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Full Version: Maintaining Pr1vacy for Trips Abroad
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I actually want a real relationship, but after getting assaulted by my landlord on my last trip to Ukraine, I want to pipeline women from here and give out a false identity on my future trips.

i was worried that the landlord would file some false report about me and I might have trouble getting out of the country. A girl I was with when they came there was howling at them about her maybe calling the cops, and I think they got scared and returned some valuables the next day they refused to let me take as I fled. Who knows WHAT they might have done to look like the victim.

Assuming things go well ( and from what I hear in the Philippines yo have to try pretty hard to NOT get laid.) you could always snag a crazy and I imagine being hassled by the cops there is no picnic.

Despite all the talk about police state, etc, my contacts with cops in the US has indicated they have respect for the idea of valid evidence etc. In a foreign country, you are always more suspect than a local. This is biological truth.

Here's some thoughts off the top of my head, I'm sure other cynical and cautious people will have ideas:

1) Use one of the most common American names. There are so many Johns leaving the Phillipines their cops won't even try to screen for a guy named "John" if a girl complains.

2) Get a metal mesh lined locking document package for your passport etc. ( Also for theft)

3) "Guest" account on computer. Set password protected screen saver to come on very fast by default.

4) Change residences quickly in case of weirdness. The crazy landlord started demanding a rent increase right when I moved in, screaming red flags, personal instability.

5) Stay in a fairly large city, have others on tap if things go half-wrong and you're just being cautious.

6) Have an exit plan to get out pretty quick cheaply if a chick goes ballistic and you think there's threat of arrest. .

For instance, a flight to Thailand booked for next day might be cheap while one all the way to USA might be twice as much (Dunno, gotta research) . You could "cool off" in Thailand while you book a ticket two weeks later for the USA getting a decent price.

I know, I know, I'm paranoid and macho adventurers just go where they want and aren't scared of the cops and so forth. But when you're trying to get intimate with people in an extremely fast way relative to their usual social circle culture, for better or worse you're disrupting natural patterns, and that turbulence can change things in unpredictable ways even if you are not a stone player.

I view getting arrested for any reason in a country I am not a citizen as a major blunder. Not something I want to allow for in my plans. I know you can't control everything, but having a plan at least makes sense.
IKE, just curious. Do you take medicene that is supposed to make you more happier?
(10-04-2013 12:16 PM)Aliblahba Wrote: [ -> ]IKE, just curious. Do you take medicene that is supposed to make you more happier?

Alcohol is one of the most effective anti-anxiety drugs.

There's only so much you can do with one name in one passport. When you're on the continent, you can always travel by bus or taxi out of the country - less security, less control.

In the Philippines, which you pretty much have to fly out of (maybe there's a ferry to Borneo), you could hide in a lot of places for a long time as long as you had cash access.

Other than that, it's just using good judgment in your personal and business dealings.
Look up a book called "How to Be Invisible." You can find it on Amazon.
Also, encrypt sensitive data on your laptop in case it is stolen. I put any sensitive data identifying me on a separate volume which is encrypted using TrueCrypt software.
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