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Full Version: Does anyone have connections in Hollywood?
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I do recall one member, I think it was McQueen'sPlayboyRules saying he knew a few industry people in Los Angeles. I'm looking to become a screenwriter, and do a bit of acting on the side, and just wondered is anyone had a way to get my foot in the door - as that is the hardest part, especially as a non-American.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Can the mods move this to Lifestyle, I didn't mean to post it here.
[Image: castingcouch.jpg]
(06-20-2013 04:07 PM)PartyonBro Wrote: [ -> ][Image: castingcouch.jpg]

LOL....GOLD! Banana

Not everybody is going to get this!!

"Lifes about, shooting your load"
(06-20-2013 04:07 PM)PartyonBro Wrote: [ -> ][Image: castingcouch.jpg]

Yeah this is gold haha.

Seriously though you my want to get in touch with Neil Skywalker and read his thread.
Cheers, just remembered Neil's thread. I've got two spec scripts that are coming along nicely. One is a TV pilot, one is a feature. I'll probably polish up the feature before I do the TV one. Then I'll have to think of a good logline/synopsis etc.

Then I'll be hitting up you guys for contacts! And perhaps finally meet my U.S counterpart speakeasy...although he is a fair few years 'wiser' than I. Wink
in general, in LA, people will say they have hookups, but its a really selfish town. no one will help you out (even if they say they will), you have to basically do it on their own. sometimes it may help out, but people don't like to put their own reputation or call in favors unless it helps them directly because then it becomes a big complicated thing of people owing favors, etc.
(06-20-2013 04:07 PM)PartyonBro Wrote: [ -> ][Image: castingcouch.jpg]

This takes "couchsurfing" to a whole other level.
I think the expression who you know, doesn't really give the right perspective. It is who you know who is willing to do something for you. I know people but only a small handful would I go out of my way for to help by pulling a favor. But I also don't tell people I will do something for them, when I don't mean it. But in LA, it is flake city. I hear about leads fizzling all the time. Some people just the like the excitement of a potential deal working out but once you get to brass tacks it falls apart.

I wish you luck, not trying to be negative, but I would focus on connections that want to help you. Lots of people will take meetings (sometimes just to steal an idea), but few will work with a total stranger unless your idea/script is so amazing.

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