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Full Version: Request for Data Sheets on Hong Kong and Singapore
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I'm going to spending about five days each in Singapore and Hong Kong in the middle of July.

Anyone got any data sheets on places to go and see? Or nightclubs? I've checked out Naughty Nomad and read his guide on HK, but would love some more input.

The other thing - I was thinking about doing some shopping while I was there. Both for cheap "antiques" to furnish my pad with, and for electronics, particularly Apple stuff. And my Dad wants me to pick him up a nice chess set.

Any recommendations on places to go? And is either one of those places particularly good for antiques and Apple products.

Thank you!
See this post I wrote in another thread:

RE: Which is better: Kuala Lumpur or Singapore

I just killed three weekends partying in KL and Singapore. You can party like a rockstar in both places buts it's expensive and I'd say generally the girls are pretty conservative compared to the US. They may dress up like skanks but you don't see many people hooking up in clubs. I can't really even remember seeing anyone making out.

In KL I went to Zouk twice. The cover charge was something like $20 US which included one or two drinks. It's a nice place inside, loads of Chinese girls many of whom are hot. As I said though it didn't seem like much of a hook up place.

I also went to Asian Heritage Row in KL, there are a bunch of bars there. Again, lots of people just looking around at the club I went to, no one really hitting on each other.

In Singapore, it was much of the same only more expensive. I paid I think $25 to get into one of the bigger clubs (it use to be the Ministry of Sound, now it's called something else - can't remember). The girls in Singapore were even worse than in KL, I guess because Singapore is a wealthier country girls act more like they do in the US. Again, I didn't see many hook ups. There were some decent looking Chinese girls there. You could day game there as the entire city is just a big fucking shopping mall. I don't think the girls are overall that great, I didn't see that many hot ones compared to Saigon, Jakarta, Bangkok.

Overall, I wouldn't go back to either KL or Singapore to party. It's just too expensive. It's much more conservative than the US. I don't think the hook up culture has really taken hold in either place. I don't recommend either place for partying, for the price you could party in London or HK or Tokyo. I was disappointed especially since I hooked up with a Singaporean Indian girl when I was in Bali so I figured at least I could get a little action, but nothing at all.

Also, avoid the Indian clubs as the guys are overprotective of any women they are with and you will invariably end up in a fight with some fat Punjabi dude. They are backwards as fuck.
HK has a pulse like no other. However, I find the local women unattractive.

I was last there during the SEVENS rugby tournament...hotel rooms were a bazillioin dollars so i stayed at hk HOSTEL on Patterson in Causeway Bay. Does the job. Incredible Location.

Going Out: Lan Kwai Fong or Wan Chai. Watch your tab in girlie bars in WC.

Sundays many filipinas out partying as this is their day off

Have Fun
True, Rugby Sevens is THE time to be in HK. Crazy parties, some of the wildest nights of my life.

I lived in HK for about half a year, so I'll try and break it down.

Do & See:
Not really gonna be any great places for Apple Products. Antiques would be hit or miss. Go to MongKok and search around for a place that might have what you want.

I would make sure to go to The Peak to get one of the coolest views I've seen in the world. Shek-O beach is great if you want to chill. There's some amazing hiking and camping spots in Sai Kung. Check out Cheung Chau island if you want to bike around and have good seafood. The Big Buddha on Lantau Island is actually pretty cool to see, but it's a little out of the way to get to. Monkey Hill is awesome and very accessible.

There are three main districts to look at. Every night of the week has an area that has a ladies night, meaning lots of women, or are just popping off in general. The three districts are Lan Kwai Fong (LKF) and Wanchai on the island side, and Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) on the Kowloon side.

On Tuesdays, TST is usually the place to be. There's a club there called Zaza that draws a young, predominantly local crowd if that's your thing. If you come with two girls, it's free cover. Also, for early in the evening, check out Knutsford Terrace for some great restaurants.

Wednesdays I'd recommend going to Happy Valley in the evening and catching the crowd at the horse races. It's not just gamblers, it's kind of like a social event. Mostly expats. After that, I'd go out in Wanchai which is right by there. There's a few bars there with good deals. Skitz draws a big student crowd and has an open bar all night for about $20 US. They pour the drinks very stiff there though, and it's shitty alcohol. Late in the night (around 3am), check out Carnegies. Wanchai is also where most of the whore bars are. There's some in TST as well.

Thurs-Saturday, LKF is the place to be, at least until 3am, then it shifts to Wanchai. The two bars that have the best views in the city are Red Bar and Sevva. Red Bar is outdoors right between IFC 2 (the most notable building in the skyline) and IFC 1. There's a bar, but you're actually allowed to bring your own drinks to the lounge area. Great for a pre-game, or to bring a date with a bottle of wine. Sevva is located in the Prince's Building. Classy joint, drinks will run you a pretty penny, but are well made and the view is unbeatable. You can also have dinner there.

LKF is also where most of the big name bars are at. There's Dragon-I, which is packed with models and considered the most prestigious bar in HK. A lot of expats here To get in, you'll either have to be with someone that's a member or call ahead and pay $50 cover. It's a cool bar, but nothing special IMO besides the models. Did pick up one of the hottest girls in my life there though, so I can't hate. There's also outdoor seating there which you can sit at for free and actually bring your own alcohol; it's technically a public space.

Beijing Club might be the next most prestigious club. It draws a more local crowd though. Unless you have a table and bottle service, this place isn't too much fun. If you do have a table though, it's a blast.

Another bar I like in LKF is Pie. It's on one of the upper floors of some skyscraper, and has a real cozy feel. DJ is good and great atmosphere all around.

There's also Mint, which is a decent bar. Has a huge shark tank and sometimes gets some world renown DJs. I saw Freddy le Grand there.

Drop is a pretty exclusive place and plays some of the best music, but not worth the exclusivity IMO.

Volar is pretty coo. I can't remember which day, but they have an open bar on one nights of the week. Very small, but pretty cool.

One of my favorite bars in actually just a normal LKF side-street bar called Stormies. It's all expats, and they play old American hits. Not the best place for pickup unless you want a hammered expat cougar, but a fun time nonetheless.

Finally, Gecko is a cool, intimate absinth bar with live Jazz Tues and Thurs.

Another thing I would consider, but only if you have a lot of friends with you, is to go do Karaoke. There's a place called 55 (I hope I remember correctly) in Causeway Bay where you can drink all you want for like $20/person. Very easy to pick up there as well.


I went to Singapore for a weekend and had a local show me around. I don't think there's any night spots that aren't common knowledge. All the spots are pretty much gonna be in Clarke Quay or on Sentosa Island. Sentosa is fun, but expensive. I heard they just opened a casino though, which may be worth checking out. I also went to the bar at the top of the Swissotel. Excellent view. Zouk club is obviously the biggest name there, but my local friend told me it's gone downhill.
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