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Full Version: Jersey Shore data: Manasquan
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Manasquan in two words: "Outstanding Ratio"

Took a day trip to Manasquan yesterday. It is one of the few Jersey Shore towns that I haven't been to yet, but I heard some good things about it from some girls in Brooklyn.

Manasquan is a small town wedged between the larger towns of Belmar and Pt Pleasant. The drive took me about an hour and half from Brooklyn going in with some traffic, and an hour and 15 coming back. On a bad day the traffic can be INSANE going to the Jersey Shore, so I highly recommend if you go leave before 10am.

Manasquan is a nice town, small, with a ton of summer beach rentals. The town appears to have some pretty significant damage from hurricane Sandy, and I couldn't believe how close the homes are to the water. There is a small beach path for people to walk on, no type of sea wall or natural barriers, and then just houses for people to rent.

[Image: 0GDOEFj.jpg]

My friend and I took a look at the houses in the front and said "next hurricane these houses are going to be completely wiped out".

The town has a "young' feel to it, I saw a town of young 18-25 year olds playing beer bong and blasting music in their front yards. The beach is pretty clean, charges you $8 daily fee, and is PACKED with women.

Manasquan probably has the highest ratio I have ever seen on the Jersey Shore. It's not a large town, but the ratio's are insane for female to male.

I only found too bars, Leggett's and the "Osprey". I was there during the day, so I hit the Leggett's happy hour around 4pm. Leggetts was PACKED. Really fun place with $2.50 budlights until 10pm and some frozen drink they called a "frozen orgy" or something like that.

Again, this place had a very good ratio. It was packed from around 4 to 5:30, and then died out suddenly. A local told me that people go for happy hour after leaving the beach, and then at night they come back to go to the osprey for dancing.

After happy hour we took a trip to the next town Pt Pleasant, and took a look at Jenkinson's and Tiki Bar. Pt Pleasant is huge compared to Manasquan, and definately a lot dirtier.

We took a look into Jenkinson's and it was mostly families eating (gets good later), so we hit up Tiki Bar. Tiki Bar was $10 to get in, and had a decent crowd going. They had a band and people dancing, but the girls were at least 50% uglier than the ones in Manasquan. We were actually pissed off that we left Leggett's.

Overall, I was only in Jersey for 6-8 hours but I can definately recommend Manasquan now. I want to return at night and see how crazy it gets. I still haven't changed my overall rating much for "North" Jersey Shore towns.

1) Belmar: Big, lot's of women, clean beach, good bars/clubs
2) Manasquan: Clean, insane ratio, but only 2 big places
3) Seaside Heights: BIG. Good day drinking, night crowd is trashy.
4) Pt Pleasant: Eh... Been here twice, never really fell in love with it.

I want to try the "Parker House" in Sea Girt next, is there any North Jersey town that I am missing?

This does not include "South" Jersey towns which I consider Atlantic City and under.
Yea after happy hour, the move would have been Parker House from about 6-9. That's why it emptied out so much.
how expensive is this area ???
Summer rental wise? I'm sure its not cheap. Last time we rented a house was in Belmar '07 and it was $10K a month. Pretty much everyone rounds up a bunch of people and they split it into shares. The good thing is that 75% of the people only show up once, we got screwed because a couple assholes caused damage and we had to pay for it...
Some towns have cheap hotels, I know seaside heights has some $130 a night places. Ocean city, Md also has some cheap hotels...
thanks, will check out O city MD
(07-15-2013 05:43 PM)TheCaptainPower Wrote: [ -> ]Ocean city, Md also has some cheap hotels...

There's a hotel there right on the boardwalk that's dirt cheap. Two summers ago, I paid like $50.00 a night there in the high season because I needed a room on the fly. If I find the name of it, I will post it.
what about the Ocean City in New Jersey ?
(07-15-2013 06:16 PM)GameTheory Wrote: [ -> ]what about the Ocean City in New Jersey ?

Here you go.

If I make a lot of progress in my office in the next ten days or so, I might announce a Jersey Shore meetup for early August. I would prefer to meetup in Sea Isle, Ocean City, the downbeach towns, or maybe Atlantic City rather than in Wildwood or Cape May.
In my opinion the "BIG 3" are:

1) Dewey Beach, Delaware
2) Belmar, NJ
3) Ocean City, MD

Southern Jersey is nice, my parents are retired in Cape May, but a lot more women in Northern Jersey...
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