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Full Version: Which countries/ cultures would you prefer romantically and why?
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Guys, which countries would you consider for short-term relationships, acquaintances and girlfriends?
And which countries would you consider for long-term relationships, marriage, etc?
I would say the more conservative the better. In Denmark where i am from, the girls are similar to what this forum says about americans. Often fat, loud, drink and smoke alot, cussing, attention whoring etc. The italian girls ive met seems more traditional. Im in Vietnam right now, and the girls seems proud to take care of their men, cleaning, cooking and so on. I think the keyword is RESPECT, something western women should learn. Just dont wife up the tattoed girls here, they will fuck you on the toilet at some bar after some vodka/bull..
^Same goes for swedish girls but in a way lesser extent. When it comes to sex they have the same mentalty as men Would i marry one ? probobly not . But like always there are always exceptions.
This thread/poll is worthless.

These topics has been discussed and rolled over plenty of times in different threads.
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