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Full Version: Banging Locals in Hotel Room?
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If you meet a chick, and not tell her you just a visitor to the area, is there LMR problems if you bring her back to a hotel? Should I focus on just getting Airbnb rooms?
Should have bump another thread. Should be in the game thread.

I have done it many times. It depends on your target and what kind of gaming your doing. Younger targets IMO dont give a fuck about your arrangements. If you offer to watch a movie in your room they know what's up. Nightgaming is even better because they have been drinking your your place is where the after party is at. The only snag I see is daygaming, if the lizards are older, or foreign lizards.

You build the attraction and chemistry they will fuck you behind a dumpster. Game on. Some players vouch for the airbn hard. Anything over four days is cool imo otherwise I wouldnt care to deal with the hassle. Thats just me though.
zero problem. I stayed in the hotels for extended periods of time (longest 5 weeks), and if the question arises (very rare), the answer is that I'm looking for the zone which fits me best before making my decision on renting apt for a long term.
But you need some knowledge about the city to do that.
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