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I figure I'd make this topic now since it's less than 4 months until the festivities. Hopefully no floods hit during my 10 days there. Wink
Haha it's a bit early but i guess it's all good.
Time to start making plans for this. Anyone going wanna meet up?
I'll be heading down from Edmonton this year.
Damn how did I not know about this !? Granted I'm from California, I just went to Stagecoach !
Keep me posted on this guys as I'm very interested for this year!
I should probably do a data sheet for Calgary and the Stampede for 2014...
Did you last year? If how was it?
(05-01-2014 12:23 AM)Vacancier Permanent Wrote: [ -> ]Kinjutsu,
Did you last year? If how was it?
I'm updating some of the info as it will not be applicable this year
(05-01-2014 02:26 PM)kinjutsu Wrote: [ -> ]I'm updating some of the info as it will not be applicable this year

Looking forward to this.

Any chance you add some tips on cheap accommodation?
Yeah for sure. It's something i could've gone into much more detail from last time.
Me and a couple of my boys will be down there one of the two weekends this summer.

Highly recommend the Cowboys inner and bigtop parties, absolute killer times last year.
About a month away now. Got a decent place near 17 Ave. SW that's within walking distance to the grounds, so logistics shouldn't be an issue. I'm a little undecided about how much time I should be spending at the actual grounds, though. There seems to be some disagreement on that from previous topics.
July 4-13 in case anyone is wondering. Might make it down if I am off work.
(06-05-2014 04:47 PM)Atlantic Wrote: [ -> ]July 4-13 in case anyone is wondering. Might make it down if I am off work.

Nice. I should have the first weekend off work so I plan on going.
Hey Guys,

I joined a while back but I haven't posted anything yet. so this is my first post. I have been here for about 6 months reading the good stuff this site has to offer. I am so new here and just starting to learn the game. I dont know anything about game (I am reading a lot about it). If you like to hang out let me know. Not sure how old you guys are but If you want to meet send me a message. I wouldnt mind learning from the pros here Smile. We can set up a Roosh V Calgary Stampede Team hah.

Will be down for the first weekend, let me know if you'll be down for july 4-6, and we'll meet up!
I might be down depends if I get 2 weeks off
I'll do my best to record the stuff I encounter on this trip. There are some informative previous topics but not many people seemed to have a ton of experiences other than scotian/BIGINJAPAN.
I've got about a week left here, but I want to give people an idea of my experiences so far.


I'm pretty much a beginner black dude in his 20's. Decided to hit up Calgary since I had heard about Stampede previously and enjoy going around Canada despite not getting my flag yet.

Day 1

After some issues of getting to Toronto for a connecting flight, I finally reach Calgary 6 hours later than I wanted to. I had plans to meet up with some guys from this forum but got into town way too late for that, so I went to my apartment in the Uptown section of Calgary and prepped up for a night out along 17 Ave. SW. This section of Calgary seems pretty well-off and there's definitely somewhat of a hipster presence although not everyone is hipster. If you like white girls, this city is paradise since there's no shortage of them. The quality varies, but it's not bad at all.

The first place I went to was Ship and Anchor, which is a bar with tables, a small outdoor area, and some more personal spaces. I approached a set of two girls as soon as I entered, maybe about a 6 each in looks. The conversation was decent but didn't really result in anything and they turned away, not really interested. The next two girls I approached simply blew me off immediately, so that obviously wasn't good.

At this point it was past midnight and so I decided to check out another place further west on 17 Ave. On the walk I encounter these two girls who I click with a bit, but they're overly concerned about finding a bathroom in McDonald's (go figure) and go away. Meanwhile, I reach Morgan's Pub, which is the only place I've experienced a cover at so far. It was full of older people and not really good, so I left quickly. Nearby Jameson's Pub had a younger crowd, but the sets I approached there also blew me off. Seeing I had little to work with, and the drowsiness was approaching after hours of traveling, I went to sleep around 2 AM.

