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Full Version: Krabi, Thailand in January
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Anybody here ever go to Krabi, Thailand? I'm going in late January and will be staying for bit over a month. My main purpose is to go rock climbing, and to get a LOT of work done when I'm not climbing. Money is more important than everything right now, fitness is second, and chasing box is last. I plan on going after box while I'm there, but it doesn't seem like the optimal destination for that (people go there to rock climb, not really to party). From what I understand there are mostly rock climber/tourist box in Krabi (which is a good thing for me, since I'm in that demographic). Anybody have any experience in Krabi, specifically about Rai Leh and Ton Sai beach?
I spent a couple of days in Railay earlier this year and wrote about it here. I thought it was a pretty cool spot and the rock climbing was fun but I would get bored there after a few days, its too chill for my liking. I would rather stay in Krabi (Ao Nang) or even Phuket, much more going on but Phuket, especially the Patong area can be a bit intense, not great for focusing on work and non poon related activities.
Great place if you want to go something like 75% relaxation, 25% gaming. And the gaming part will mostly be on tourists (lots of Scandinavias around). Very beautiful nature and not as plastic as Phuket can feel.

I'm on my droid so I can't link it now but search for my Koh Lanta data sheet if you want even more relaxation and/or Scandinavians.
I went to Krabi a few years ago and was slightly disappointed. The guides paint a picture that doesn't quite emerge in the city.. and i can't imagine any guy wanting to game there. If you feel the same, don't hesitate to go straight to Koh Phi Phi.
Krabi Town doesn't have much going on except the awesome little night market (oyster omelettes from above) and there's a pretty happening hostel with open mic nights and an attached bar.

I lived in Ao Nang for like a month. Only banged tourist girls. It's pretty chill. You can just walk down the beach and daygame. Pickings can be slim some days though... Great place for relaxing, getting work done, and being constantly in awe of the beauty of the water and limestone cliffs. Can't wait to get back there...
Railey Beach is very good. Its just around the corner from Krabi.
Thanks for all the info so far. I think Krabi will be perfect for me. My main reason for going there is for rock climbing (I'm a serious rock climber and will be bringing my own gear). I'm planning on making a killing in 2014 (in terms of income), so partying is the last of my priorities right now... working a lot and rock climbing are my top priorities. If I get bored I'll likely just go to Bangkok (contrary to what I just said about not wanting to party).
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