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Full Version: Los Angeles....late January
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I am in LA for business in late Jan 2014 and would like to seriously improve on my more recent trips where I have tended to pick the wrong places to go, and ended up with more duds than a Tom Jones concert.

I have extensive life experience, can hold my own in any conversation, am well dressed, well spoken, well presented, extremely dry sense of humour and need some nights out where I am not forced to buy two drinks for myself at once to try and keep my seat. Age wise I pass for 33-35, and consider myself an excellent wingman.

First post here after extensive reading, and just being allowed posting access. I am staying near the walk of fame.

Message me if keen to hit some bars with an Aussie wingman.
If you got your shit together why do you need anyone? JUST KIDDING. Biggrin

Best way would be to post on this thread.

Bootz, welcome to the forum, I am just messing. I would hit up some guys on the LA thread for suggestions, etc.

I work too much and don't really know the places to hit. But that thread should provide you some good info.

Plus you got the accent...lucky bastard!
I live in LA so I could recommend some places and give a little advice.

Your #1 enemies are logistics and expense.

Are you staying in a centrally located hotel/apartment? LA is huge even with a car.

The best place for women is the West LA/Santa Monica area near the beach so make sure your residence is located there. Lots of bars, recreation stuff to do on the Santa Monica Pier.

You also might want to try some online things craigslist, OKC, POF--saying you are just traveling through LA for a quick period and want to meet new exciting women. See if you can pipeline any potential leads ahead of time.

LA is expensive--santa monica/West LA bars really gyp you good on drinks and food. 2 watered down cocktails easily cost $25-$30. I stick with beer.

Advantages of LA--very diverse pickings--stupid white girls (I am white so I can say this with authority), lots of latinas, Asians, blacks, etc. So you will have an easy time finding what you fancy. To be honest--just on my experience alone--Latinas, blacks, and Asians are easier than feminist white sluts.

Tip Get use to fat chicks walking around displaying their fat rolls with pride--even at the beach.
Check the Los Angeles thread. Tons of data.

Also check out McQueen's Hollywood Data Sheet.
(12-06-2013 07:01 PM)Flavius Aetius Wrote: [ -> ]Tip Get use to fat chicks walking around displaying their fat rolls with pride--even at the beach.

Harsh but true.
Thanks Guys. Even though I may have my "shit" together in some regards, I still have far too many dud nights in places where I should be enjoying myself. I am staying very close to the walk of fame and understand the logistical nightmare.

I was trying to post in the Meetups forum but botched that right up. Might be worth posting in the LA forum as the date approaches.
I hope you have a blast when you are here. Hopefully, it warms up. Fucking wore a sweatshirt to bed last night. Sad
McQueen, that was some Hollywood data sheet and should give me a decent start on the planning. Roosevelt Hotel looking a very likely starter at this stage, but from there who knows. I live in probably the best climate on earth, but there are only so many 100F+ days you can handle so some cold a welcome relief.

Very new here so no rep as yet, but if any members are keen to catch up please message me.
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