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Full Version: Balkan Wanderings
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After spending some time in NYC and Iceland, I arrived in Belgrade, Serbia on an overnight train from Budapest around July 18. I have since been in parts of Bosnia and Croatia and will be in Montenegro tomorrow. I'm currently in a anti social mood as I was planning to be in Budva tonight but am stuck in Dubrovnik so I'll do a quick write up of my experiences.

Background: Early 20s white guy from New Zealand - studying in France in a month for around five months so keeping to a budget of around 80 USD per day. Travelling solo.

Belgrade: I had an interesting introduction to the city. Arriving at 6 am dazed and tired after a rickety train from Budapest, I asked a western looking guy where the closest ATM was. He turned out to be a local and gave me some directions which I used before coming back 5 min later looking to take a tram to my room. He approached me, asking if I needed directions. I told him where I was staying and he said it's only half an hour on the tram and he wasn't busy so would take me there. I thought this was strange and had heard some stories but given how tired I was and the fact that all the written information was in Cyrillic text I went along with him, thinking that I would trust him but be mindful. During the tram ride he gave me a (subjective) explanation of Serbia's history and his experience in the war, while explaining a lot about Belgrade. After 20 minutes in the tram and a 5 minute walk from the stop he took me right to the room, shook my hand and said "I'm glad I met you" before walking away.

After settling in the room I went and bought some food - the two servers nearly broke into a fist fight over who would serve me. At the same moment the women next to me put her cash on the counter. I heard a slap on the counter and turned my head to see a gypsy boy running off with all her cash. She just looked at me, laughed and shrugged like "shit happens".

Central Belgrade is quite pleasant to walk around, it is definitely not as picturesque as other European cities but has a good cafe culture and is cheap. Firstly walking down the street I was impressed by the quality of the local women, they usually have good figures, are tanned with dark hair but have quite a hard look to them.

Most tourists stay in the old town and the best nightlife options are the nightclub boats across the bridge in Newtown. Go early before 12 as after that they are reluctant to let foreigners in without a reservation, unless you come with girls. You are better rolling solo than in a mixed set - when I was in a group with three guys and two girls (all of whom were dressed suitably) we couldn't get in anywhere, I left them and could get in most places by myself. Dress well, it is common to see guys suited up. If the bouncers ask if you have a reservation sometimes you can get in by claiming you're with Ana (or some other generic Serbian name Laugh ) Drinks in the best places are quite expensive (€5 for a beer) so pre game at cheaper places (hip flasks are a no go as you are usually patted down).

Serbian men are usually quite dominant, so girls expect this behaviour in the clubs. If you lack self confidence you will have a tough time. Being foreign didn't seem to be a DHV at all. I made out with a few who initially were very cold, essentially they have a tough exterior. One I had seen glancing at me twice. I came and danced at her table where her and four friends were dancing, who gave me a look like "who the fuck are you". She looked down and didn't acknowledge me. I stayed and thirty seconds later she offered me a cigarette. We smoked it together and I offered her my hand. She waved her finger at me and shook her head, but I could see something in her eyes so I pulled her away and was one on one with her. We started making out before she began talking to me, at this point she realised I wasn't Serbian. Her English was poor and despite some effort from me I was not able to take it any further. I think older guys will be respected here and some girls rejected me because of my age. I did manage to lay an Australian I met on a walking tour who I went for drinks with afterwards, but was disappointed not to have more success with local girls, though I only stayed for three days. I was there Tuesday to Friday morning.

Most of the bars in the old town are quite low key and would be better for dates, Supermarket is a concept store which also has a nice bar, and other small charming ones dotted around, however none which are unique enough for me to break down in great detail.

There is also an interesting rooftop bar at the top of the city's fortress.

One of the most popular clubs is Freestyler. You can see from the pic below it is on the water and has a good atmosphere. It can get quite crowded in the common area so it is a good idea to try and get a table, there are also reserved areas you can pay for but that was out of y budget. The crowd is nearly completely Serbian, I think most tourists don't dress well enough to get in. I saw foreign guys surprised to be turned away because they were wearing flip flops and shorts.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTuhqbFfVuTIeqF51byL-B...AtHXvIV54w]

20/44 is just 400m or so down the bank, from Freestyler and has similar music but is probably slightly more relaxed. In summer the party happens on the deck with a view of the river.

