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Full Version: When you travel, what do you do during the day?
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I'm curious about what guys do during the day when they're on trips. Depending on the place, normal girls are working during the day at regular jobs. I don't think I could day game for 6 hours every day. Need something to fill the time. Watch movies? Read? Catch up on projects? Work?
Hit the local university and approach like crazy, hit the most busy areas during the day (eg. shopping centres) and approach like crazy, go to the tourist area and network with other foreigners, talk to the locals, ask questions about their culture or life in general, look for a book shop and talk to the book sellers and game the women buying books, hit the local beach if there is one, etc
Work out.
Work on my computer - writing for clients or working on my novel.
Go to the beach.
Take random motorbike rides or walks to explore.
Check out local sights and activities.
Go see movies from time to time.
Try new foods.
Study language.

Unfortunately waste far too much time on social media at the moment (like I am right now). Haven't been studying language at all lately either. Maybe time to swap those two.

I think it's always good to have some projects going, even if you've got steady income or savings already. Try to have a few goals at all times and work towards them everyday. If you live on the road, never forget the freedom of time you have that other people don't. You can use this time for anything! What uses will transform your life most?

Consider maintaining a regular schedule that focuses on those things (but keep it somewhat flexible so you can enjoy your freedom too).

If you're on vacation and it's therefore only temporary maybe this doesn't hold as true; in that case, just spend your time doing whatever is currently most fun for you.
Work/catch up on projects. Bring your computer to a cafe with lots of cute girls and work- this kills 2 birds with 1 stone
Sleep off the hangover from the night before. Go to the beach and do some tanning or throw a ball around if youre with friends. Go to a local gym. Do some touristy stuff if you've just arrived in the city. Find interesting restaurants/cafes to eat out in. Even just stay inside and catchup on current affairs, write emails or facebook and Skype people at home. I find the problem is not having enough hours in the day when traveling, not filling them up.
On a week holiday...
-Do tourist things.

Staying a month+ in an apartment...
-Go to the grocery store
-cook healthy meals
-do work
-go to gym
-chat up everyone I can at the coffee shop
-set up online dates
-walk the entire city trying to memorize street names and map everything out in my head
-scope out good meet up points for dates
-find the closest bar/restaurant near my apartment that can be a good place to move a date towards the end of the night so we are just a short walk to the apartment. Maybe chat the people up who work their.
read / Travel forum
-Work emails
-Work out

-Need to balance in more day game though
Explore. I was working full time when I was abroad recently. On the weekends I would hop on the metro and pick a stop I hadn't yet been to. I'd walk around for an hour or two enjoy the weather and the sights(girls included). Its a great way to see the less touristy parts of the city.

As for my other free time essentially what others have said. Read, write, work out, practice language, cook etc.

Just keep busy. Don't get sucked into the trap of spending all day on the internet. Enjoy the experience.

Seth Rose
i usually work during the day Smile

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