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Full Version: Sourcecode's Brno Trip Report/Datasheet
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Before people bring it up.. I know I came to Brno at the wrong time.
School is out and only the people that are born and raised in Brno remain in the city. Apparently everyone else is in their little Moravian villages or at a beach somewhere in Croatia

I wrote a proper Datasheet with prices, pictures ect and such on my blog here
Brno Datasheet and trip report
Ill post quotes at the bottom of this article also

I decided to say fuck it and spend a weekend their anyway, just to get out of Budapest for a couple days.

I bought a round trip ticket for 30USD
Bus was what 5 or 6 hours long with a stop n Bratislava..which by the way was just only half as bad as Euro trip made it

Brno is pretty quiet this time of year..but the weather was decent.. it wasnt uncomfortable at all.
Shorts and short sleeve shirts for everyone.
Guys walking around dont really have much style.. so with any sense of color coordination, youll probably look better than guys in Brno.
The amount of girls in the city still dressed well.. mostly jeans and such..but more than enough dresses for a gust of wind to make you happy.

I got in late the first day..around 5-6pm when I planned to arrive at noon.
I don't regret it though.. Brno only needs a couple hours during daylight to see...there was no way I could find stuff to do for 2 days.
I met up with a friend and the city and we immediately pounded a couple beers at pubs..went to his place to drop my shit...take some shots and go back out.

Friday night was pretty slow...he isn't much of a club guy so he took me an a friend to some local social pubs.
couple girls here and their.. but nothing special..
It was getting a little late so we headed off to find a club..
Ran into this group of girls from a distance that looked like young college girls.
once we got closer it turned out they were a group of cougars.
After some breakage in communication and fighting language barriers.. I found out that one of the cougars.. who I assumed was in her late 20s...spoke german, croatia ect ect.
My german came in handy and the group invited us to where they were going..
Which was a fancy bar full of trashy people. Called [b]Malej Velkej[/b]
a mix between young trashy people and a sprinkle of cougars looking for some action.
I don't know if they ran out of beer on tap.. but they only had Heineken....luckily they made a bomb ass gin an tonic.
[Image: k5U0BBi.jpg]

the cougar was all over me... maybe 5'3 tigth body.. she was one of skinny gym rat types.. even challenged me to a arm wrestling contest.
and as weak as it could make me sound.. she was awfully strong.
I underestimated her and she almost won on the quick draw.

She wanted to bounce to another place called Mandarin that was right around the corner. But she had to get two more gin in tonics in.

This is where I first realized that Czech guys have extremely weak game.. they seem to just annoy girls beyond reason.. but Czech girls seem to nice to tell them.. so they will just stand their and look bored in the conversation.

I had no problem walking off and smoking a cigarette and going to another bar.. while the cougar finished her 2 drinks.

Her, my 2 friends and her two friends headed off to the next place...but cougar wanted to make a quick pit stop and have hit an ATM before we got to the next bar.. this atm trip turned into me fucking her in alley about 3 minutes from the Mandarin club.
It was dark.. I wish could have seen more of her body. She had just finished a trip somewhere in she looked a half shade away from being a dick sucking lip having oompa loompa with a tight bubble ass.
I got her number,facebook afterwards.. which allmost made me which i had banged her in a bright alley instead of a dark one.

Either way.. club Mandarin wasnt that great.. it was fancy..but.. a cougar club i would say.. I was too young to be their.
the cougar and her group were downing cocktails to my beer and honestly they were getting out of hand... i made an excuse.. she said she would call me in the morning.
My group headed off to another club.
[Image: 10513535_766752603382101_6287678223402241470_n.jpg]

We ended up in Club livingstone
Which was a disgusting place full of weirdos.
None of us had ever been.. but we had heard it was a student bar.
we had one beer and left

We stopped and smoked before...and the dread of this club killed my vibe.
I got my bang.. one of my friends got a number.
We had our fun for the night and went home.

There isn't much to do in Brno sight wise.. so we spent maybe 3 hours walking around to everything in he city.. then spent the est of of the time pub hoping.
We would go to one pub have a beer and talk for thirty minutes than walk to another one.

