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Full Version: How easy are open relationships in Poland?
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I am heading to Western Poland for a few months, and my intention is to get into open-relationships with two or three girls I like being with.

I have experience with this kind of thing, but I do not know how accepting of this kind of deal Polish women are.
It depends the age of the girls.

Below 25 yo, they will introduce you to their friends. Social circle is the best here.

Above 25, they will look for something very serious.
(11-28-2013 01:49 PM)zuma Wrote: [ -> ]It depends the age of the girls.

Below 25 yo, they will introduce you to their friends. Social circle is the best here.

Above 25, they will look for something very serious.

So, below 25 it is easy to get an open relationship?
Greek kamaki in 3...2...1
They are not easy except in case you push kasa so they may forward benefits to their friends as well.Russian and Ukrainian women are a lot more open to these kinds of arrangements.
Polish women are also rather jealous unfortunately while Russian ones understand the man's concept of maximalization and hedonism.
You have the best chance when you forget about all this game stuff and things that make you mr. cool sophisticated foreign man and come across as HIGHLY SEXUAL guy from the get go that girls can act like sluts with like with no one before. That's the key IMO. You have to inspire them to bring their adventurous side to the surface. You have to be like human version of Las Vegas.. 'what happens with me stays with me'. Everything about you must be fun and sexy and crazy.

Examples of how to convey that:

- talk about taboo/intimacy/sexual fantasies/threesomes/etc like it's weather to you, super duper casual and 100% shameless.

- ask ALL girls when was the last time they kissed/slept with another girl [don't ask if, just fully assume that and ask when was it, it's easy to start that topic when they ask you if you have GF, ask them back if they have GF too and go from there]

- state openly how you love women in touch with their sexual side and say that any sign of prudery is turn off cause it feels like the girl is still a child not a REAL woman.

- emphasize how much you appreciate women in general and how you love to be in their presence cause they're your source of your vitality and life enthusiasm etc [watch some russel brand to get that feeling]

- never talk about anything serious like everyday life/job/school/etc, remember you're the fucking las vegas the ultimate place to let loose go all out and FORGET yourself.

- ask about girls' secret dreams etc.

- state that any girl who doesn't feel anything or is not attracted at all in any way when she sees [famous hot chick] is super weird to you cause it's impossible to not be aroused even looking at women's nice body.

- tell many times that you're sad and you need a kiss because of that and slowly go for that kiss. use any stupid excuse like "there's something wrong with my laptop i don't know hwat to do [pause] i'm so sad [pause] i need a kiss [get closer] come on [try to kiss her/them all]". you'll not get it at first of course but the point here is to hammer it again in their head that you=sex and that's how they should view you. I get my kiss this way after 3-8 attempts [her: you always try to kiss me blablabla, me:yeah i always will].

- leading hard is helpful, not aggressively, just decisively, always know what's next and where you're going, it builds massive comfort, when girls see that you know what to do next and actually do it they start submitting and stop trying to fight for their 'rights'. [logistically for example have places to go to, know where to buy some stuff, show that you solve little problems on the fly, offer solutions, organize events, merge/connect people, take charge, it's rare quality here, everybody's fucking waiting for things to happen]

- tease girls that you're scared of being along with them cause they're girls and girls always get what they want and get away with that [let's say you want to go to that dark alley in the park with girls, say "oh no we're not going there forget it, it's 4 of you and it's dark there, i'm starting to feel insecure", if done right they laugh hard and take you there right away]

- always hang out with more that 1 girl at the time. treat them all the same. give the same amount of attention. if you're at house party and you dance with one girl tell others to join you and act like a male stripper in the middle of that circle, ask if they have some cash to put it in your pants, take one girl hand and put on your neck, other girl's hand and put it on your ass, other girl's hand on your chest, encourage them to molest your body a bit. it's fun

Stuff like that. I'm sure you see what it does and what expectations it sets. You see the pattern you will come up with your own 'methods'. It may sound bit flashy but it's really not. It starts slow. You have a conversation but instead of trying to exchange resumes you charge that conversation with random stuff like you see a bartender and you mention that she's the type your you ex GF would bang. It's not about this new girl directly but still give her a little snapshot of who you are. It provokes reaction and you can take it further.

But you always have to GO FIRST, set the fucking frame and deal with objections. Don't be afraid to screen out unavailable chicks. Basically you have to present yourself from the start as Russell Brand 2.0 who keeps things fun and sexy all the time. No travel stories or cool stuff you own can make girls comfortable with getting sexual with you.

That secret society thing is rather universal. I met a girl from Bulgaria in a hostel once who wasn't biting at all at first and confronting me "do I really look to you like a unsatisfied lesbian right now?!", but I just looked her deadly in her eyes saying "yes... i've seen it before and you look exactly like that" haha, just being persistant and fun at the same time but backing off in case of real resistance. So no forcing it or trying to make her admit it just holding that frame constantly and reframing and misinterpreting objections].

Expect some resistance but it should be more lighthearted and innocent like "haha, omg, no, come on, me? never, no, haha you're crazy stop it". If it's harsh then you probably overdo it. Imposing that frame should make girls surprised and excited inside. But that's only when you're very casual about it.

Like I talked to one girl on some kind of movie set about weed/drugs, hot sex, alkohol, bad decisions, etc after 2 minutes of starting the conversation and she was all fine with it. Other girl was very curious when she heard some threesome stuff. That's because I was in full Hand Moody mode just constant innuendos and misinterpretations along with taboo/exciting topics left and right.

To me, that's the way I see it. I don't really see any other way to pimp a couple of girls at the same time. Be Las Vegas Amuse
Anyway lesbianism is not rampant in Poland like in CR or Ukraine where a dick is always welcome as well.Polish women are on the curious side and need stimulation.They may do it if you like it but you will almost never see polish girls kissing each other in the club and if they do it they are always Russian or Ukrainian.
For sure there are polish guys with harems but they are usually masterclass in local game and a foreigner can never reach this level.All this is way easier in other neighbouring countries in the East.
I don't buy that 'masterclass in local game' thing at all. It's not 'local game' or '[country] thing' that when you come across in a certain nonjudgemental way that girls feel sexually at ease around you. Girls are girls. If they label you the right way they will treat you accordingly. I'm not saying that it will last forever cause with time [again, universally] girls develop feelings and get jealous. But you definitely can string them along for some time and provide adventurous little world.

I'm quite baffled reading "foreigner can never reach this level" comment. From my experience it's waaay EASIER as a foreigner cause you have that benefit of different cultural background tattooed to you by default. So you can bullshit so much and get away with it by blaming everything on your origin/culture it's not even funny. Perfect reframe. It's as simple as saying that "that's how we are where I'm from". When they get sceptic you play surprised and bust on them hard that they just rely on stereotypes and they've never really seen/tasted real [your country]. Plus, there are some language barriers which makes the communication bit skewed which only gives more excuses to do unexpected things. When I played being foregner a couple of times I felt this weird 'permission' to do weird/funny/unexpected/edgy things [that I would feel weird as a local dude] with no qualms about the reactions.

The whole gist of my post was to be seen as that guy who girls can fool around with, who is not serious at all, who accepts girls as they are, who's super fucking fun to hang out with, who's expects nothing, etc. It takes some effort to come across that way and make girls comfortable with you.

Watch this. Take what's relevant, ignore the rest:

PS. I've seen lots of PL girls kissing each other at parties and on pictures on clubs' websites.
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