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Full Version: Honestly, do you even need to try to get pussy
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if you travel to one of those classic "Spring Break/bro's and ho's destinations. You know, Vegas or any "resort" type of vacation in places likeCancun, the Caribbean, etc. It is my understanding that these places are basically filled with drunken ho's letting random guys fuck and motorboat them right in the loaded resort pools in the middle of the day.
Dude... all your recent posts are looking really similar.
Be wary of the ban hammer.

You're post count isnt high enough to be making a million threads a minute.

You're here... what answer do you want?
Game will always surpass no game, as a good lifestyle will always surpass a boring ass dude.

Yeah, it may be easier in a location where sluttery is not just accepted, its expected. But the dude with game, gym bod, and cash... is still gonna outdo the others.

The goal isn't just to have sex, its to have a better life.
You want to surpass worrying about getting laid and focus on how you get laid, what you do between lays, and being happy in every aspect of life.
That's the goal.
Stop worrying about percentages, ratios, the attractiveness to not need game, etc.

Its always better to self improve, in every aspect of life. This forum is about making the effort and doing it... not discussing guys who don't have to.

If you're wondering if you're hot enough to not need game, then you aren't, because you clearly aren't happy with the level of pussy you're pulling, so you're gonna need something to up it. And that something is game and lifestyle.
And every week can't be spring break, but you can be confident in your game till the day you die.

I would chill on the thread creation for a bit.

If you look at the ones you've created already, you're over-analyzing or trying to find short cuts/make excuses for yourself, and it comes off like a Troll
About the OP and Tarleton that was banned just last month.

Both users said that they came across as creepy, had an angry face and made a huge amount of postings in the beginning. Tarleton got banned, then 'Kxty33' came across as soon as a new account could be activated, if created when Tarleton was banned. Furthermore, both users have a habit of calling others' here by their name instead of quoting. None of them seems to give out any likes.

All this surely can't just be a coincedence?
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