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Full Version: Europe Newbie
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Hey guys I am going on cheap tour to Europe in January and need some insight on where to go after the tour ends.

The visiting cities in the tour are Berlin, Wolfsburg, Warsaw, Munich, Zurich, Lausanne, Interlaken, Paris and London. I will be in London on the 27-28th January and was thinking of going to Amsterdam or somewhere in eastern Europe or maybe even staying in London and travelling England.

I am looking for more of a balance where I am able to sight-see during the morning and then go to bars & clubs in the night. Also travelling wise, should I take planes, buses or trains? My budget is low so I will be staying at hostels and trying to take the cheapest routes possible. Cheers.
Budapest might fit the bill for you. Plenty to do during the day, plenty of options at night, and very very cheap. Keep an eye on flights from London via RyanAir/EasyJet and especially Wizz Air. You should see them get down to £30-40 return, maybe at about 8-10 weeks out. And onwards from Budapest, a world of Eastern Europe to explore via cheap train/bus.
Why would anyone want to visit Wolfsburg ?! Unless you are planning to visit the Volkswagen factory, there is nothing else worth visiting, imho.
Warning - Zurich is very expensive.

Your obviously going on a sight-seeing tour!
@sheesh - Yea going to see the Volkswagen factory. The tour is for university.
I will only be staying in each of those cities for 2-3 days max.

After the tour ends I plan to visit few other cities. Probably London>Amsterdam>Budapest>Romania or Sarajevo? What do you guys think?
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