I spent most of my time in Freestyler, but you can walk along the bank of the the river and get a idea of how busy each club is from the outside. Just make sure you go early and dress well to give yourself options. There are also several dive bar type boats where you can cheaply start your evening, these tend to attract more tourists. I met a 19 year old London girl at one of these and had here down by the bank escalating before her worried friends came and pulled her away Laugh


I then left for Sarajevo. I took a shuttle with eight Bosnians (the lady next to me kept getting annoyed because I would fall asleep and rest my head on her shoulder) and after a lengthy and thorough border crossing we arrived in Sarajevo. Driving through the Serbian and Bosnian countryside was beautiful, it is full of lush green mountains however the roads are terrible and it took around six hours to travel around 250km.

When I arrived It was the final days of Ramadan so many of the biggest clubs were shut. Most of the nightlife is centred in a small area (the entire city is quite compact) and after bouncing around some bars we ended up joining some Bosnians and went to a place called pussy galore. It was full of Bosnians, who are generally shorter and darker than the Serbs. In the city you can feel a strong Ottoman influence, which is great for the food. However there is probably a more conversation culture and the nightlife was a bit of a cockfest. I had hooked a German girl from my hostel, when I brought her back I tried to take her to the bathroom as I was in a dorm room however she said "I'm not that girl". She keeps messaging me saying she is coming to stay with me in France, we'll see. Sarajevo didn't seem like a big hook up spot but is a comfortable and interesting spot to chill out for a few days.

I also went to Mostar which is another relaxed place. It is definitely not a place to go to pick up (it's tiny) but has a beautiful bridge (below) and I had a great day swimming around this waterfall. There is a bar in a cave called AliBaba which is worth checking out but having partied for weeks I took it easy and didn't really go out here.

[Image: rsz_28083_10.jpg]

[Image: rsz_kravice-waterfall-e1367329012651.jpg]


[Image: rot12.jpg]

This is a big party island where you can find young girls from all over Europe. Australians have a strong presence here. There is not as much of an English package holiday crowd which Iiked. Day game at the beaches has a lot of potential even if it is just a quick chat with girl who you are likely to bump into later in the evening. I was not so impressed by the beaches - too rocky. It is important to be in good shape here.

Hulu Hulu bar (below) is the main early evening spot and is open from 6-10. Lots of people come straight from the beach and it is casual but quite high energy, drinks are reasonably priced for Croatia (Shots cost around €2.50). With the sunset it is a good place to pre game.

[Image: hula-hula-topdeals.jpg]

From 10-2 most people move to several bars very close to each other in old town, on the waterfront. (Nautica and the bars around it).
You can take drinks between the bars, there are tables all the way down and its easy to mingle, people are generally friendly. Behind this area is a much cheaper bar called Kiva however it was far too packed.

There is also a roof top bar called Adriana, part of a hotel. It had a tough door but I lied and said I was staying at the hotel. While the bouncer went to talk to his manager I jumped in the lift and went up. I Hooked up with a NYC girl who disappeared with her friends, most of the girls in here seemed like iPhone toting grandiose cunts, lots of American girls unlike the rest of the island.

At 2 everyone goes to one of several clubs. Carpe diem which requires a 15 min boat ride and costs $20 to enter, the club is the only thing on the island. I didn't like it as I am not really into clubs nor committing to a boat ride and back at 2 am. It plays house music and logistically obviously presents some challenges, I guess if things go well for you you could bang away from the club or in the water.

B B club is in the middle of everything and if you get a flyer you can get in for free, otherwise it will cost around $20. This has more of a more bar/club hybrid vibe, which I preferred, it probably attracts a more well heeled crowd.

Pink champagne was my favourite place. Burlesque themed club in an accessible location with a positive and inclusive atmosphere.
Quite pricey entry however ($25). Hvar isn't cheap compared to other places in this region.

Another big club is Temple, which apparently plays more mainstream music however it requires a bus ride to go there and I didn't go.

In three nights I banged one English girl (my opener was "let's kiss in the rain", it was a quick drunk turn around with minimal game involved) but also made a huge fuck up. I spent an hour charming a 19 year old Swiss girl from my hostel, the conversation went back and forth between English and French. We came back and her friends were in the showers. She got her things ready to go in too and I thought she said "see ya". I had an early bus to catch, was tired and thought she had come across very innocent so didn't push further and went to bed. She messaged me the following day saying she had waited for me - turns out she said "suis-moi" (follow me) which sounds similar and my goofy tired ears hadn't picked up. We're keeping in touch and maybe I'll see her in France.

If you want to go where Croatians go on holiday I'm sure Handsome Creepy Eel knows the best spots but I have heard that Pag is a great place. I will have to check it out another time.


