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Full Version: Batam, Indonesia information
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I see that Batam, Indonesia has never been briefed, despite its proximity to Singapore and West Malaysia.

It's worth a brief visit if you are in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, as it is easy and cheap to get to. You can say you've been to Indonesia and collect the flag. It's also a good jumping-off point to the rest of Indonesia via ferry or cheap domestic Indo airlines like Citilink, Lion Air and Firefly. It's not worth a long trip to get there.

This is not comprehensive and focuses on Nagoya, which is the main township on Batam.

General information

50 years ago, Batam had nothing but fishing villages. Since then, the Indo government established free zones and encouraged the maritime and off-shore oil industry in an effort to mirror the success of Singapore.

There are also beach resorts and golfing on Batam and neighboring Bintan Island, which I did not go to.

For some reason, the town is filled with stores selling knock-off handbags with Prada, Coach, Hermes, Burberry, etc trademarks. These are of varying quality, but it might be a nice place to pick up an expensive-looking gift.

Getting there:

Ferries leave Singapore Harbourfront every few minutes up to about 9 pm.

You want to take the ferry to "Harbour Bay," not "Batam Center." "Batam Center" is actually not the center of the town, it is a newer development. Harbour Bay is a lot closer to the center of Nagoya.

You can take a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore Harbourfront via Aeroline buses, and get from KL to Batam easily.

Round trip ferry cost me 48 SGD. You can buy tickets cheaper online and in advance.


USA/CAN/EU and probably other nationals can get a seven day non-extendable visa on arrival for 10 USD. A 30 day visa costs 25 USD. Seven days is more than enough for Batam alone. If you are flying to other parts of Indonesia, you'll want a longer visa.


Indonesian Rupiah, which converts at the hard-to-comprehend rate of roughly 10,000 per USD. Hard-to-comprehend, because the numbers make things that are quite cheap seem expensive at first impulse. Some things are priced in SGD.

Where to stay:

You want to stay in the center of Nagoya, which is a somewhat sprawling low-rise town, in the vicinity of the Harmoni Hotel and Nagoya Hill Mall. The Harmoni Hotel is the best hotel in town. There is also a Novotel, Mercure and a lot of budget places, even less that 20 USD with free wifi.


Not as good as BKK/KL/SIN, but there some decent food from small restaurants with outdoor seating,and of course mall food and fast food chains. Local restaurants are cheap, easy to eat for less than 50,000 IDR

You can also have civet cat coffee from the Coffee Luwak chain, at Nagoya Hill Mall. I had to try it even for what is the exorbitant for Indonesia price of 40,000.

It's a great cup of coffee, not ecstatic though.

There are some pricer/better restaurants out at Harbour Bay, a bunch of seafood places and a good Italian place, Bella Italia, with a real Italian chef.


I wasn't out hunting at night, because I had everything I needed through daygaming at the malls and pipelining.

From what I saw, the best places to pick up at night would be Sullivan's Rock Club, around the outdoor seating at the restaurants/bars at Harbour Bay, and the NoName Club at the Harmoni Hotel. The NoName appeared to have a lot of pros/semi-pros trolling for the offshore oil industry guys who were around.

There are a lot of bars behind the Harmoni Hotel. These are mostly karaoke places staffed with GROs (Guest Relations Officers a euphemism for bargirls). One place I could have a beer without being hustled for drinks was D'Angels Bar, which was like a Batam version of Cheers as filmed by Fellini, with a pooltable, Texas oil guys, Japanese guys, a crazy tribeswoman with a great bod who gives you a nice backrub and arm/hand massage for 50,000 and a tiny tiny barmaid.

There is also an outdoor coffeehouse scene with acoustic music and a young crowd along the road right outside the south entrance to Nagoya Hill Mall.


Getting numbers at the malls like Nagoya Hill or BCS Mall is ridiculously easy and the women are quite eager to follow up. They will text and call you anxious to hook up.

Everything said about Jakarta holds true about Batam, it is very easy there and you are only limited by your time and energy.
What about girls? Are they different from girls in other parts in Indonesia?
Great report thanks.
Which website did you use to pipeline ?
Other guys have reported that Indonesian girls have some nice, big latin-like asses. Yes/no in Batam?
I used Tagged and Badoo to pipeline, not sure if it is needed or worth it, because it's so easy and less time consuming to just go to a mall and approach.

As far as comparing to Jakarta goes, all I can say is they're easy.

I would not say there a lot of big asses just bit bigger than Thais or Chinese.
great data. appreciate the effort.
I love this forum! Everytime I go somewhere random I can still find a datasheet or some info.
So I am in Batam for work with a busy schedule. And I will probably stay for a week after if it will be possible. Will give some feedback then.

Does anyone have advice on Mobile Internet prelaid packages?
Great sheet! What is the language situation like?
OK. I guess I will give answer to my own question.
You can buy Telkomsel Sim Card with 2gb of internet for something around 10$.
Internet is impressively fast. Better than in Bangkok or Manila.

Went out recently and was disappointed with amount of working girls. Did not find a club with normal women yet. Only McDonalds had some local non-pros women at night Smile

@Akwesi. English is not good. Pros in bars speak a bit of English, I guess it is a professional requirement. I have not met any normal girls yet, due to limited free time, and lack of girls in night venues. But taxi drivers, and shop keepers speak worst English I've encountered so far in Asia. Maybe only China being worst.
high volumes of working girls in Indonesia, even normal girls turn their hand when a foreigner turns up, that explains why its so easy....
One mistake I made was buying the 30 day visa because we were going to other areas of Indonesia after Singapore... But Indonesia visas are only single entry. Shopping mall connected to ferry had good knockoffs, food and massages all for cheap.
I've walked Nagoya a bit today around noon. Quiet time. One thing I did notice that compare to Filipinas and Thais they wear high heels more often, and their asses look bigger. Pretty sure this is related, but it seems like they are aware of this part of body here much more than in other SEA countries.
Online game here is quiet. About 30 girls in Tinder and 30 girls in DIA. Not sure if any of them are the same. But girls are quite receptive.
I messaged maybe 5 of them worth my time and 2 of them replied with dates set up.
Met up with one yesterday. Biggest tits I've ever seen and touched on an Asian, and a round ass, but no belly. We did make out during a meal, thanks for a strategically chosen location. But does not seem as it is going to be a quick lay especially with my busy schedule and only around 3 hours a day free time, even on Saturday and Sunday.
My job fucking sucks for this, had to break my NoFap challenge on a day 30...
Just got my Indonesian flag here in Batam. Girl from Tinder. 1 hour date, sex in her car. So far that is the quickest I've ever done. She was 6ish. But I am not in position to choose right now.
Learned of a nice place called harbor bay seafood centre. It is a line of cafes and restaurants with a common promenade. Nice place, good food, life music, and mainly normal local people and not pros like in Marina bay or NED (Nagoya entertainment disctrict)
Definitely going back there alone to get leads and numbers some other day.
Does any one have any information regarding bringing girls in hotel in Indonesia? Is it true you can get cock blocked by hotel?

AirBnb is really not offering a lot here Sad
hey i know it’s been some time now. i’ll be going to batam and i wanna enjoy myself too haha. you still remember who you met up with that night?
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