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Full Version: New Years Eve: Punta del Este (Uruguay)? Or stay here in Cordoba? Or Buenos Aires?
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Hi folks:

I am living in Cordoba, Argentina for the next few months. Some of my friends from the States are flying down to Punta del Este for New Years... and will have a nice big house with space for me if I want it. I'm debating where I want to be for New Years. I try to make my New Years memorable (last two were Havana Cuba and Vina del Mar, Chile).

I've read a few things about Punta del Este and it sounds ridiculously expensive but awesome for New Years. That being said I don't have to pay for accommodation (thanks to my friends), and I don't drink that much (and when I do, I carry a flask). I'm not sure logistics are the best considering I'm crashing on the couch in the big house. But perhaps there are other options: shower/etc...

Anyone been there recently? Or have been there for New Years? I'm thinking of Dec 29 - January 7 or so.

I speak near fluent Spanish; and am a decent looking gringo from the States. I've had the pleasure of sleeping with about 15 Argentine ladies (about 6 months of being here)

I have been in Havana and Vina del Mar for new years too.

I used to live in BsAs and have been to Punta Del Este but not at that time of year. I know an american dude who went there for NY and told me he had a blast though and PDE is really not that expensive. Not sure where you got that idea from.

I would say go.
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