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Full Version: Wiki for data sheets
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We've got some great data sheets here. Unfortunately they become obsolete after some time and need to be updated. I think Wiki would be great for this purpose - all forum members can add and edit data sheets (and maybe other things).
Ha and move traffic away from RVF not a good biz move.

I would approve of a sub forum on travel where it is "data sheets only" so I don't have to use the search function though. Least it would all be in one spot.
I'd trust RVF for data sheets and travel based sight-seeing more than anything else.

However, there is one instance when "Wikipedia" provided more intel on nightlife than "Wikitravel."

POA Wikipedia -

POA Wikitravel -

It's too bad I forgot to check Wikipedia (opposed to Wikitravel, which I did) before visiting the city.
I remember this idea came up in the past. I suggested volunteers to continually update the wiki on certain countries. There was not a single person who came forward.

Reading a wiki is cool, but updating it... no. It's an insane amount of work, and the reward is little.
^^ I forgot people could update those entries. I'll get to work on it starting with Curitiba.

Would be a lot easier if I could just copy and paste a data sheet, haha.
.. and feed dash global data sheets he can copy and paste from?
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