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Full Version: Interesting compact camera options ??? or iphone "lenses"
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I'm looking for a compact camera that has some really "stand out" / cool / novelty features... For example I especially like to have a wide angle lens for nature photography. Other options (telephoto) might be nice.

If I go for a point and shoot option, or would consider a COMPACT / interesting looking dslr, it is going to have to be something that stands apart from the 2000's era of box point and shoot cameras that all look the same.

Another option would be the iPhone lenses or cases, as I have an iPhone 4s already. I've never seen any of them in person though, not sure but some of them do look pretty "cool" although, possibly, pretty weird.
Examples I like, haven't really researched them yet:
this case, with a clip on lense or 2...
Or this one although it looks like it might be prone to damage

As you can tell I am mainly looking for novelty/ cool factor but want something that will be significantly more functional than the iphone camera, a basic point and shoot, or a nice older slr which I already have.

Any thoughts? Recommendations? I did search the forum and found these for anyone looking for more traditional options: cameras
photography q&a

Thanks! Your input greatly appreciated.
Maybe the Fuji X100:

A fixed lens 23mm, looks like a rangefinder.

Zack Arias, a great pro photographer and awesome teacher, once said it was his favourite camera EVER (and he uses Canon 5Ds and all the rest...)

Here is his blog:

Hope that helps.
Check out the Sony NEX range or their RX100 MK2 point and shoot.
I bought the fuji x10 (predecessor to x100) and loving it. Only downside is the size..definitely not a pocket camera, but still relativity small and a good camera to have hanging on a strap around your neck. GREAT B&W quality.

rx100 is definitely on my list for a travel camera, but it was out of my price range.
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