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Full Version: Palestine Data Sheet
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Many of you might not get the chance to visit Palestine (don't do it only for women) but if you do there is a chance you can get laid too!

West Bank

There are many wonderful places/people in the WB, plus the food is fantastic. Traveling around is both easy and cheap.(public transport, taxis, or rental car) Nablus, Hebron, Jericho and Bethlehem are all worth trips but offer little as far as nightlife goes.


If you're looking to party and find a local girl Ramallah is your best bet. There are many bars/restaurants there but like anywhere in the middle east it's best to have a social circle. There are also many foreigners running around town that are eager to get laid.

Snowbar--is my favorite bar during the summer. It's an outdoor bar with pool, fire-pit, and couches. (open April-Nov) It's not the easiest place to game but drinks are stiff and one of my favorite bars anywhere as you're in the woods. The pool also provides late night swimming if you're game..... anything goes at snowbar as the owner only cares about people having a good time!!!!

Beit Anessa---good place in town, offers a good atmosphere to game local women you don't know. has both indoor and outdoor seating.... also sometimes has live music.

La Vie---- decent place to grab a beer/dinner, sometimes they have parties but it's a pretty laid back place.

there are many other bars/restaurants around town...some are good for food but many lack a good atmosphere to game.


If you happen to make it to Gaza then consider yourself lucky. I don't advise fucking with women here unless you truly understand the middle east and the culture. With that said Gazan women do like foreign men and it is possible but you have to be very careful and don't be seen together all the time.

NO BOOZE IN GAZA! so basically you have a bunch of cafes for food/coffee. they all serve the same food and really aren't anything special. The local food in Gaza is good but that's not what they serve at the cafes.... There are a couple of fish restaurants that are very good, if you're there don't miss Abu Hassira.

In general don't forget that Palestinians have been occupied for many years and life is difficult even for the elite. Palestinians are very hospitable and you'll have a good time even if you don't get laid. Don't be afraid to ask people for help or striking up a conversation with a local at a bar or on a bus.

If you don't get laid your stomach will be satisfied with the local food so eat all you can!

this is my first post... hope it's helpful to someone
Always wanted to go there.

What is the situation like for tourism?
you won't have any problems... there are many interesting historical things to see and all bigger cities have hotels. the only major problem with Palestine are the Israeli soldiers/checkpoints
(12-04-2013 06:35 PM)CamelToe Wrote: [ -> ]Ramallah

If you're looking to party and find a local girl Ramallah is your best bet.

I know you mean well, but to say the truth the only real party town around is Tel Aviv. I know that Ramallah has a lot more than people think, but if you are around, the country(ies) is so small that you could take a cab to Damascus Gate and jump to a bus to the White City.

You can even find some Pals from everywhere going around bars in Tel Aviv if you look hard enough.
@marksoc.... have you ever even been to ramallah? sure tel aviv offers more but ramallah has plenty to do and there is no reason you couldn't occupy a night if around....... plus Palestinian women are better in bed than israelis.... they give 100% all the time and fuck like rabbits
The Middle East is a place that I can see myself visiting in the distant future when chasing poon and getting wasted are less of a priority for me. I love the food (falafel, shish taouk, tabouleh, etc), smoking shisha and there's tons of interesting historical sites to visit. I'll probably post a data sheet on the region in 2040 or so. OP good data sheet, +1 from me.
Excellent timing for this!

What's the procedure for going into Palestine, or rather the West Bank specifically? Every time I've inquired from someone I get a convoluted answer that's more political than practical.

Should a passport not be stamped upon flying into TLV? Is it difficult to get back to Israel after having gone to any part of Palestine?

Any info would be massively helpful.
there are no passport controls or checkpoints upon entering the WB.... there are israeli military checkpoints throughout the WB but you won't have any problems at these. there are also israeli checkpoints upon leaving WB but you shouldn't have any problems with these either

i don't recommend you tell the israelis at the airport that you are planning to visit the WB..... they don't like this and could refuse your entry.... once you're in you are free to do as you like and nobody will try and deport you for visiting the WB

the israelis aren't stamping passports anymore but that doesn't matter as everyone that visits the WB goes through an israeli controlled border so palestinians don't care
Thats good news about the israelis not stamping the passport anymore.

One of the first questions I was aksed at immigrations in Tel Aviv was if I was planning on visiting the West Banks.
Just tell them no.
Also I had stamps from tunis, egypt, morocco and other arabic countries in my passport and got asked alot about these....when , how, who, why ....

As Cameltoe said, once inn, you will have no problem moving around. I went to the WB and there where no stamping passport, just alot of security checkpoints, everybody getting off the bus, passport control, backpack control and alittle eyeballing.

If you go, spend some time talking and listening to'll get a better insight of the whole situation.
If you want party and nightlife Tel Aviv is the place.

I've been to the West Bank (Ramallah, Bethlehem, Nablus, and Hebron). The food is indeed excellent. Safety is not a problem either. I went to Ramallah like three times actually since it's so close to Jerusalem. I don't recommend the WB for game but Ramallah does have some decent spots to relax and smoke shisha. There's one hilariously named spot called Stars & Bucks with a logo identical to the actual Starbucks, which in the US would be a lawsuit waiting to happen. S&B serves dope Middle Eastern food and shisa and plays party music. Most of the people there are in social circle and some of the girls are cute for sure. The problem with the West Bank though is logistics. The hotels aren't good quality and they are overpriced. There's no ONS culture either and you can't bring chicks back to your hotel anyway.

I recommend checking out the WB if you're ever in Israel, but mainly to check out history and to see how Palestinians live over there if you're curious. Getting there is easy. Just go to Jerusalem's bus depot and get on one of the many buses going to Ramallah. There will be an Israeli soldier checking IDs on the bus at some point but you just need to show your passport. From Ramallah, there are tons of vans and taxis to go anywhere else in the WB. You don't even need to change your currency because the WB uses the Israeli Shekel as well.

The only issue is coming back from Ramallah to Jerusalem. You have to enter through the Qalandia checkpoint which allows people to pass one at a time through a maze-like series of security points. A computer-voice directs you from one point to the next until you finally arrive at a booth where an Israeli agent speaks to you from behind a glass wall. If you're a foreigner though you will have no problem. Just present your passport and in you go. No questions. But going through the process is real because you can witness firsthand the daily humiliation Palestinians deal with whenever they travel between the two places.
Hmm.... Palestinian flag.

Who would have thought that was even possible?

I didn't even think they had working bars etc, I assumed from the news (and my own ignorance) that it's just kids climbing over destroyed concrete and being shot at by Israelis.

Good to hear it's not like that - a brilliant idea to check it out.
My Uncle is from Ramallah, so he has a lot of really personal stories from living there. I've always been very interested in the politics of the West Bank, but that is a topic for a different thread.

Uncle actually invited me to go hunting with him in Jordan in 2015, so hopefully I'll have some good stories to report back.
(12-09-2013 09:09 AM)Vendetta Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm.... Palestinian flag.

Who would have thought that was even possible?

If you're Jewish, you would think it rather difficult. But then Larry David managed:

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