I arrived here yesterday. It's a beautiful city and worth seeing, however it is very expensive.
It is more of a couples place and there is one big club, called Revelin which is in a castle. After some late nights in Hvar I have been taking it easy. I was planning to leave tonight but the bus to Budva, Montenegro was full so I'll go there tomorrow morning where I'll spend four nights. I have heard mixed reviews - some have said It has great nightlife, others that it is just full of arrogant rich Russians. I intend to fly to Poland after.

I would like to have focused more on local girls but with my age and financial constraints I know I can do this in the future.
Good report, fella.
Any update?
(11-09-2014 07:37 AM)UnionJack Wrote: [ -> ]Good report, fella.
Any update?

That was the 3rd August..
I spent four days in Budva Montenegro after, its like a package holiday destination for Russians. I don't speak any of the language and was younger than most of the crowd there so didn't vibe with it. I wasn't overly impressed by the girls and the ratios weren't great.

I left the Balkans and have been living in Paris since, stopping off briefly in Krakow and Berlin on the way over.

I might hit up Slovenia in December.
draguer, how are you doing in Paris. I am in Lille at the moment. Are you doing doing well with the french? Lille has a different vibe than Paris its a real student city and the people like to go out and party. Its also much cheaper than Paris and the girls are nice. Lot of blondes here and the occasional Belgians and dutch traveling looking to party.

I disagree about was the place were I saw the most beautiful beach bodies in my life. Me and my australian buddy agreed, we had our testosterone level to the max there, and had a instant boner. When they got out at night they dress with a tight skirt and heel it's unbelievable. However, you need to be with someone or a wing, by yourself it can be very tough and depressing seeing all the talent. Anyway we only hooped up with french chicks from our hostel so I didn't really get close to these russian/serbian babes

Might be up for slovenia in december also
Paris has been great, I'm loving every aspect of the city. I've been with three french girls and a heap of internationals, one of the french girls I see at least twice a week which has helped me become fluent. I'm busy with school so I haven't been chasing new girls much in the past month but I have two regulars.

I'd like to check out Lille at some point.

I was solo in budva and hung out with some Canadian guys but they were more into smoking weed than going out and meeting girls so my experience probably isn't the best representation.
I am not going to make a new thread, but use this.

I am going to go to Balkan next week. Me and my friend were in Kosovo few months ago and decided to discover more of this beautyful area. Plane flies on 27th August to Nis (Serbia), but my friend cancelled this trip. By any mean, I won´t cancel it, because it´s what I was looking forward to, since we got on return plane from Prishtina.
I don´t have any plan what do do there and even hadn´t booked back flight yet. I would like to stay there from 1 to 2 weeks. I wanted to plan it the way it´s totally unplanned and adventure. But to be honest, I am a little bit scared of travelling alone. I don´t have any experiences with it. And I still have in rememberance our accidental attendance at some kind of celebration of Kosovo former UCK top members in the mountains. They were shooting in the air, joking about killing us, but we are still alive. But that´s actually funny moment, than something what makes me afraid. I am asking myself what am I going to do there alone. If we were two, I would know, that we are going to discover nature, discover local life and people and enjoy amazing food, rakija and beautyful girls. Some nights spend in the city, some in nature.
And what´s most important, I don´t want to stay only in Serbia, but head somewhere to sea. I am thinking about Bulgaria or Monte Negro. Bulgaria sounds better to me, because I was there last summer on Sunny Beach and it was awesome. But it´s further and I don´t know how difficult and expensive it would be to travel across whole Bulgaria. Other countries I am thinking about visiting of are Kosovo and Macedonia. Or maybe Greece is not bad idea.

Any tips for me? I would like to hear from travellers who are used to travel alone to convince me, that it´s actually awesome to travel alone. Also tips from guys who travelled these areas are appreciated.
I have limited budget. These countries are very cheap, but I come from another country in Europe with quite low sallaries (it´s actually quite rare, that it´s cheaper for me there, because everywhere it´s too expensive for us).
Is being young like early 20s in the Balkans really that much of a hindrance?
Tomzes, first you have to tell us (and yourself!) what do you expect from this trip. Then we can move forward.
(08-18-2018 04:46 PM)Cation Wrote: [ -> ]Tomzes, first you have to tell us (and yourself!) what do you expect from this trip. Then we can move forward.
I don´t have any excact concept.
When I was in Kosovo, I was there 3.5 days, but it was very intense. We discovered pretty places in nature, but on the other hand we had awesome parties and met very interesting people. And I want something similar.
- Discover wild nature and spend some nights outside, walk a lot
- Discover cities from non-tourist point of view
- Meet locals
- Drink rakija
- Meet girls
- Eat a lot of grilled meat
- Swim in the sea and hang out on the beach
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