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Full Version: Countries where women have Germanic/Nordic looks and are good wife material?
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I always had a thing for Germanic/Nordic looking women and hope to marry one someday. Unfortunately, most of the Germanic/Nordic women (from Northern and Western Europe) are hardcore feminists and not wife material. The countries where women are wife material are mainly located in Eastern Europe, Asia and South America. But the women there don't look Germanic at all. Maybe a few but not as many as in Scandinavia, Germany, Netherlands, etc. It's not that Slavic and Asian looks aren't attractive, I just find Germanic/Nordic looks better. Which cities/countries do you think have a lot of white Germanic/Nordic looking women who aren't feminists and are the same level of wife material as those in Slavic countries? What about cities like Budapest, Paris, Montreal, Sao Paulo and Warsaw? Roosh did say that the women in these places are feminine but how often would I run into women with Germanic/Nordic looks?

I'm talking about looks like these (which aren't very common in Eastern Europe):
Poland and the Baltics? And 2/4 girls in the photos you shared could easily have been Russian, btw.
They are pretty.
Actually, although the average Germanic (Danish, Norwegian,Swedish, Icelandic, Dutch, German, Flemish and Austrian) women are known for their liberal and feminist attitude, yet you do get to meet a lot of them who are conservative and traditional but of course not to the point women are in Eastern Europe.
And since what you crave is dating/marriage kind of thing, then you don't have to be in a country full of hordes of traditional women, after a couple of dating experiences you could land a woman of the type you like in one of the Germanic countries.
And I've experienced this on many online dating sites that Germanic women go to, and many of them seem to be ok with the idea of dating, marriage or long term thing.
It's mostly the ones that you meet every day on the streets that seem not so much interested in a guy other than ONS and stuff.
But keep in mind that most of the women online tend to be of lesser quality than those you meet on every day streets and they tend to be more desperate for a guy type than average offline girls.
Again, that's my experience I am talking about, so what you experience could differ well.
And through what I've experienced overall, the women in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany seem the most traditional ones, of course when compared to other Germanic countries, not to Eastern European ones.
Is it me or have there been a ton of these "Tell me where to find women that fit the following criteria" threads lately?
(01-09-2015 02:26 PM)samsamsam Wrote: [ -> ]Is it me or have there been a ton of these "Tell me where to find women that fit the following criteria" threads lately?

They are troll threads, the same as how does X type of guys in x nationality/country, or do black dudes kill in x country? No wonder the OP got banned inmediately lmao

On topic: There are many slavs who look very germanic, specially western slavs in Czech and Western Poland.

Avril lavigne typical nordic/germanic?
^^ guess you're right. Troll and banned one post. Wasn't much of a sleeper joined in Dec.
(01-09-2015 02:26 PM)samsamsam Wrote: [ -> ]Is it me or have there been a ton of these "Tell me where to find women that fit the following criteria" threads lately?

its a good question to ask

not everyone has the disposable income to tour the world and find out for themselves
Germany and Nordic countries come to mind. lol

Asking about if they are good wife material is like asking how long a piece of string is.
how about the the upper midwest of the united states. lots of Scandinavian and germanic immigration there. midwesterners are more traditional and conservative relative to east/west coast women.
I would go to south Brazil, in Rio Grande do Sul. Where Xuxa was from.
Is the average german girl that chubby?Huh
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