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Full Version: To Live in Prague
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I'm looking at Prague as a potential new home for both myself and my business.

Currently based in Sweden, but it's just feeling a bit too cold, feminist and expensive to continue to justify living here. So I'm now looking at cheaper but equally sexually appealing destinations.

My income is location-independent - so a city with lower living costs is perfect for me, regardless of local employment opportunities.
While I am attracted by a number of cities in Poland and the Baltics, the relative internationalization has swayed me towards Prague.

So, a few questions for anyone who has lived there longer term:

1) Are quality local girls a closed-shop to foreigners?

I've been there 2 times on short breaks, both times I only banged Western or Pole backpacker girls. Czech girls in Prague were outstanding but with colossal bitch shields. Does living there long-term ease that stigma at all?

2) What kind of monthly lifestyle expenditure would the outgoing bachelor require?
My intended monthly lifestyle spend is around $3000, circa $1500 rent. Is this enough to maintain a lifestyle that is noticeably above most of the other young (mid-20s) expats in the area?

3) Is the business infrastructure comparable to Western cities?
Besides the need for high-speed internet, communications, etc. I post a fair bit of business mail to the US & EU. Not urgent, but I like it to be within 10 days delivery time.

Any advice from guys who know the city is greatly appreciated!
I found this useful, but you can maybe ask the original poster more questions -
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