The just ended up in multiple piss breaks and us coming home and bullshitting and taking naps till about ten pm

We had a couple shots a the house and then went straight to Two Faces

This place has two locations.. one is a cocktail bar and one is the club.. they are like 100 meters away.

We went to the cocktail bar and started chatting up the locals..only further confirming that Czech guys are lame.
It was pretty easy to control conversations even when some of them had broken english.
The girls that stuck around were extremely curious about us.
We made stories up of being scientist.. working for the cia...we even told one group that my friend was Bill Gates nephew and Bill gave us a bunch of money to just go have fun with.
I'd like to hope they didn't believe us..but some girls were just enthralled to talk to Americans and voice their opinion that czech guys were horrible

Which was even more hilarious because I was with two Czech friends.. with obvious accents.
And we just let the girls insult czech people and culture while trying to impress us.
One of the guys even slipped up.. and a guy from his old job recognized him.
We told the girls.. he is from a random state in america and his grandma was czech so he learned a little bit.
She bout it.. and he even "practiced" his czech with another girl.. who he eventually kissed and got her number ( set a date for this week)

a group of guys that recognized the girls decided to tag along with us to the Club.
At first I thought they were trying to cock block.. but they were to friendly and didnt seem to mind to much.. so they were cool.

The club was awesome.
They claim the city is dead , but this club was packed to the max.. upstairs and downstairs.

There was even a hot tub/heated pool in the club
This place is kinda expensive with beer being between 1.70USD and 1.90
haha.. it seemed to depend if the bartender like you. i gave what i guess was a 25 cent tip on a 2 dollar drink..cause I didn't want to carry a bunch of small change around and i ended up playing 30-35 koruna instead of the 50 that my friends were paying the rest of the night.

The girls here were awesome.. there was multiple sets of 2 which made it extremely easy to bust into setsand play everything right.
most czech guys seemed to get blown of by girls and go back to their drinks or play foosball at one of the tables

Galnuc without the G worked surprisingly well here as a night game strategy
I ended up making out with a girl that was a pole dancer.. competition style pole dancing..not strip club dancing.

Where as in America.. a girl says shs going to the bathroom or going to dance.. and never come back.
Every girl that pulled this.. eventually came back.. or if we ran into each other again.. the conversation picked back up.

Towards the end of the night i spotted 2 girls dressed to the 9s sitting at the quiet side of the bar.
a Czech guy was mid conversation with them.. but I could tell they werent feeling it.
I decided to just walk right next to the guy and start talking tot he girls..
he was confused and stared at me.. I guess he didn't speak english.
there was maybe 30 seconds of posture battling before I moved my body in a way that pushed him out of comfortable conversation range.

Turned out.. both the girls were make up artist/fotographers
That also....hated czech guys....what a surprised.
She apparently had plans to visit my city in a couple months.. so i had a valid excuse to get her contact info.. we talked.. did a little petting.. for such a tall skinny girl.. she had a meaty ass...
I eventually go her outside...made the short walk to her house.. into her bedroom but i encountered the worst LMR i ever got.
she either was an expert bullshitter..or her boyfriend was really liable to come home pretty soon.. so no matter what i tried. i couldnt get those panties off.

Crashed at her place for a little while and said fuck it and decided to go home.
*********Warning... story gets kinda fucked up here.

Went back to the club right before they closed to grab my friend.
The other people had all but dipped out.
As small as Brno is..we got mixed up and ended up following the music.
We said fuck it. its almost 5am.. lets get one last drink.
In front of the club.. there were 2 asian girls. sitting down drunk as could be.
One of them had a deep voice...and i has suspicion...that she might have been a tranny... but drunk logic said.. no way. this is brno.. their cant be thai trannies here.
so we went into the club as ignorant as could be.. because we saw a couple girls.
the bouncer looked at us confused... and said something like..Are you two gay?
and we were like.. no?! and he let us in.

