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Full Version: Denton, Texas
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What do people know about Denton, the college town north of Dallas?

Recently, a friend I met in DR said that it seemed like the ratios were great up there, and that it was a laid back vibe.

I have known some smart and good-looking girls that went to school there. No guys.
The ratios are great down here, I live about 20 minutes away.

Lots of girls, too many betas and douchebros in addition to the hippies and hipsters. Dress well and you're top 95% here.

The great thing is that most bars are within walking distance, they're located on Fry Street next to the local university, UNT. There are bunch of girls, a bunch! Student population is 38K.

The hardest thing is getting your logistics in place, hotels are far away (15 minute drive), there's no uber, cops are out on Fry Street right after it closes at 2am, and there's no AirBNB here.

Best place the find sororosluts, Public House, it's a bar on Fry Street.

There a lot of music events going on here all the time, it's called mini-austin.

Question, how did you meet up this guy? I'm curious UNT has been dropped in the DR.
There are TWO major universities The University of North Texas ( and Texas Women's University ('s_University) they're both majority female. UNT has a very good music and arts programs while TWU has a large nursing, allied health, premed programs, both schools geared toward female majors. I heard of the mini Austin thing before and that would be a good way to describe it but it's a lot cheaper and geared more toward the under 25 crowd.
Everything the Rustler said is bang on. Fun, great girls, cool scene etc...but logistics blow.

Girls originally from say nearby Corinth, Highland Village, Argyle and Lewisville are typically pretty/slutty too. Lots of divorced chicks & strippers living around that area.
TWU is also known as TLU (Texas Lesbians University), it carries the reputation of having 3 main types of students there:

Right now it's summer and Public House is packed and the street barely walkable, during regular school reason you can't even walk around.
9 shots, 4 captain and cokes......32 dollars.

You might also want to hit up the Square if you're looking for a more "older" crowd. There are some bars around the square and the Wells Fargo building next to Fuzzies. I think the street is called Industrial.

There's a lot of construction going on right now so thing should improve but logistics will still blow. There's an apartment complex crossing fry street and another complex across industrial, they're both new (less than a year old).

I just found the perfect business idea!
Before I even went to Dominican Republic, I was living in Texas. I might be going back there to work for awhile to save up money. I was in Austin, but I'm considering other cities. My first girlfriend went to college in Denton, so I've been there a few times. Its been many many years, but the ratios seemed very favorable. And I like hippy chicks, so....
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