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Full Version: Swooping abroad without speaking the language
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When you go abroad and you don't speak the language, do you do well with the local women despite the language barrier? Do you just focus on English-Speakers?

I feel like some guys want to show up in a country without understanding the culture or language, and expect to swoop using nothing but unfiltered swag.

Commendable idea but I feel like usually people either succeed by finding English-speakers or speaking the local language.

But I'm interested to hear if people really have just gone in cold, didn't know what the fuck was going on, and still picked up locals with no real language in common.
It all just depends where you are and if they speak your native language. In medellin I'll tell you that you're gonna have a hard time getting laid by non pros if you don't speak Spanish. It seems to only be spoken by maybe one and ten or fifteen people, if that. In 2nd and 3rd tier Brazilian cities it will also be hard. In São Paulo or rio however, it shouldn't be a huge problem. I would guess in the Philipenes it would be fairly easy as it seems most people speak English there.
It depends on the city or country, but I've never left a country without feeling that I missed opportunities that I could have capitalized on or capitalized on better if I had put more emphasis on language skills. Never.
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