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Full Version: Northern California: South Bay Area: The Datasheet
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The Datasheet: Part 1

I’ve spent my entire life in the South Bay, which some call the most difficult place in the Bay to game. If you spend your time daygaming, however, instead of wasting your nights at godawful clubs in SJ and Campbell, this place can be surprisingly kind to the upcoming player. I just started daygaming three months ago, so my successes have been rare and recent, but my more experienced wings have been able to do just fine here.

Game aside, the South Bay is an interesting place. With the exception of some rain in the winter and on-and-off heat throughout the summer, the whole area has gorgeous weather. The Santa Cruz and Diablo Mountains(East Bay, but very close by) provide excellent opportunities for hiking; hit up Fremont Older in Cupertino, Mission Peak in Fremont, and Black Mountain in Los Altos for outstanding trails and views. You can also bike around extensively and surf in Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay, both of which are fairly nearby. And, of course, San Francisco is only an hour’s drive to the north. The best SF datasheets that I’ve found have been this one and this one. Also, there is a prominent RSD community in the city, which makes finding wingmen an easy task.

I have largely been daygaming at universities, community colleges, and malls throughout the South Bay Area. I owe this forum quite a bit, so this datasheet is my contribution.

My most frequently visited venues are:

De Anza College:

My main haunt, De Anza is located in Cupertino(ten minutes from SJ, the headquarters of Apple Computer). It is open from September 23 to June 28th; try to avoid the weeks December 11-14, March 26-29, and June 24-28, as those are when finals occur. I've typically found it difficult to game girls during these weeks, as they are all stressed and in a hurry to get to their final(making it hard to game them between classes). For the rest of the year, though, it's advisable to advisable to game between 9:00 and 1:30, as that's when student traffic is in full flow.

Girls at De Anza are typically good-natured and willing to talk to you. I was able to pull numbers there at a very early stage in my game(when I, as with everyone at that period, sucked complete ass). Using indirect openers is probably a good idea, as rapid-fire approaching girls here with direct openers will likely earn you something of a reputation. Spend most of your time in the area around the fountain, the library, and the main office.

The girls here are better than you would expect. Yes, about 60% of them are physically unremarkable, but the remaining 40% average around a 7 in looks. Stunners are very uncommon, but attractive girls are generally in abundance. The quality girls here are typically Latina, but there are plenty of cute Asian and White girls here too. Also there are tons of international students here, predominantly from China or Vietnam, so if that's your thing and you know the languages then you'll be at an advantage. Most of the daygaming that has occurred here has come from yours truly and my two wings, so there's no need to worry about girls who are jaded as a result of overapproaching. There's also no need to worry about strong bitch shields or attitudes; girls here will stop when stopped, speak when spoken to, and engage in conversation if they aren't genuinely in a hurry to get somewhere.

On a side note, avoid gaming on Fridays. No one takes Friday classes at De Anza, so the campus will be dead by default.

Furthermore, if a complete newbie like me can get some serious interest from these girls, I have little doubt that the hardened players on this forum can absolutely clean up here. If you're in Cupertino for whatever reason, spend a few hours daygaming at De Anza.

On a side note, most of my wings will be studying at De Anza for the next year at the very least. If anyone on the RVF needs a wing during their visit, PM me, and I’ll do my best to hook you up with one of them.


-When the place is in full session, it’s completely stacked. You will see women everywhere, and a noticeable amount of them will be attractive.

-Bitch shields are low, attitudes are generally inclined towards conversation. This applies for guys as well as girls; it’s easy to befriend people at De Anza. There are some cliques, but the CC atmosphere tends to dispel that.

-There is always something happening on campus. De Anza is a pretty active place. I’ve been harangued by Christian fundamentalists accusing me of being a debauched sinner, approached by Mormons seeking converts, and serenaded by some genuinely good music played by the local student bands. It’s a vibrant school and generally a fun place to be.

-Lots of Asians, Indians, and Latinas. Plenty of cute white girls as well. Something for everyone here.

-International students from China, Vietnam, and Thailand are in abundance for anyone with the ability to converse with them.

-Weather is great(staple for the Bay Area), and there are plenty of places to eat and drink(useful both for your own refreshment and potential instadates).

-According to Giovonny, the Whole Foods across the street is also great for daygame.


-The place randomly gets very empty. There may be a reason for this, but, as I’m not a De Anza student, I’m not aware of it. This can make daygaming a pain in the ass as you roam the campus searching for signs of human life.

-You will accidentally approach at least a few Asian FOBs. If you don’t speak Chinese, Vietnamese, or Thai, this will waste your time, which will dissuade you from approaching any Asian girl who looks like a FOB. This is also bad, as many Americanized Asian girls resemble their FOB cousins.

