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Full Version: Netherlands Tips? Amsterdam or wherever
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Hello everyone,

A chance to travel to the Netherlands just opened for me and I'm going to take it. I will be there two weeks, but won't be able to go to Poland like I wanted, so I'll probably just around Amsterdam and nearby places. Any advice, game tip on Dutch girls, places etc will be very welcome.

You won't find many Dutch girls in Amsterdam. The city it's self is very multi-cultural which opens up the chance to grab flags from all around the world with all the international workers and tourist there. It's a huge party city to expect pub crawls and stag parties to be around every corner.
There is a hash cafe in Amsterdam named Aberaxes, they flat out do the best space cakes. I've been to the dam 3 times now and nothing compares. Smoke entirely weed joints for 3.5 euros, great time. Red light district is a must see, if you are so inclined it's 50 euros for a blow job and a lay with a condom on, the girls there are gorgeous.

There is a party district that's out of the city centre, hit a club called paradiso there for young Dutch girls. City centre clubs are more cosmopolitan, also plenty of prostitutes in some of the clubs near the red light district. If you do want to hit a city centre club Winston's is a decent shout, it's attached to a hostel so the girls are easy to snl.

Heineken brewery is expensive and popular, depends how much you like beer. Sex museum is alright, nothing incredible. Avoid the torture museum It's a waste of time. The dungeon is a fun time, bring a date if you like.

Dutch Chinese food is really tasty. Also get an ouchsmiter for breakfast some time.

Dutch people are good fun and have a sense of humor. The guys I met enjoyed off colour jokes that had Belgians as the butt. Dutch girls love strong guys so hit the gym, a physical presence goes a long way in Amsterdam.

love the dam, good food, good beer, good weed, and fun people.
If you girls with all kinds of backgrounds, you're good in either Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Amsterdam has more and better clubs and has more tourists but local girls are probably easier in Rotterdam.

Utrecht is the best place to find students, only 20 minutes from Amsterdam. Small centre filled with bars and some clubs, all packed thursday until saturday.

If you really want to go for the typical blonde Dutch girls I recommend heading to cities in the south like Eindhoven, Den Bosch or Maastricht for a weekend. Dutch girls love to drink beer and party, and will usually be open to meeting foreign guys. Not very easy to get into bed though.
Go to Haarlem, which is about a 15 minute train ride outside of Amsterdam, if you want to experience a Dutch Sauna. On Friday nights and Saturday local college girls go there to unwind from the week. Also, everyone is expected to be nude and the men and women shower together. People are pretty relaxed.
Thanks for the answers guys! I am on a really tight schedule and budget but I'll do what I can and report back. Winston's sounds interesting and I'll definitely hit a sauna.
Agree with the above posters.
You will do alot better in smaller cities(compared to Amsterdam).

I would definitely recommend Haarlem
I live there myself and i rarely encounter any tourists. And when i do they are usually asian people that come here to visit some churches and the usual stuff. Im sure that people would be very interested in any foreign guy, especially the younger girls. Obviously they wont be throwing themself at you since they've probably been abroad many times , but it would make an approach alot easier.

Nightlife is not really impressive(only a few decent clubs), but we do have a huge amount of bars and lounges. If you decide to visit this place i will give u some more info.

Gaming local girls shouldnt be that hard because this is probably the beta-male capital of the world , completely different then Amsterdam for example. Cold approaches are basically unheard of(apart from catcalling and drunk people in clubs).

I would suggest you start of indirect, open in english(not that u have a choice razz) everyone will understand atleast basic english , even the younger ones. Basically the usual tourist-game , ask them where u can find a decent bar/etc. when they start to ask questions or when they show interest just maintain the conversation for a while and number close them or ask them out for a drink later. Try to avoid asshole-game and to much negs until you get to know her a little bit.
I've made an datasheet about my and some other cities. Best to visit during summer. Use the search function.
OK so I tried the Winston's, and it was decent, but not super. Full of guys, and most girls where with someone. Managed to talk a British girl to get something to eat up the street, she was pleasant enough but couldn't seal the deal. Went for the Paradiso, which I liked way more, and got a couple of numbers, supposedly a date for tomorrow, but don't know if I will get flaked. This week I am busy until at least Thursday, then I'll try Haarlem... any particular place I should go? What about Rotterdam?

Thanks again for the info, I'll keep reporting.
(06-23-2013 11:12 PM)chevalier_bleu Wrote: [ -> ]OK so I tried the Winston's, and it was decent, but not super. Full of guys, and most girls where with someone. Managed to talk a British girl to get something to eat up the street, she was pleasant enough but couldn't seal the deal. Went for the Paradiso, which I liked way more, and got a couple of numbers, supposedly a date for tomorrow, but don't know if I will get flaked. This week I am busy until at least Thursday, then I'll try Haarlem... any particular place I should go? What about Rotterdam?

