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Full Version: Rostock, Germany - Data Sheet
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1. The City

Rostock is a medium-sized German city situated in the north-east of the country at the Baltic Sea Coast. It has a population of 202,000 with around 15,000 students. From Berlin it takes 2 ½ h and from Hamburg around 1 ½ h to get there by car or by train. The city is a popular destination for domestic tourism because of the Warnemünde beach. Also, there is a ferry heading to Gedser, Denmark, which takes around 2 hours. It's expensive, though (at least 80 Euros, I think), and if you wanna roll into Denmark after having finished Rostock, you better take a bus or go by rideshare (, as is it is much cheaper.

A bus and streetcar system (plus the S-Bahn) exists which usually runs until midnight and starts again at 04:00 during and 06:00 or 08:00 on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. The inner city where you can find most girls is easily walkable, though, so you don't really depend on this.

There is not too much to do sight-seeing- and activities-wise. Go to Warnemünde beach, rent a canoe or a boat in the summer, watch the ships in the inner harbor, hang out in the old town, and you can pretty much cover everything noteworthy in a day.

To this day, Rostock does not enjoy the best reputation in the country, mainly because of racist riots from 1992: There is still an active neo-nazi scene that should not be underestimated but the chances for you to encounter these fuckwits are low if you stay out of Lichtenhagen, Dierkow and other run-down districts where there is nothing to do anyway. If you are not white, use your usual common sense and you should be fine.

2. When to go

I'm afraid this place is not on any logical travel route if you are on a Eurotrip. If you insist on coming here for gaming girls, though, I would suggest to go on weekendtrip in case you happen to be in Berlin or Hamburg in July. If you are lucky, the weather is fine which is good for checking out Warnemünde and other nearby beaches and for most students exams period will be over, so there is a decent young crowd willing to party. During semester break (August to end of September) the city is calmer, but you will still find enough people in the clubs.

3. Language

English is spoken by young people to varying degrees of fluency, I would say. Students should be fluent but average working people from the area are rather bad at it in general. German is not a must here but helps, of course.

4. Prices

Rostock is some ways a bit cheaper than the rest of Germany. A bottle of beer in a bar or a club is normally 1.5 – 2.5€. Admission in most clubs is 2/3€ for students and 4 – 6 € for everyone else, sometimes even free if you arrive early. Food prices are average. I rent here, but can't say anything about costs for hotels or airbnb, so check that out for yourselves.

5. The Girls

As a German, I'm naturally biased when it comes to evaluating our girls, so take the following with a grain of salt.

Rostock is a good place if you're into tall and blonde Nordic girls, as there a plenty. Your average girl is a 6. Attitudes are much less snobby than in Munich or Hamburg and you don't find as many hipsters as in Berlin. Their style is nothing to jump up and down about, in fact they dress rather modest and not too revealing. Short hair are not uncommon which, I know, is a huge turn-off for many guys here (not for me necessarily). This is East Germany, though, and these hairstyles have been popular here for more than 20 years and are usually not associated with hardcore feminism, so don't be afraid of that.

My major complaint about the girls here and everywhere else in Germany is that they are rather boring to talk to and appear very cold when you first meet them. Don't expect girls being instantly excited just because you are from another country. They tend to be rational, career-minded and not overly sexual but once you escalate that can change quickly. SNLs are perfectly possible if you have good game and tight logistics. I had success with both offering going to my place and her dragging me into hers.

Rostock has very few foreign or non-German people, so diversity is almost non-existent but there is always a decent Erasmus crowd at the University, many of them are from Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

Advice for conversation topics: Especially, the women who grew up in Rostock and the areas nearby are often into water-related activities (sailing, rowing, surfing) and port city culture. Too, you can tell them how much cooler and more honest you consider the Northern German mentality compared to Bavarians.

These photo samples from the LT club reflect the range of quality you can expect (judge by your own):[c163][albumUid]=65&tx_yag_pi1[c163][galleryUid]=3&tx_yag_pi1[itemListc163][pagerCollection][page]=1&tx_yag_pi1[action]=list&tx_yag_pi1[controller]=ItemList&cHash=8473bc0b1e7c6408da1732519bf4cdc1

6. The Guys

No real competition. They are tall and many look jacked but game is lacking. If it's your kind of thing, I think you can actually fraternize with them and go after their female friends. They usually don't bother and are not protective. Beware of the fanboys of FC Hansa Rostock, the local football club, when they roll through the city in groups after their home games. They tend to be an aggressive bunch.

7. Daygame

Spots: pedestrian zone in the old town (plus the malls therein), Warnemünde beach, Kröpeliner Tor-Vorstadt (everyone just calls it KTV (kaah-tey-fow))

Girls are absolutely not used to daygame, because German guys almost never approach. The reactions might range from positively surprised to irritated or alienated. They are much more open to getting approached on the beach, though. Don't be overly aggressive (e.g. touching too early, excessive negging) as that can backfire easily but also don't beat about the bush. Simply walk up to your target, give her a short compliment that conveys your intentions and either develop a conversation or ask her directly out on a date or suggest to go dancing in the evening.

8. Nightgame

LT-Club: Electronic music and mainstream R'n'B/Hiphop. The best place if you wanna chase young and well-dressed quality girls. Some lower middle class people from the outskirts of the town come here, too, so chances are your target might not speak good English. There is a rather big outdoor area as well which is good for isolating.

ST-Club: Students' club and popular among hipsters. Indierock, Alternative, Rock, 90s. Everyone should speak English. Decent place, typical German university crowd.

Studentenkeller: Another students club. Cozy atmosphere, rather small dancefloor and it has more of a bar than of a club. Good place to meet people, though.

Greif: Techno and terrible German Schlager music. Rather old crowd (28+) and embarassing atmosphere. Little English spoken here, I suspect. Avoid.

There are some more clubs and bars but these should do for a short term visitor.

9. Bottom line

I'll be out of here as soon as I finish grad school. It's not the worst place to get laid and have some fun, though.
Very good report Flint, thanks for the info in a second-tier german city. I know Germany it is not one of the forum favourite places, but data is always good.

BTW, you must edit the link you posted, it is broken. I think it goes something like this:[c163][...fcb999d84d

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Nice selection there....Banana
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