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Full Version: Eastern Europe trip 1 - Warsaw
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New poster here - just came back from Warsaw (3 days), visiting a friend, and decided to share my experience.

Twenty-six years old, born in the US and living in the UK now. I am fairly good looking and was in a long term relationship with a former elite models girl for three years. We broke up a short time ago. I have always enjoyed picking up girls. I do not get a particular thrill out of having sex with a girl, but I enjoy the process and game that lead towards it. A lot of people can pick up a random girl every night. Call it a little queer, but I get a lot of utility out of giving a girl the most amazing night she will remember.

As mentioned in the thread subject, I had never been to Eastern Europe before this trip. I was aware of the somewhat negative views on Warsaw, but decided to give it a try. A bit naive, I expected all Eastern European girls to fall for me by just snapping my fingers. Even though my trip has been pleasant, my experience with Warsaw was far from feeling like a demigod.

Saturday during the day
Just arrived very early on Saturday and wanted to see the city. Visited the highlights of Warsaw and girls I casually talked to seemed pretty open and chatty. I did not make any moves on them, but it already caught my attention that girls were not very big on making eye contact on the street. Waitresses were flirty, but they did not seem to distinguish between good looking guys and Quasimodo.

Saturday early night
Before we decided to seriously start clubbing, we hit a few bars on what was supposedly the main street for bars (not clubs). Walked in and out a few bars and they all seemed quite boring to me - no girl was probably above 5 and the guys were equally ugly. A far bars later (around 22:00), we decided to sit down for a few drinks and get wasted before we continued to a club. There were quite a few 6 - low 7's in the bar and chatted up to them a little. I had some fun conversations but they did not seem to go anywhere. In fact, one of them bluntly shut me off within 2 seconds. I do not want to come across as arrogant, but this very rarely happens to me in the US and the UK. Then, a big 9 joined the bar. Same approach / routine I often use in the US and UK, but struck out within two minutes again ("I am going to continue my conversation with my friend now, thank you very much").

Clubbing post 12
Despite my preference to go to DeLite or Platinium, most of my friends wanted to go to Opera and decided not to make a deal out of it. The same thing happened again, approached around 4 - 5 girls but got shut out within 5 minutes all the time. I was puzzled (admittedly, I got some distinct pleasure out of the fact that neither of these girls was hooking up with anybody at the end of the night).
The sixth girl (solid 7) went better, but was not much harder than a penalty in soccer. Kissed within 10 minutes and she asked me whether she could go home with me. I did not want to leave yet so I declined. Admittedly, she was quite drunk. I changed my routine a little with this girl, talked very little and relied on non-verbal communication (dance / short sentences / etc). In the next hour, I danced a bit without too many approaches and made out with one other girl.
Around 3:30, I approached a very cute girl. I'd give her an 8 in terms of pure attractiveness, but there was something about her. We had quite a fun conversation, danced, laughed, but she seemed reluctant to kiss me ("my ex boyfriend is here and he is definitely going to put up a fight"). I did not care too much, but in the end we exchanged numbers and I went home. Texted her when I got back in the hotel (I was leaving Monday morning 5 am, so had to be fast), not expecting a response but surprisingly she texted that she had a great time and wanted to see me again. We arranged dinner for Sunday night.

Dinner went smoothly. Her English was good, I showed genuine interest in her life and culture, and she stayed over in my hotel. I will spare you the details, but it was awesome.

Takeaways and conclusions
Perhaps I was in Warsaw for too short to get a good picture, but these are my conclusions:
- It is much harder to pick up girls in Warsaw than I expected. If you are expecting to go in as a demigod (like I did), you will be headed for disappointment.
- Take some time to learn the language and culture a little, girls seem to appreciate it.
- Do not talk too much in a club. Even though most of them speak English at a reasonable level, it is difficult for them to understand you in a loud environment. I had a feeling some girls shut me out because they did not understand what I was saying.
- Girls are less materialistic than I thought. I dress well, own an expensive watch and generally look like I have money. Girls seemed not to be very sensitive about this (less than in London).
- Stay away from Opera.
Was thinking of hitting up Warsaw for a little while over summer, hear its one of only a couple of Polish cities that are popping this time of year.

What were the ratios like? How large was the average group of girls? Were the girls actively drinking?
I appreciate the info. I think for a guy to get laid in three days without relying on cheap a ONS suggests that it isn't too bad a place for pulling.
Quote:What were the ratios like? How large was the average group of girls? Were the girls actively drinking?

I did not pay a lot of attention to this, but Opera definitely had more guys than girls inside. Girls were generally with pairs of two, which can be quite tricky. Again, I do not think one night out is representative for the city.
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