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Full Version: gothenburg winter review
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First some generic facts about the girls:

They go out in the night even at negative temperatures, clubs are packed of them. During the day you don't see many girls.

If a girl finds you attractive she will without any shame look at you and even say "hi" while you are just walking in the streets, it happened to me several times day and night. In a off weekend night i approached two girls in such situation and they brought me to a big party.

Girls are very firendly and nice, say anything anywhere, even in the bus stop and a conversation is likely to happen and they won't even ask why you are speaking english or where you are from.

Most girls there are just average for europe standards but they are all slim and blonde, hard to see any fat ones. Sweden having the best looking girls is surely just a myth.

They don't really have the reputation concept, so ONSs are easier but they are not sluts by any means. The girls will properly behave and even tend to be romantic.

I went to a lot of pubs and clubs, so i will just tell the best and worst i've been:


Sticky fingers: My first "flag" was put there. It is actually the coolest night club i've been to. The subterranean is a heavy metal pub, the first floor has a bar and a dance floor that will play mostly indie rock, the third one has a big dance floor that will play mostly electronic and rock and then there is forth floor just with a bar and a mezzanine. It is dead off weekends except if they have some big rock band playing, but completely packed on weekends. Some polish sluts, avoid those. You don't need much game at SF, also girls may approach you.

Pustervik: Looking from outside it is just a small pub, but they have a big dance floor. It is a place to go off weekends as on weekends it is mostly live music. I went there on mondays and thursdays, lots of nice girls, but it is not crazy like Sticky Fingers.


Scottish Pub: a pub close to Avenyn with a small dance floor. Most girls there are ugly and not looking for fun.

Park Lane: I could not enter at all, the place is xenophobic. It seems they won't let non-europeans in. I'm european but that day i was with my Brazilian passport only. I was talking to the security and he asked me to enter himself, then i showed my passport and he changed his mind. Saying that i looked drunk, it was a lot more offensive than the xenophobia itself.

The city:

It looks decent and you can go anywhere walking if you want so, but i used the tram system to go everywhere. So don't worry much about accomodation location, it does not matter. Suburbs may be distant, but anywhere in the areas around the city center is ok, except in the north which is already a URSS-like suburb with no nightly transport.

Most events happening anyday are listed here:
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Ive always thought that Gothenburg would be a nice place to set up for awhile being decent sized and less uppity as Stockholm from all reports and a higher % of students. Met some Swedes in Afghanistan who recommended it.
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