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Full Version: Lionel Messi parties in Las Vegas
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Actually, it was Ronaldo's party (Brazil's Ronaldo, retired world's best soccer player), but Messi reportedly still made an appearance (he is currently in the U.S. for charity matches/tour).

Judging by the few pics that made out of there the biggest winners seem to be the Wynn Encore resort (for marketing purposes), as well as Ronaldo who surrounded himself with fine big-assed beauties (presumably Brazilian).

[Image: holiday-snaps-lionel-messi-hangs-out-wit...-vegas.jpg]

[Image: ronaldo6.jpg]

One thing I don't get is the Ronaldo's low-hanging Calvin Klein undies.

Didn't that stop being cool like in mid-1990s?

or is that eternally cool, like a baseball cap worn backwards?

[Image: messi-party-1.JPG]

[Image: Fat_Ro1.jpg]
Lot of dudes. You sure this ain't DC?

The U.S. leg of the Messi and Friends Tour got off to about as bad a start as it possibly could with the cancelation of Lionel Messi's charity match in Los Angeles on a day's notice and accusations of a "blatant attempt to defraud American citizens" from one of the game's sponsors. Though the final match of the tour in Chicago was played as scheduled on July 6, it was wrought with egregious problems that left its highest paying attendees feeling scammed.

While Messi sat poolside in Las Vegas at a party thrown by (retired) Ronaldo the day before the Chicago match, fear of another cancelation and news that the squads would be rounded out with former players from Northwestern University limited ticket sales to less than half of Soldier Field's 60,000 capacity. Still, the match's promotors, Numero 5 (different from the LA organizer), were able to sell about 80 "VIP" packages that promised to include "tickets with unprecedented field access following a meet and greet with the players, as well as a jersey and ball autographed by Messi" for a whopping $2,500 a piece.

But the fans from all over the country who purchased those VIP packages thinking they would get the rare chance to meet Lionel Messi in person ended up feeling they were the victims of a "classic bait and switch." The autographed ball and jersey turned out to be "a cheap plastic ball" and a "T-shirt" with the Messi autographs either stamped on or smudged and the pre-match meet and greet consisted of only a few of the professional footballers in a hot, windowless room. Lionel Messi — who was substituted in the 68th minute of the match and left the stadium before the final whistle so he could relax in Ibiza with friends and family
Funny how the girls are immediately obvious as Brasilian from their bikini style. Really miss that place!
(07-09-2013 08:43 AM)Menace Wrote: [ -> ]Lot of dudes. You sure this ain't DC?

Lmao! Thats what i was trying to explain in that big Vegas thread. Vegas is no pussy paradise. I was at Marquee last year and it was a cockfest. Waste of money if you're travelling from DC.
My guess is that all the guys there are part of their entourage, which can be quite large. And of course, their body guards. I doubt that average guys would be allowed on the premises when big time athletes are staying there. They'd usually close down the place for the public to let the athletes/famous people relax in peace. Also for their security as there might be some coucous out there.

(07-09-2013 08:43 AM)Menace Wrote: [ -> ]Lot of dudes. You sure this ain't DC?
you can walk through those areas...they are cabanas, you just can't go inside, they do have security guys...usually people don't bother at places like this though. its not as cornered off as you would think.

and Encore Beach keeps the girl/guy ratio on point.
Vegas isn't a pussy paradise?

Having previously worked at Encore Beach Club as a VIP Host, I can assure you there are tons of hot girls that go there. You can't judge a club by a couple photos taken of his cabanas where his entourage is.
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