Day 2

After a nice sleep, I prep up for my bar crawl. I had taken the advice of some people in the previous topic and got a ticket for it well before. I had to go all the way to Ranchman's for the start of my bar crawl, and got there in the right amount of time. Quite a bit of talent, but nothing really different from typical Calgary fare. Girls stuck to their groups as usual, but I disregarded them for a bit and talked with one of the girls that sold beer away from the bar (anyone who's been to stampede knows about the little ice containers with drinks). It turns out she's originally form Montréal and we have a conversation about that. Unfortunately, some people who want beer come over and I can't get her number with my bus about to leave. She was about a 7 I'd say.

On the bus it's a fun crowd, but nothing crazy. I chat with this group of girls and I would later run into them in the next places, but they don't really bite at all. Marquee, Cowboy's, and Roadhouse were the next places on the tour, and the most notable events were me getting the number of an Australian chick (dead-end as it turned out), meeting this cute girl with braces whose number I should've gotten, and running into this crazy married woman from somewhere else in Alberta. Stampede attracts quite an age range and many of the people I met were from BC, Alberta, or one of the eastern provinces. Very few people that worked in Calgary were originally from there; and even though some were impressed I came from New York, it did little for me. The oil certainly creates a strange dynamic in this boomtown-like place.

Day 3

After yesterday's bar crawl, I pretty much spend most of my day in one of the local coffee shops. Unfortunately for me, the place isn't very populated and no one is really staying. I eventually leave and get ready for a 50 Cent concert that's going to happen at the Cowboy's tent. I had gotten the ticket for free and figured it would be a decent idea to go. That turned out not to be really the case as the staff let in way too many people for the concert. Everyone was pretty much packed together in tight quarters and little movement but lots of pushing was going on. The concert performance was actually good but this lasted until about 12 when a whole host of ridiculous events broke out. A bunch of cops and security swarmed in and the concert stopped while people quickly got out of there. Something involving canine units apparently; and I did notice a few fights break out. Not my kind of crowd, as if that wasn't already obvious by the lack of receptive girls in the place. 17 Ave. was dead, so that was the end of this day.
A wing and I were down in Calgary for about 12 hours on Saturday. Lots of talent, but lots of boyfriends as well. We probably opened a good 30+ sets and over 60 girls in combination of the Cowboy's tent and internal nightclub. Crazy night, lots of make-out sessions, but no pull. Comparing to last year, very similar atmosphere, a little better in terms of ratios (as we went end of the week last year), and always just as fun.
Nice report, was that a "Bust Loose" bus pub crawl you went on? I haven't been on one but apparently they're pretty fun to hit up. I haven't partied much in Calgary in awhile so I'm not up on the hot spots as far as the clubs go but I highly recommend checking out "Nashville North" which is a huge beer tent on the Stampede grounds that gets really packed, so you have to get there early, the earlier the better and I've heard of people lining up there at 10am to get in, bring a small bottle of booze for the line.

There's usually also beer tents set up around down town, I'm not sure exactly where but its usually among the skyscrapers, ask around and if you can find one, definitely hit one of those up. Also, if you haven't already got one, I would suggest getting a cowboy hat to fit in with the crowds, maybe even a big belt buckle, you can find those at Lammle's Western Wear, there's one over at Chinook Mall. Actually you should hit up that mall anyway, its on the C-Train line (39 street I think) and there'll be some decent day game opportunities there. Another part of town that I always liked to hit up for breakfast or lunch is Kensington which is just across the river from downtown, its also accessible by the C-Train (Sunnyside station), lots of restaurants, pubs and boutique shops there too, a decent day game location.

