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Full Version: Fulbright to Poland?
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Obviously, there are other factors for choosing a country to do a Fulbright in other than the women. BUT, would you recommend it? Insight from people who teach and study there would be helpful. I will be talking to advisers and such, but the ratio of applicants to awards granted in Poland seems better than other countries. Plus, they don't have a language requirement. I will be purchasing Bang Poland and I've also been perusing the forum for posts about the different cities in Poland. Of course, I've also been trying to do research on the country from other sources. Would a year-long(9 months from October to June 30) stay be conducive to game there? Is it wise to choose a Fulbright mainly based on the quality of women there? Fulbright applicants to other countries are also encouraged to comment, since I am still deciding on other possible countries like Brazil, Argentina or Spain.
Becoming a Fulbright just to bang away in Poland seems like a lot of work. What would you be working on specifically (besides your notch count)? If you just chose Poland because there isn't a language requirement and you like Polish dames, I'd be curious to know what draws you specifically to be a Fulbright in the first place.

I'd probably advise against it if you're just doing it for the women. If you're going to put that much time and effort into something, do it for your own self enhancement. I'm not trying to discourage you, I'm just trying to find out more about your reasoning and help you make the best decision possible.

If you do go about it, please share your experience. I'd be curious to know more.
Hey, Osiris. I would try to do a english teaching assistantship there in poland. I do like to travel and experience new cultures. My dream place to do a fulbright would be brazil or argentina but I don't know portuguese. After I graduate, i'd love to teach english overseas in europe or south america somewhere. I do know japanese but I don't know if its good enough and I would have to do the research grant. On top of that, the application requirements are more stringent.
Seems a Fulbright confers higher status for life, with positive DHV effects for decades. People always cite it on CVs.
Fulbright eta isn't nearly as prestigious as the research grants, as with the research grant your final product is a thesis-like project that you can take anywhere and use on grad school applications or even get published. You can do that, as well, but you have to pay for all research expenses and courses from your stipend. The eta will have you working anywhere from 20-40 hours a week. Most likely it will be 20-25 hours That being said, I am doing the ETA in Bulgaria starting in September and it's a great opportunity to live abroad with a decent stipend. Most likely you'll get enough money to live a decent lifestyle, but you won't save much if you like to go out often and travel a bit. I say go for it. In Bulgaria, I'm getting 1000 dollars a month along with a 3500 dollar travel allowance at the beginning of the program. They deposit it directly into your bank account back home. I was also interested in Poland so I asked about the eta there while i was applying. In Poland you work with university students, so there is an opportunity to game. I think the stipend was 1500 a month with 3500 travel allowance, but cost of living in poland is slightly higher. Poland has gotten more competitive as before it was around 40 applicants per 15 spots but last year around 90 people applied for the same amount of spots. You'll be competing with grad students, so take that into account. Get experience teaching esl, even if its just a volunteer position at your university, and most importantly, talk to the fulbright or fellowship advisor at your school. He/she will make the application process way easier.
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