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Full Version: Val thorens or val d'isere for New Years
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Has anyone ever went to these resorts? What village would you recommend staying there? What kind of nationalities will I be likely to find in both ^^ Me and a friend will probably rent a room there.

What's yout favorite resort for snow slopes and ski? I'm an advanced skiier
I spent a season (4 months) in Chamonix once. Had a GREAT time just skiing every day and drinking beer and chilling in the evening.

I heard good stuff about both Val Thorens and Val D'Isère while I was there. When I go back to the Alps I will probably choose anyone of those two actually. You'll probably meet quite a few Scandinavians all throughout the Alps.
I am a snowboarder, I have not been to Val D'Isère but Val Thorens was great. We had excellent powder when we were there but visability was poor as was almost a constant blizzard. The powder was so deep it kept most the skiiers away so there was plenty space for us to play but visability was almost zero at times

The thing that stood out for me at Val Thorens was the nightlife. No other ski resort I have been to had such happening apres ski bars/clubs going on and young people scene, bar maybe Whistler. La Folis (afternoon party at one of the midstation chalets) in particular is quality as you can see here: (skiing down the rest of the mountain after when everyone's half pissed is hilarious)

If you like a bit of a drink and a party in the evening then I cannot recomment Val Thorens enough. If you are there purely for the skiing then I'm not sure which would be better
I've been to Val D'Isere, it is an expensive place and probably more popular with the richer crowd and probably considered better skiing. Val Thorens is very popular with Scandinavian high school students who usually go on trips together, which end up in drunken partying much of the time. It is basically the same thing as going to the Greek Islands or Bulgaria but with snow instead of beaches.
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