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Full Version: Opening girls in the market square
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Every time I am in the center of a European city, it strikes me that nowhere else would you get such a concentration of cute young girls. But it's kind of tough to nut to crack when it comes to approaching, targets are on the move, a lot of sets come in pairs and threes, etc.

I've tried a few things like the Roosh's patented pet shop opener, with some success. Also tried the lost foreigner guy looking for a place bit but the circumstances of them going somewhere makes it a bit hard to hook them too.

Was wondering what have you guys tried that tended to work well? Situation includes girls walking past you, in front of you, off in the distance. Girls sitting on the bench, maybe waiting for someone. two-sets, three sets, etc.
It is quite simple. You have to stop the girls from walking. There are guys who can do that by charisma blocking the space.I used an Albanian guy in CR with huge success I mean he could stop every group of girls we met I did the talking and we got 100% phone numbers. is what you want
(04-12-2014 09:16 AM)dontuan Wrote: [ -> ]girls walking past you

Turn and follow.

Speed up and and get alongside of her.

When you are one step ahead of her, casually look over you shoulder and open her.

"you look nice today"
"nice dress"
"hey hows your shopping going"

Or, do a Krauser style stop.

(04-12-2014 09:16 AM)dontuan Wrote: [ -> ]in front of you

In front of you and walking in the same direction as you?

Same as above. (speed up and get along side her or speed up and stop her)

In front of you and walking in the opposite direction?

Step into her path, hold out your hand, and say "excuse me, can I ask you something?"

Or, let her pass you, then turn and catch up like I described above.

(04-12-2014 09:16 AM)dontuan Wrote: [ -> ]off in the distance

Walk faster to catch up to her. Cross the street, run, etc. Whatever it takes.

(04-12-2014 09:16 AM)dontuan Wrote: [ -> ]Girls sitting on the bench

I get out my phone and have a fake phone call with myself. Then, I sit down and quickly end the phone call, As soon as I end the call, I open her.

(04-12-2014 09:16 AM)dontuan Wrote: [ -> ]two-sets, three sets, etc.

I usually just walk alongside them and open one of them using some sort of situational observation about their clothes or something.
Past you.You have to stop them.Physically block 80% of her way not being however too intimidating.
In front of you.If she walks fast you do not have any chance.If she walks slowly you have to catch her walk for 1 minute next to her and then start talking to her while walking in same pace(classic Russian method,slavic chicks when they want to be hit slow pace).
Sitting on the bench.Very easy.Just stand next to her in a 60 degrees angle then move your head a bit to the back and talk to her.If she has interest she will bow her head to you to hear what you tell even stand up sometimes.
Two sets it depends on the dynamic of the set.If both girls are interested you have to talk 70% to the one and 30% to the other.Never talk to one more than 1 minute before swithcing to the other.If there are three girls you stand opposite to them in the centre of a circle so that you have the same distance to everyone of them and you talk to all of them at the same time.
If they invite you to sit with them you have to sit between the two girls.I usually start caressing both of them(hands,thighs etc) after some time.
I think what Gio said is definitely solid.

When I was in Poland, I was introduced to the yadstop.

It requires a degree of aggression and determination, and obviously not all of my attempts went well.
Krauserpua/Gio have got it right. I've approached 100 girls in a week in a certain square in Europe. Thing to remember is that the square is so busy that it refreshes every 10 minutes. It's amazing, I love it and I do the 'yadstop'
Hey its finally feeling like springtime in Europe and I'm seeing more and more cuties are coming outside in droves so I figured it would be a good time to fire up this thread again.

So I been checking out the old town center in Bucharest the last couple days and basically here's the scenarios I see most often:

- Girls walking with a friend or friends

- Girls seated outside at a cafe drinking beer with a friend or friends

- Once in a while, but rarely, a girl walking by herself but moving fast because she's headed somewhere.

- Girls inside shops browsing items.

Alright, so I wanted to get you guy's suggestions for effective methods for approaching, opening, routines, insta-dates etc. I'll also add to this thread as I come across and test these tactics Idea
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