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All right gentleman, I'm off to Malta next week. Banana

I'll be there for 7 nights so I'll offer a full breakdown. In the meantime, if anyone has any tips on the nightlife, ganja or girls it would be much appreciated... Anyone experienced Malta before?

Share your stories here! Thumb up
I know the Animal Collective played there a few years back. Have an awesome trip man.

And check these guys out
Went with my family when i was 15 so can't fill you in much on the kind of stuff you're looking for. The girls look pretty much like dark southern Italians (there's Arab blood in the population) and though they're not as hot as Italians/Spaniards overall you still see a lot of hot girls. Bear in mind that Malta is the most observantly Catholic country in Europe and it's still relatively common for people to remain virgins until marriage. Younger folk are probably more liberal though.

Almost everyone under 40 speaks English and people are extremely friendly. Loads of history and good scuba diving if that's what you're into.

Parts of it are very quiet and serene but there are lively areas too. The capital (Valetta) is dead at night. Think the main nightlife district is Sliema/St. Julians and since Malta is so tiny people come from all over the island to go there at the weekend. Don't know if being a foreigner is esp helpful since it gets loads of tourists on package holidays and quite a lot of expats.
My final night in Malta : Flag captured! Banana
She was 48 kgs of fun with a cute face and breast implants.
Hard work.. all I can say is... PHEWW!
Malta is a serious party spot and the local women are fucking stunners.
I'd recommend it.

A full report to follow...
looking forward to your report!
(11-22-2010 01:53 PM)Badstuber Wrote: [ -> ]looking forward to your report!

Indeed Smile
Boom! Veni vidi vici!
As promised, I've given a full breakdown of the island. Here's my
Heart Malta Report Heart

I also did a 'lay report' on how I got the flag.

Hope this helps anyone heading down to this wonderful little country!
(11-29-2010 09:46 PM)naughtynomad Wrote: [ -> ]Boom! Veni vidi vici!
As promised, I've given a full breakdown of the island. Here's my

I also did a 'lay report' on how I got the flag.

Hope this helps anyone heading down to this wonderful little country!

Good report. 2.50 for a pint? Thats the business!
2.5 euros

Wow thats expensive !
I want to go to Malta in November for a long weekend for a solo trip. From where I live a return ticket costs €30 so it is perfect, plus I can escape the cold for a few days.

The reason I want to go - I have been talking with a Turkish girl from tinder for around half a year, we have been talking on and off and exchanging nudes, she always tells me to come to Malta but I never have the time except from now.

If I go I would try and stay at her house and obviously I expect us to fuck, she says she will do anything to me if I come there and she lives alone. She is also 23 and I am 19 but I can tell she has a thing for guys like me.

If for some reason I don’t get to meet her would Malta be a cool place to get a hostel and party for a weekend for a young solo traveller?

Should I go?
Do it Mike! 30 euros is nothing, take the risk and if it falls thru then fuck it at least you took a chance.
Any other Malta updates?

I'm moving there this month. Am mid forties and leaning more towards quality mini/LTR rather than ONS but it seems the kind of place where both are possible - more than likely it'd be ONS from the tourists/language students or LTR a local.

Big expat community, great weather, crypto hub, low taxes, lowish immigration. Has to be better than the rest of Western Europe...
November in Malta, it's off-season and everywhere is closed, no tourists, you'll be spending all your time alone unless you take someone with you.
Nothing significant will be closed, there's a big expat population and all the teenagers are gone so it's actually a pretty pleasant time to go, if you don't go in expecting Ibiza levels off the hook partying.
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