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Full Version: How much money needed - New guy needs basic summary
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Hey guys. Been reading a ton of stuff here on the forum for awhile silently.

In the meantime I've managed to build up my online business - getting bored as fuck here in the US and need to start enjoying the fruits of my labor.

I make consistent $1500/month , location independent, so I can pretty much go anywhere and keep that money coming in with a decent net connection (5mb down, 1mb up)


1. Is there anywhere in Europe/EE that is affordable enough on that budget? I'm talking a decent pad, good logistics for pulling and daygame, large or large-er city.

2. With SEA, what is the best way to access my money there? ATMs, banks? Obviously my online income doesn't do me any good if I can't access it while there without hassle

with 1500 usd month in EE I guess you could only have a slightly above average quality of life. Better to try in second tier Ukraine places (maybe also second tier Russia would do, but then visa could be an issue), I don't think in the EU you could possibly have a nice "player lifestyle" with that, plus women here are becoming increasingly more westernized and bitchy... In Ukraine Lviv looks nice and is out of the current warzone. Heard good stuff about Minsk in Bielorus (that's even a capital city), but never been there... anyway the more to the east the better.
If you want just to survive and have a decent life, then you can pick any place in EE, average salaries even in towns like Prague or Warsaw are slightly below what you make, if you want to have more than that, then you cross the border...

About SEA, full of ATMs (you pay your standard abroad withdrawal charge). Even in countries like Cambodia which are at the bottom of the developement indexes in the area, you can get decent internet (not sure about 5Mb) and plenty of places where pick up your money. Wire transfers are expensive, I'd go for a domestic account (country where you get paid) and regular ATMs around the place. Piece of advice, have two cards on two different domestic accounts so if you loose one card you are not screwd. Also be careful not to get your card cloned there... but as an IT guy you should know that.
In some places in SEA with 1500$/month you can live extremely well.

Me, personally, I'd go east, very very much east...
Try this link.

I did a search on Roosh for which has costs of living around the world. You should be able to find some helpful threads.
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