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Has anyone tried flying with KLM? Has anyone tried this?

3rd point of their marketing strategy: Meet & Greet for fliers

"...The airline doesn’t just post discounts and special offers. In fact, KLM has been known to lead social media campaigns in a way that not many other companies have managed to. The most recent and renown of these campaigns is the Meet & Seat campaign, which allows passengers to connect their check-in information with their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles so that they could meet someone with similar interests to be seated next to. It is up to the passengers to decide how much information they want to share and if they wish to connect their profiles at all. This campaign is sheer brilliance and could just be the start to something new and greatly innovative in the travel industry, through which people can make business contacts and new friends."

This has potential, if nothing else just to meet some cool people and make some new friends
Interesting idea.
There ain`t nothing worse in this world than being stuck with someone on a plane who suffers from mouth-diarrhea... I´d rather go for the pub/club where I can escape if I feel like it!
Another way for networking, instead of just wasting time on the flight. I like it.
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