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Full Version: best places for big ass light skinned girls?
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I saw one a few years back while on holiday but she was with an older relative (mum? grandma?) her ass and hips were huge and round and really stuck out but she wasnt fat I had to approach her and I got her to take my pic. Never stop thinking about her, dream. I wonder where she was from? I assume she was visiting too.

So yea where would I find girls like this?
Like this?

[Image: ellicson_20070523_mg_76982.jpg]
Nice. but a bit thin for me. The girl's ass was much much bigger and very round. but the rest of her body was medium, slim, and she had light or olive skin. Fell in love.
(06-12-2013 02:15 PM)presidentcarter Wrote: [ -> ]Like this?

[Image: ellicson_20070523_mg_76982.jpg]

more like this but ass was even rounder

[Image: tumblr_mkebdptybl1s0khc3o1_500.jpg]
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