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Full Version: Ensenada Mexico Cruise
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Hey guys,

I'm going on a short cruise down to Ensenada, it's 200 dollars for 2-3 nights out of LA (where I live). I haven't been out of the country before, much less there, but I figured for that cheap of a price I might as well try it out with some friends a for a birthday. One of the guys who went before said that his experience was one of P4P and low quality drugs, but didn't have much more information?

Has anyone else done this before, or have any advice for doing it right based on prior experiences in other cities? (Specifically mexican cities?)

I speak very basic Spanish, 6'3, white, 28, in shape. I'm aware if I wander to fall I'm putting myself at risk for some serious shit, but I don't mind that, I'll just have to carry minimal cash, or a dud wallet (I have 3 IDs, so I can be robbed of one without much issue)

I'll keep you posted when I go (date is set for 2 weekends from now)
I would recommend chatting up the tourist gals on the cruise, rather than looking to meet local girls in the 8 hours you'll have in Ensenada.

There will be some stunners on the cruise staff, but they are prohibited from dating passengers.

You'll want to bring your passport.
I took a short study abroad class in Ensenada durring college so I had some great times and know the city decently. I'll give you what I know and keep in mind this info is about 5 years old.

Ensenada is about 2.5-3 hours drive south from San diego and it is a major port city in northern baja. There is a lot of fishing trade as well as touristic cruise lines. The city is small and fairly quiet/safe but it transforms when there is a cruise or two in port. The sudden influx of guerros always leads to a party and often times some problems for those who think they are untouchable, but the locals are fairly tolerant as their economy relies partially on tourism. There is always at least one military checkpoint on the way and the toll road is well maintained and similar to a freeway. Once down in Ensenada there are a few cool places to check out like the "la bufadora" or the blowhole which is a natural rock formation that shoots a spray of h2o into the air when a wave hits it. There is also a cool look out above the city that provides a great daytime view. You need to eat some "mariscos" or Mexican seafood while you're there. 2 places that are famous and always fresh is mariscos el guerro (cheap street side vendor) and Bahia Ensenada ( sit down family restaurant ).

As for night life, papas and beer was where it was at on Friday nights. It's a multi level club with loud top 40/ Latin hits and there are poles and platforms throughout for the partners to dance on. There was some kind of ladies night promo so the place was full of girls; lots of them cute college age girls. There were very few white people so White girls get hit on a ton and white guys who are down to practice their Spanish have an easy opener. Most of the girls I talked to were there with friends and family and I wasn't able to pull any same nighters. For a guy who can dance, has game, and speaks a little Spanish you can probably do well. Many girls wanted opportunitys to practice their English.
The other popular bar was hussongs which was more of a old school tavern, it was apparently one of the oldest bars in the area. It was easier to talk here but not much more and it got pretty wild as well but was more of an older crowd generally speaking. Live music and lots of tequila!

To touch on your friends experience, I'm sure that is there. We went to a strip club and saw the dj dude slamming some sort of drugs. You can find it if you want but I'd advise against it. Most of the people who have problems are when they are involving themselves with people who are in the drug trade. If you stay clear of dope and hookers, don't fight, dont piss in public, and respect the fact that you're in a foreign country with different customs then you will be fine. I always keep a 20 in each shoe under the insole or in my sock for emergencies and I've never needed it except to buy tacos on my way home from a party. Have a great time and I agree, try to game some girls from the boat.
Ensenada is a shithole port town with some hidden gems. It's not particularly dangerous - it's a common spot for "adventurous" SD college students to go for the weekend and get hammered. You'll probably end up throwing up in some dark strip club like we all have.

You have to bring a passport, unless you have a passport card.

I haven't been drinking there in a while, but I recall there are a couple decent bars clustered around Papas & Beer on Ruiz and Primera. About a mile from the cruise ship portion of the marina.
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