-Also, many of the hotter girls are ensconced in social circles, which, for the less experienced, can be hard to penetrate through cold approach. This is compounded by the fact that the hotter Latinas sometimes hang around with a pack of gigantic black footballers from SJ, who aren’t the most approachable of people.

-Not a whole lot of stunners. Plenty of 6’s and many 7’s, but 8’s and above are very scarce.

-The town of Cupertino is generally boring as fuck. Other than daygaming, hanging out on campus, and hiking in the nearby hills, there’s very little to do.

Verdict: 8/10 for daygame. It’s a chill place to be.

West Valley College

Located near Los Gatos, a twenty-ish minute drive from SJ. West Valley is open around the same time as De Anza is, though I’m not completely sure about the exact dates. West Valley also has many more weeks of finals than De Anza does, so I would avoid gaming there in the latter weeks of December, March, and June(you wouldn’t want to game there in June anyway, it gets hot as balls). West Valley is my favorite daygame spot. The campus is gorgeous, as are the girls. WV isn’t nicknamed “Breast Valley” for nothing; the campus swarms with girls of all races(I met an extremely attractive Eritrean—I must pay a visit to the Horn of Africa someday), most of whom are perfectly willing to talk and engage in conversation. WV probably has one of the best concentrations of hot girls in the South Bay; you won’t find the like anywhere outside of Valley Fair Mall and Santana Row, and there the bitch shields are gallingly high.

WV is gameable for longer than De Anza is, as the campus is fairly active from 10:00 to maybe 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Instadates are hard to accomplish, but most of the students live nearby the campus, which is fairly close to both Los Gatos and Saratoga(i.e plenty of venues for a lunch, coffee, or drinks date). Otherwise, plenty of girls here are into smoking weed(most girls in NorCal are), so blazing with them is also an option. As I stated before, WV is incredibly diverse. I’ve approached Palestinian, Eritrean, Peruvian, and run-of-the-mill White girls here within the space of one hour. The central walkway and green, along with the library and the area around it, are the best spots to hit. Go indirect, as always.


-It’s nickname is “Breast Valley”, which is awesome in and of itself.

-Hot ass girls. WV for some reason attracts hot women from all over the South Bay. De Anza doesn’t have many stunners, but WV does.

-Even lower bitch shields than De Anza. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been outright brushed off at WV. Not only will girls be down to respond to you, but they will actively engage you in conversation, and flirt with you after even the most indirect of approaches. And this is coming from a skinny teenager who’s a complete beginner in the game. I can only imagine the damage a skilled player could do here.

-Extreme diversity. De Anza’s student body is a mix of Latino, Indian, Asian, and White. WV’s student body includes nationalities that I hadn’t even heard of prior to my first daygame session there. If you’re looking to bang exotic, WV is the place to do it.

-The guys are herbs.

-Gorgeous campus. De Anza’s campus is nice, but WV’s campus is genuinely scenic.

-Fairly close to Santa Cruz, where you can find good weed, excellent surfing, and enjoyable hiking.


-Screwy finals weeks that can make the campus ungameable. This would probably be less of an issue for someone with more experience than I currently possess.

-The best area of the campus is the central green behind the main student center(you’ll know it when you see it). The issue with this area is that it’s very spread out. The amount of people outside at any time in WV typically isn’t that large, so you have to run after girls in order to approach. It’s amusing to watch one of your wings sprint away in pursuit of a girl, but it can be annoying to perform yourself, especially since you’ll have to do it repeatedly.

-This issue is compounded by the fact that the weather can get cruelly hot. This isn’t a problem for 90% of the year, as Bay Area weather is generally excellent, but come April the whole region starts to heat up. The hot weather, coupled with WV’s generally exposed nature, means that daygaming can quickly become exhausting. This is doubly true when you account for the fact that most approaches are done after a one-minute jog, and trebly true if you’re dumb enough to be wearing heavy clothing.

Verdict: 8.75/10. I’ll miss this place.

Foothill College

Located in Los Altos, about 15 minutes from SJ. I’ve only gamed at Foothill once, but I didn’t get the best impression of the place. While paying for parking at De Anza and West Valley can be subverted(free parking at De Anza, side streets near WV), there really isn’t any way to avoid paying for parking at Foothill. This won’t be an issue for most of you, but for the young and penniless(me and my wings) this was something of a bitch.

Foothill’s campus is massive. Like most community colleges, the areas near the cafeteria and the library are busiest. The areas around the parking lots might be worth a look; I didn’t game in those places, as I didn’t have much time the day I went. I recommend scouting out the whole campus before moving towards the central area. I would also avoid the area directly adjacent to the front parking lot, as it is fairly empty.