Thanks again for the info, I'll keep reporting.

Yeah Paradiso was my favourite, the city centre clubs aren't as good. Sorry Winstons wasn't good for you, did you try the bar or the club? I found there were more girls in club. Still 2 numbers and an instant date on two nights out, sounds like you're getting your flag to me.
Go to the south where they really like to party - Breda. Make sure you drink plenty of Oranjeboom and smoke plenty of herb and hash. If you've got a hangover, eat a few space cakes, tape a nap, and get ready to do it all over again.
Any recommendations on moderately priced places to stay that are not on the outskirts of town? I have the first five days of July to screw around there, however, I have left my lodging accommodations to the final moment. Currently hunting on Expedia and other bits of the web, but as always, help from the RVF if great to have!
Amsterdan is OK, but as stated before, there are way too many tourists. I liked Den Haag a lot, the city itself is much more good looking than Amsterdan and there are fewer foreigners.
Dansen bij Jansen

This is a student dive club which attracts a lot of young people. I much preferred this to the more serious places I went to, which were basically full of miserable people dancing to a techno song which seemed to last FOR FUCKING HOURS (god I hate euro house music *blurgh*)

Anyway, I went there last April and pulled an English girl with ease, as did my friend. This was when I was massively beta and used to go out in a band t-shirt and chinos and had absolutely no game. So, You'll probably pull really easily there.

Can't remember what the ratio was like there. Was the only success I had in four days in the city, then again my motivations back then were weed and beer.
Hey guys, final report. All the rain in Amsterdam during the week got me a cold, so I had to lay low for a couple of days, because when I get a cold, I lose my voice, so I can't game. I had a stressful week so I decided to follow the advice and try the saunas.

In Amsterdam I went to Sauna Deco ( which was small, but I loved the decoration, very classic and tasteful. And indeed both the sauna and showers were mixed, some cute girls around, they kept to themselves but I had a very nice "view". I found it relaxing and it even helped with my cold, so I decided to try Sauna Van Egmond.

Went early to Haarlem, walked around the city, then got the sauna. I must say, Van Egmond is probably the best sauna I have ever been (and I have tried many in different places). The place was big, installations were top notch and the staff very friendly. In this place you see people of all ages and types, but also a relaxing experience and nice "view". I wouldn't say a sauna is a place to meet people however, they kept to themselves even more than in Amsterdam. I get the impression a sauna is a place to go with friends and/or family, at least for the Dutch.

Sunday I was feeling better, so I took a tour of the city and managed to day game a polish girl that was there on holiday. Went to dinner, drinks, dance afterwards, but didn't get the bang. I know I have to improve my escalation, but I got to a point where I just couldn't go further. Still, she was very nice, so it wasn't all waste.

On Monday, my last day there I was getting annoyed by my lack of success, so I just gamed left and right the whole day, and with each rejection I was getting angrier, which in a way helped, because it got me driven. At lunch, I picked a random place near Dam Square and this drive helped me to get the waitress, a dutch girl, on a date. I would say she was a 6... anyway, I repeated the maneuver of dinner (fancy place near Rembrandtplein, Brasserie FLO, elegant and while not cheap, not very expensive either), drink at a Pub, dance and got the bang.

To be honest, I feel I was plain lucky. I still have to work a lot on my escalation and approach, but at least I didn't go back home empty handed. Thanks for all the advice folks!
I just visited Amsterdam for a week. Haarlem was a sweet spot to check out, too, in my opinion. Ended up banging a chick from my hostel the last night, but nothing to brag home about. Whenever I travel, I stay in hostels with bars, and usually end up banging girls in the hostels, who usually happen to be American, too. Best way to have no strings attached sex. Haven't had a whole lot of luck with local girls, besides chatting and laughing.

Except when I visited Malmo and Copenhagen, I met locals who invited me back to their place. Rawdogged a hot brazilian/dark-skinned local once at night and again in the morning. As for Copenhagen, met these two Danish local girls at a bar, bought maybe a round of drinks, that's it, they invited me back to their place. Fooled around with one of them, but no bang. The best part was they cooked me breakfast the next morning. I'm actually meeting them next week again, four years later. Last time the hotter one had a bf, so hoping this time she's single. Gonna try to finagle a three-some or at least get the bang with the other one. Never had a threesome, though, so gonna search around for some threesome threads for some tips.
I'm not surprised that you didn't had luck we local girls, I spent 3 years in Amsterdam, they aren't spontaneous, are cold as ice and even dutch men advice you to avoid dating dutch girls, feminism did a terrible damage there.

I've been dating only expats and tourists, I am now allergic to dutch women, no offense to the dutch members.
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