Other than that, sounds like you're doing well and hitting up some decent clubs like Ranchmans, Cowboys, etc. I would avoid the hipster places like Ship and Anchor and as far as I can remember, Morgans has always been a heavy metal bar. There's a few decent bars along Stephen ave to check out in the afternoons, but overall, I think the Stampede grounds themselves would be the best places to be in the afternoons. Just keep approaching and talking to people, most Canadians are generally pretty friendly, especially to foreigners during the Stampede so just keep striking up random conversations, also its good to be as high energy as possible, maybe drink some red bulls throughout the night or buy some blow haha to keep the party going. I don't usually dole out much game advice on here but I'd say that since its Stampede, I would escalate quicker and not just go for the number because people's plans change and a lot of them have commitments with friends, I would go for the instadate during the day and try to get them back in your "air conditioned" hotel to relax, or at night, isolate the girl from her friends and go for the make out and keep escalating until she's back at your hotel riding you cow girl!

Good luck and have fun!
It was "Bust Loose" scotian.

Day 4

Without question my worst day for far. It began with me making the mistake of heading to Nashville North in the afternoon, and the place never really became populated until the evening or so. I chatted with this group of people for a while including one of the coolest guys I've ever met (had to be older than 60). It actually worked for a little as he pulled these two somewhat attractive 20-something's to the table. One of them offers to teach me how to "two-step" (a dance done just about everywhere) and I pick it up on a basic level pretty quickly. Unfortunately, this is the first of a few instances where I'm just not aggressive enough in escalating and she goes away. My past levels of gutlessness reared its ugly head the rest of that evening and I was pretty damn hesitant to approach anything. Thankfully that didn't last the next two days.

Day 5

I begin this day by heading up to the Stephen Ave. walk for lunch. The area is definitely the most congested place I've seen other than the bars and tents. Almost everybody is on some outdoor patio drinking, eating, or just examining the sights. Eventually, I head out of there and go to watch the soccer game, which turned out to be Brazil not showing up. And once that's over with, I prep for my "redemption" night at Nashville North. This time, I don't get there until around 7 and head right onto the dance floor. Unlike the previous night, I've got no fear or feelings of rejection, and I'd say I danced with about 10-15 different females. For whatever reason I never thought about escalating with any of them, and it's quite the nuisance as just about every girl is part of a group. I start to think a wingman is somewhat of a necessity during these things, even if most people are on some significant level of drunkenness. Overall a pretty fun night.

Day 6

I spend the day meeting up with an old friend of mine and then watching the Argentina/Netherlands game. My plan for this day is to take a trip to Ranchman's, which is annoying to get to from Uptown, but well worth the trip as it turned out. I get inside about 10 or so and even though the place isn't quite packed yet, there's certainly enough to a vibe to at least have some fun. I would say I actually talked with about 3 or 4 sets of girls while in there, but that doesn't include anyone I approached on the dance floor. And quite frankly, only one of the girls in any of those groups danced with me.

The two most notable girls I danced with basically knocked into my head that I haven't been escalating enough at this point. The first one was in a group of girls, but I managed to pull her away from her friends for a few songs. We share a few tongue kisses before she goes away to rejoin her friends. This one wasn't as bad as the next opportunity I had, where I was actually approached by this taller girl in her late-20's who had been living in Calgary for a while. She wanted me to teach her how to "two-step" and she was clearly somewhat drunk and seemingly not with anyone else. For some bonehead reason, I never do escalate with her and she kisses me herself...and then leaves. The first one was probably a 6 but the second one close to an 8 I'd say.

Three more days left in Calgary and nothing to really show for it, but I think I'm getting there. I'm leaving out some little logistical things that come into play but I'll put that at the end of the next report.
Another nice report, looks like I"m 1/2 on the Stampede advice, I figured Nashville North would have been more packed but glad to hear that Stephen Ave was bumping. It does kind of suck rolling solo at times because you don't have a buddy to push you to be more outgoing and approach groups together but keep going for it. I'd recommend a half day or day trip out to Banff if you can rent a car or I'm sure there's some kind of shuttles to take you there, you can be in down town Banff from down town Calgary within two hours, definitely a decent place to check out for a few hours. Have fun.
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