Foothill’s student body is a mix of Asians, Latinas, and white girls. Most of the Asian girls are international students who are far more timid than the ones at De Anza. The Latinas by and large are chubsters, but the white girls aren’t bad. I would rate the average Asian girl there at a 4, the average Latina at a 5, and the average white girl at a high 6 or 7. I encountered a couple girls who were genuinely attractive, but they were in the STRONG minority.

De Anza’s population of stunners is small, but Foothill’s is absolutely infinitesimal. This, however, was only one of the reasons I didn’t like Foothill’s general vibe. Most of the guys are socially autistic omega males, which makes warming up through casual conversation a pain in the ass. The campus is also very, very open, which makes gaming in hot weather unpleasant. Finally, the females here have personalities that are about as appealing as their looks. I did meet one or two cool girls here, but most were either stressed out, extremely boring, or both. Also, that bizarre Kpop look(hipster glasses and dyed blonde hair, which usually looks terrible on Asians) is for some reason extremely abundant here. It personally pisses me off and I don’t enjoy looking at it.

As I mentioned previously, I’ve only gamed at Foothill once. Therefore, I can’t give you guys as accurate a summary as I would wish. I personally didn’t have a good experience there, but that might just have been bad luck and poor game on my part, so I won’t tell you guys to avoid it. If you’re in Los Altos for a day or two, I would definitely give it a look. Also, the city of Los Altos is a lot more interesting and better situated than Cupertino is. Palo Alto and San Francisco are closer, as are Half Moon Bay(good surfing) and Black Mountain(good hiking).

Verdict: 5/10, but that’s just me.

Westfield Valley Fair Mall

Located in SJ. Valley Fair is relatively upscale and has some great stores for clothes; it is most active on Friday evenings and weekends, but is gameable most days of the week. During the school year, I would recommend gaming exclusively on Friday and Saturday evenings. During the summer, however, Valley Fair is fair game between noon and night on almost any day.

This place is a wholly different animal from the community colleges. For one thing, the girls are hotter. Valley Fair makes West Valley look like a nunnery. The attractive girls here are Asian, Latina, Persian, white, mixed, and Asian. I mention the Asian women twice because they are stunning. Valley Fair also abounds with MILFS. Furthermore, every female shopworker here is extremely attractive. I specifically recommend gaming at the women’s Macy’s, the Hollister, and the Abercrombie (if you don’t mind the stench).

Oh, and did I mention that the place is air conditioned?

There are, however, bitch shields. You will run into low to semi-moderate bitch shields if you game at any of the aforementioned CC’s. At Valley Fair, however, the average girl has a fairly high bitch shield. Furthermore, a lot of girls walk around in groups or pairs. Here it helps to have a wingman and use a strong approach. It also helps to dress pretty well.


-Extremely attractive women.

-Extremely attractive Asian Milfs.

-Right across the street from Santana Row, which also has fly girls and good shopping/food/slightly-better-than-godawful nightgame options(or so I hear).

-It’s air conditioned, so you don’t have to worry about the summer heat.

-Good shopping and good food within the mall.


-High bitch shields that take a decent level of game and good dress to overcome.

-Areas of the mall stink of perfume due to the preponderance of Abercrombies(why they make their stores smell like that is beyond me).

-Lots of groups, lots of families, and lots of underage girls. You will find single girls, but they will be rare in comparison to the number of two-sets, three-sets, and more-sets that wander the mall.

Verdict: 8/10 for game, but requires some skill.
Great data sheet! I spent a fair amount at SJ State without getting much out if it besides numbers. I will try De Anza and WV instead when I'm around next time.

I don't think Santana Row is that bad during the day. Nightlife sucks but Starbucks and the area around there is pretty good for doing coffee shop approaches.

Somehow the Westfield Mall is tricky - I found it really though to get any approach going there. I thought it was just me Smile
(07-09-2013 08:31 AM)Mumbojumbo Wrote: [ -> ]Great data sheet! I spent a fair amount at SJ State without getting much out if it besides numbers. I will try De Anza and WV instead when I'm around next time.

I don't think Santana Row is that bad during the day. Nightlife sucks but Starbucks and the area around there is pretty good for doing coffee shop approaches.

Somehow the Westfield Mall is tricky - I found it really though to get any approach going there. I thought it was just me Smile

Yeah, my wings are very good at the mall, but I prefer colleges. Lot more laid back and enjoyable to game at.

I haven't gamed much at the Row during the day. Every approach I've done, however, has been met with sky-high bitch shields.
(07-14-2013 10:21 AM)The Troubled One Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah, my wings are very good at the mall, but I prefer colleges. Lot more laid back and enjoyable to game at.

I'm glad to see you heeded my advice about. Be sure to keep daygaming in Santa Barbara, but try to focus it on the community college there rather than your own school.
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