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Full Version: Waterloo, Ontario : data sheet
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Hello all.

For the majority of the people here who have never heard of Waterloo, it's a small town about 2 hours west of Toronto. It's mostly known because of Blackberry, the Perimeter Institute and the Universities (Waterloo and Laurier). It's big on the tech scene, with local startups recently getting some international attention.

I hear a lot of people consistently bitching about how this area sucks to meet girls, and while I wouldn't ever suggest anyone come down here for the express purpose of getting notches, I will do my best to break down the city for anyone who is in the area.


REV - Probably the fanciest club around, typical preppy shit. Top 40, with a side room that gives local students a chance to spin some electronica. Girls are generally well dressed, guys in striped shirts or graphic tees. Lots of asian girls. Personally, I have found that the bitch shields here are very high. Lacks in quality of women, but definitely has quantity. It also has the disadvantage of being far away from the rest of the venues in the city. In fact, I exclusively go to REV only when I am at the Flying Dog next door and don't feel like trekking anywhere else.

Flying Dog - The only bar that isn't overrun by students. Great patio in the summer, highest quality of talent at least as far as style goes. Girls with great legs in sexy heels and little black dresses. They have salsa classes on Thursday, but it's only good to attend these if you already know how to dance. Newbies almost never get lucky with picking up on Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays it is a regular club, great place to have a conversation and pull. The biggest resistance I face here is being too young, but I still do decent. If you are in the 27-35 range, can spit decent game and wear good clothes, its a cakewalk.

Beta - Great house venue, only good for the music. Never had luck meeting new people here, though it's a good place to convert girls you know into notches. They have had some famous dj's spinning here (avicii, steve angello), but those nights are generally pretty bad to run game. The music is very loud, and the entire club is basically one big hall.

Firehall - Not been to it since the relaunch. Wasn't a big fan of it before due to low concentration of girls, bad air conditioning and the chodes in lose jeans standing around staring at the girls.

Phils - Fuck yes. Almost exclusively a student venue. Kind of sketchy, but the drinks are cheap and the girls are slutty. Different music every night of the week. I would suggest dropping your more sophisticated game and going straight-up caveman over here. Hit on every fucking girl and be as direct as you can. You should be pulling 5-6 numbers on a bad night, and a lot more on a good one.

Stampede Corrals - One of two country bars. I can say I have never had an unsuccessful night here. It's the only venue at which I can consistently pull ONS. Girls are from all over the place, but try and act as country as they can. Good mix of people from all walks of life. Almost everyone is white though (I really like asian girls, so it's a bit of a downer for me). I would highly suggest wearing a plaid shirt and well-fitting jeans, it's surprising how much adhering to the dress code can help.

Dallas - The other country bar, with more students. I don't like this one as much. The music is overbearing and people just aren't having as much fun. Still a good venue though, just not as good as Stampede.

Starlight - The hipster club. It's a decent enough venue, albeit a bit small. Music is whatever the resident dj feels like playing. Met a few women here, but nothing spectacular.


Chainsaw - Everyone from tech millionaires to sketchy hobos have been spotted over here. Karaoke on thursdays and saturdays, cheap drinks and food all the time. It's very hit and miss game wise, and depends on the crowd. I usually go here as a backup if nothing else is good.

DVLB - Horrible for game, but still my favorite bar in town. Great scotch selection, good coffee and amazing scones.

Jane bond - People generally come and leave in groups, used to get a lot of LGBT love, but now it's just a hipster bar. Don't go here to meet people.

The fox - I have friends who swear by this place. No bitch shields at all, very casual and really easy to get girls to follow you to another venue. If you are starting early (around 8/9) then start here before you go elsewhere. However, this is a bit like Chainsaw in that crowd varies every night, so it could be excellent or horrible game wise.

Kickoffs - Sports bar. Don't run game here.

Typically weekly schedule you should be following:
- Wednesday: Phils (hip-hop night, people love making jokes about it being sketchy, but honestly i have never had any trouble here)
- Thursday: Stampede (ladies night. if you cant pull from stampede on thursday, you are doing something wrong)
- Friday: Flying dog
- Sunday: Phils (retro night)

You can see above that I haven't mentioned Saturday. This is because it's different every week. You need to know which venue is going to be live that week, because it changes. Also, I would suggest going to fox and seeing where people are headed after.

I will update this soon with day game venues, and how to find house parties.
LeBeau, it is enabled again.

Think you could post a data sheet for London? I've been wanting to go down there, but the only person I know in the city is an ex-girlfriend.
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