We get in ... and its a full blown gay club.. at 5am.. gay dudes are still trying to pull.
We were already we bought to beers and drank while being confused and intrigued.
We didnt dare talk to the straight girls.. cause. we thought the gays might turn on us and attack.
a guy came up to my friend..with the most hilarious stereotypical gay czech accent and said
"You're really muscular".... awkwardness was at a all time high...we didnt even chug our beers... we just walked right out the bar with them and went home.
oddest end to a night I ever had

* I hang out in the RVF chat often.. if youre around.. ill put up pictures of the chicks i was with/met
im just not gonna post them out in the open just in case i end up on czech TV show with girls asking why i didnt pay them to use their pictures

I'm one of the last people to pull the blatant American card in hopes that girls will fall into my lap because they have never been with an American.
But in Brno...I can tell you... the card works and it works well.

Czech guys on average are not very good looking..Their women are a good 2 points ( of ten) above them at the worst.
Czech guys also don't have game and are extremely annoying.
Multiple Czech girls that I talked with voiced their opinions against their own guys...The girls that could speak English well would latch onto my every word.

I figured, at any moment a Czech guy could come and blow out the conversation, just by switching the languages, but even with their attempts. It never happened.

Now looks wise.. I was impressed and not impressed.

Czech women are pretty slender...long legs and torso. I ran into a lot of "lanky" women. but unlike Poland and Hungary.. where the girls have tighter bodies.. I found Czech girls not to have as tight bodies.
Their legs were long.. but not extremely muscular.
Even heels, didn't tighten the legs of some girls
I also can't say Czech women had some massive amount of ass. I saw some decent ones.. but mostly skinny girl asses.

[Image: 6HpBXb8l.jpg]
[Image: XBDjAg8l.jpg][Image: 0YCE43Sl.jpg][Image: EiZaK6Zl.jpg][Image: eT8ES5pl.jpg][Image: V7o3fC1l.jpg]
[Image: rqag5rxl.jpg][Image: a9Nzztzl.jpg]
Great trip report!
Sourcecode...firstly great report.
I dated a Slovak girl for a few months from Bratislava and the attitude towards the men was very similar there too....effectively the same country until the 'velvet divorce' of course Smile
good shit!
dang! Not only are the girls hot (in those pics and not all of them) but it looks like there's weak competition there.
How are the broads on the street lookswise?

Clubs and streets are world apart, at least in most cities.
I did not see stunners on the street really at all.
But I wont market myself as a big representative. I know that the city isnt filled with al the students like it is during the scchl year.
But i got the feeling that girls werent gonna be dressed as 9s all the time.

The couple girls that i saw.
Had a clear different in their pictures betweeen candid pictures and pictures where they were done up like models
Thanks Sourcecode, great info here and on your blog post about Brno.

I'm going there for 3 nights in October, first time in Czech so can't wait! Do you have any recommendations on where to stay?
Love the girl on the right in the last picture, she might persuade me to revisit Czech Republic
(07-28-2014 08:10 AM)Sourcecode Wrote: [ -> ]a group of guys that recognized the girls decided to tag along with us to the Club.
At first I thought they were trying to cock block.. but they were to friendly and didnt seem to mind to much.. so they were cool.

The club was awesome.
They claim the city is dead , but this club was packed to the max.. upstairs and downstairs.

There was even a hot tub/heated pool in the club
This place is kinda expensive with beer being between 1.70USD and 1.90

nice report. what was the name of the club?
It was called two faces

They have a smaller location that's more of a cocktail bar and has some tables outside
. up the street is the club which has the hot tub inside
Nice trip report. The last time I was in Czech I sensed that it's a very different place.
Open but not spoiled(yet), the nightlife culture is much more outgoing than in Germany.
Or maybe it's just me:-)
Nice report bro. What do you think, if any, down sides to the women personality wise?

Czexh girls seen much more.. Detached than other countries.. At least all the ones I have met.. At the drop off a dime could walk array.

But at the same time.. I notice Czech guys with game could care less about girls..

When a girl tried to hit me in a bar . and I tripped her and put her on her ass.. The guys around backed Me the bouncer came..
I didn't get kicked out
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