving other dudes, but you know what I'm saying).

I still think a once a week VIP thing at a club would be fun.. and it wouldnt cost much.. but then again I'm going to Asia in 10 days lol. And then maybe to SA..

I saw one thread on here that dealt with a guy being a photographer, taking pics basically doing TFPs to meet chicks. This can be good, and we've actually legitimately hired girls over time for modeling work for things... but, I'm not so into lying.. AND they've really got to be into you in order to fuck them in my opinion when you pay them because you don't want to overstep your bounds.. at least I don't.. when you "employ" them.. so you get access, but you better make sure its profitable or its an expensive way to "meet" hot chicks.. unless you're doing TFPs and ACTUALLY can get them work OR are an amazing photographer OR meet a girl who is a "new" model and she digs you..

I think the best thing down here would be to have constant parties with hot girls. My friend once explored buying a nightclub. He had the cash. But.. then he got married.. lol (amazing down here, but does happen haha). A nightclub would hook you up.. or I figure a classier "Hooters" style restaurant perhaps anywhere around the world. Something to think about.. trust me I've put A LOT of thought into this.. hehe..
(11-06-2010 10:42 PM)bluewater7 Wrote: [ -> ]There is also the "celebrity for a night" method of hiring models to hang with you and getting VIP tables and have them bring others over. Not necessarily fucking your "assistants". But, depending on the country, this can be pricey.

I'm always up for brainstorming. I love 9-10s. =)

Here's a tip: Try getting a tight connection with someone in the biz. A friend of mine promotes for the major clubs in SoBe and Miami and also works the door at these clubs. Treats me like a king and sets me and my boys up with major VIP status when we roll in, bottle service or not. The times that I've set up bottle service thru him, he personally brings girls over to our table, literally walking them into the VIP area, to my table and introduces them. Since he's getting a cut of the ridiculous price for that bottle, he's more than glad to provide some more value to me so I'm a satisfied customer.
Ya exactly man.. that is a good way to do it right there.. not only do you get a bottle, but you have a friend who works there bringing girls to you.. nice one..
Agree almost totally with your take Kindred. I spent a full decade running around Hollywood working in entertainment finance and cleaned up. What these birds crave most is...normalcy. This is especially true if you find a legit 6 to 7 figure earning model in her mid to late 20's. She has seen this "movie" now a dozen times and even the spectacular is boring. The private jets, resorts, drugs, and the sex gets old to them. By this time she would have made the typical model dating rounds in this order: actor/b list celeb, pro athlete, fellow model (male usually), then to business man/motel/Titan. Once they discover that the men they are supposed to be with have egos the same size or larger than them, they taper their desire to form a super couple and they look for the stable solid dude. Bonus points if you don't earn a living in entertainment.
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